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Puj Snug - Ultra Soft Spout Cover - Aqua

Puj Snug - Ultra Soft Spout Cover - Aqua Puj Snug - Ultra Soft Spout Cover - Aqua Puj Snug - Ultra Soft Spout Cover - Aqua Puj Snug - Ultra Soft Spout Cover - Aqua Puj Snug - Ultra Soft Spout Cover - Aqua

Puj Snug - Ultra Soft Spout Cover - Aqua

$ 9.99

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A great deal of flexibility is needed Flexible material enables it to fit a variety of tub spouts owing to its ability to bend and flex.
THERE'S NO ROOM FOR MILDEW Closed-cell foam is used to make the Snug The foam is made of cells, so it doesn't absorb water over time, which keeps it clean!
WE MAKE IT EASY TO In order to make sure you can still access the shower diverter, the Snug is unique in that it has a hole on top.
The following are safe practices There is no BPA or PVC in the Snug.
The price is affordable We maintain that the Snug is one of the most affordable and quality spout covers available. This is how it is possible, right? You'll get a great deal since it's made of I'd prefer not to throw this high-five In these days of urban decay, we found a way to turn a piece of waste into a vessel children can use as a bath companion.

Questions & Answers

The material of which this product is made? What is the content of the latex?

Thank you for your question, Jeff. The Snug spout cover is made from a high-quality material A grade that is Foam made of cells. We use a BPA-free material that is free of latex and PVC.

What would happen if you put this in place and the faucet began to pour out water at a higher volume?

Thanks for your inquiry. This spout cover is designed so water can flow freely from the faucet it will not slow down the flow of water

Is the food safe to be pulled off the faucet by babies?

Hi there, *br> A baby is most likely not able to pull a stunt like this but a curious toddler might be able to pull

The cover fits an older bathtub spout without the button or rod for opening and closing it. Will this cover stay on it? On the top of the spout, we have a flat ?

In the beginning, I used this spout cover when I had a flat top spout and it worked pretty well as my munchkin wasn't very active. Due to the design of the soft material and how it is positioned around the nozzle, the cover will stay in place. Without the button on top, regardless of whether you hit the spout cover or if your munchkin plays with it, it might come off or at least move around a little

Selected User Reviews For Puj Snug - Ultra Soft Spout Cover - Aqua

One bath was all he could handle

If you want, you can read the rest of this article. My first impression when I took it out of the package was that I was going to The material is a soft material and I thought it would protect my child's head if they bumped In fact, it was no trouble at all sliding it on the spout. A red flag should have gone up there. The answer is too simple. My child wanted to grab it right away when it was in the tub. The first of its kind! I thought it would come right off, so I thought it would be easy There was a small tear in the top right away. When he tried it a few more times, it came right off and immediately became easy to chew on. The process was repeated a few times until I said this will be returned, after which I removed it and put it back on. Besides the bite marks, everything is fine. I did not like how easily it came off, how easy it would tear upon a slight tug, and how it would pose a choking hazard if it was chewed on. It is a waste of money to keep the item. Rather than costing a dollar, it should be free. I would give it two stars if it could stay on to prevent bumping the spout, because it would shield it from being hit. The point of it is lost with a child who will grab it. I am not interested in this product since it didn't even last one bath in my house.

Brynn Atkins
Brynn Atkins
| Sep 10, 2020
I think this product is wonderful for the price it is offered at

Honestly, this is a fantastic cover for the spout. If you want, you can read the rest of this article. The pants are easy to put on, just slip them on and stay in place. If you want, you can read the rest of this article. Using a style like this eliminates the need to remove it from the shower in order to pull the If you want, you can read the rest of this article. It's very inexpensive and I know it will protect my children from getting hurt on the faucet. The purchase is definitely worth it.

Briggs Smith
Briggs Smith
| Aug 05, 2020
This is a good product for daily/temporary use

This slip on and off hose has the diverter on the bottom and is easily attached/disconnected over the spout. The object stays in place if it's not moved during the bath (such as a rushing stream of water As a result, (we do not allow baby to see us remove or put on anything in order to prevent him from It has to be removed for the shower to be able to be pulled The softest and cutest thing ever. The foam used in their tub will last a long time.

Jamari Carver
Jamari Carver
| Jun 21, 2021
It is perfect for parents who share a shower or tub with children under five years of age

This is a perfect product! I imagined it being harder and stiffer based on the pictures. It is, however, a very soft and The cushioned head rest offers enough cushioning for your little one to be protected AND provides enough flexibility for an easy access to Since my husband and I (unfortunately) share a shower/tub with the children, the ease of access to the building was extremely valuable. It is easy to put on and take off the puj (spout is placed around the puj). My overall experience with this purchase has been very positive- I've tried a bunch of similar products (inflatables, plastic ones, rubber ones with temperature gauges-- Spend less money and avoid wasting it) The one you just read is excellent- I think it's a great book The product is priced reasonably and has a simple and smart These two approaches were ranked highest (The BOON FLO DEFLECTOR and THE MOBY). In addition to the BOON FROG POD (which I fell in love with), we have the BOON FROG FIRE. I have very young children (3 and 1) so I found the Boon flo too much plastic and it was too hard. It seems like parents with older, long haired girls would find the Boon Flo Water deflector most suitable. As for the MOBY, it is made from rubber and although it is better than hitting the spigot with a head, it is still not ideal. Despite the hard landing, it is still quite unpleasant. Soft foam is used for the puj Neoprene is a bit harder (more rigid) than football pads but softer by comparison. It feels thick and hard, but is actually quite thin and easily manipulable. Let me know if you like it as much as I do.

Miles Harrison
Miles Harrison
| Apr 14, 2021
We make it simple and easy for you

A sound that is unpleasant. I love how this product is very simple, but does exactly what it needs to - So they don't cut their heads on the faucet, the cushion will act as a cushion. My worst nightmare is to live in a house like that. One thing I dislike about it is that it's made of that foamy plastic material & the brand name is not that well recognizable. The trunk comes off when my son is pulling on it (&if My hair stands up when I resist) it makes that terrible squeaking sound. The texture is similar to that of Styrofoam. However, it's just a matter of personal preference. This is not a barrier to the use of the product. My son likes it too, but mostly as a teether D 2) Good buy and excellent service As a recommendation, I.

Ila Tyler
Ila Tyler
| Jul 08, 2020
I needed it to do exactly what I needed! There is nothing complicated about this design, yet it is very effective

The material is somewhat foamy, but it is highly durable for In less than 1 minute after receiving this, I had it opened and reading Our spout is now equipped with it. The installation is simple. It can simply be slid onto the frame. We were able to get it to fit snugly on the spout, and as other reviewers have noted, you have to have the pull knob on top to switch the flow from the bath spout to the top spray when taking a shower to keep it in place. This guy is really anchored in place because of that. There is no restriction on the flow of water into the tub, and switching from shower to tub spray is very simple. I don't think you'll need to do anything about it. It is also sleek enough that it does not add to the appearance of your shower and you do not have to worry about it being turned on in its entirety while guests are using the When I clean my bathroom, I remove the curtain to thoroughly scrub the tub and let it air dry before reattaching it. I've had no issues with mildew, but I do take it off to wash the tub thoroughly and let it dry. It seems to work without me doing that, but I am not sure if I have to do it. I have been very satisfied with this purchase ever since I put our 1 year old in the tub and she slid toward the water spout (head first, naturally) and fell right in. Thanks to this cute little elephant, there will be no head injuries! We have tested it and found it to be reliable It gets two thumbs up from us.

Wren Barker
Wren Barker
| Feb 11, 2021
This is so cool! My little one enjoys this elephant so much that it is the perfect way to cover the bath faucet and protect her from bumping her head on it

Her elephant has stood up really well to plenty of poking and grabbing by her. Even an adult has no problem removing it, but my toddler still cannot do so (which is good). The design also blends in quite nicely with other aesthetics and doesn't stand out as much. It was great! I would definitely.

Abdullah Solomon
Abdullah Solomon
| Sep 06, 2020
The design is cute, but it's Because I thought it was so cute and unique, I originally chose it over the other spout covers

In spite of this, I discovered it is also very flimsy upon opening the package. Plastic is not used in this product, but a very light weight foam material. It turned out to be a bad idea and I regret trying It had been a while since my son had pulled on it (of course he was going to be curious, he is and the top seam began to rip. As soon as it no longer works, I expect it to Despite the fact that it looked very cute, I was very disappointed. Unless your child never touches it, it would be impossible for it to hold up. Any parent with a young child knows that it is near impossible! In light of the fact it was intended to protect children during bathing time, I'd have to say this is rather poor.

Justice Sosa
Justice Sosa
| May 22, 2021

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