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Dream On Me Karley Bassinet in Aqua

Dream On Me Karley Bassinet in Aqua Dream On Me Karley Bassinet in Aqua Dream On Me Karley Bassinet in Aqua Dream On Me Karley Bassinet in Aqua Dream On Me Karley Bassinet in Aqua Dream On Me Karley Bassinet in Aqua

Dream On Me Karley Bassinet in Aqua

$ 42.99

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A light and versatile backpack You can move this lightweight aluminum frame bassinet easily from room to room because it is designed with lightweight aluminum. With its no-tool assembly & quick-install option, it can be installed in seconds The mechanism of folding. With no hassle, you can use and carry it both indoors and outdoors
Interiors with lots of space 33L x 19W, with dimensions of 33L x 19. Karley measures 5Wx37H inches, so it's large enough to hold a lot of stuff! There is an adjustable double canopy on this spacious, airy bassinet, so bugs are kept at bay. As well as a bag that holds your baby's essentials, there is also a large storage bag
The stylish look is Made with a soft, breathable, and durable polyester foam fabric that is easy to maintain, the Karley is safe and comfortable. This piece is available in nine beautiful finishes so that it can perfectly blend in with any nursery décor
The following mattresses are included in the package Contains both a dual-fuel and a hybrid engine The one-sided version As recommended by ASTM & CPSC, a mattress pad that measures at least one inch thick is recommended. There are 31 specifications for a mattress pad. There are five lines by fifteen inches. A 5Wx1H inch surface area.
THE OTHER SPECS ARE There is a 12.25 lb. weight limit on the Karley Bassinet. Baby carriers should be used for newborns up to 25 pounds and weigh no more than 4 pounds. When the canopy is attached, the height is 37 inches without the canopy, it is 27 inches. In folded up form, the package measures 6L x 19W. The size of this product is 5W x 32H

Questions & Answers

Can this bassinet be replaced with a different pad?

There are 32 inches of length on this mattress and 16 inches of width on this mattress, with a corner radius A very soft foam makes up the mattress. It is approximately 1 inch thick. There is no problem with the mattress But I would like a better mattress (more support) if I used it regularly. There are many mattresses on the market, but the Big Oshi mattress is the most comfortable. They are the same size, except that the radii are a little larger on the mattress as they are on That is not so big of a deal.

Does the mattress measure the same length as the bed? Would I like to make sure that my child does not grow ?

Although I already got rid of mine, I know my baby had started to grow too big even before two months, maybe even before that. In this point, she had a length of about 22 inches. Also, I was confused by the bassinet, I thought I read something online that said it was good up to 35 pounds but when it showed up it said it was only good up to

Is there a way for someone to flip it over so they can see what the weight limit is on the bassinet? Various factors determine the maximum weights of a review picture, website, and amazon. ?

I have mine set for 5 months or 25 lbs whichever comes first, and I will tell you that this is a great product. You can take it anywhere! It got so many compliments and everyone was saying that it's a way better choice and better value than a regular bassinet because it's so versatile! Don't hesitate to purchase if you're thinking about There is no reason to regret it!

Is this product capable of supporting a maximum weight?

The crib feels pretty sturdy I used it for only a month but my daughter was 10lbs when I switched her from the crib to a proper bed. If I didn't want her to get used to her crib, I would have been fine letting her sleep in it.

Selected User Reviews For Dream On Me Karley Bassinet in Aqua

A set of sheets was found! Unlike previous reviews, my pad comes with sheets

I know that some have expressed concern over the lack of sheets in previous reviews. Since my last baby died of SIDS while the sheets on his bassinet were not snug enough, I was looking for a tight fitting sheet. The Halo Bassinet sheets are ideal, as they are tight fitting and don't curl up on the pad. Etsy is a good alternative to the sheets at baby r us if you don't like the color choices. There is a wide range of options available at com.

Ayaan Sandoval
Ayaan Sandoval
| Jun 14, 2021
Finding the perfect sheets was finally possible! As for the bassinet itself, I won't get into too much detail Other reviews are well written as well

In the meantime, if you have not yet found any information about what sheets to use, I found that Halo bassinet sheets worked perfectly after much trial and error. Don't buy the waterproof sheets that come with the product if you want your mattress to stay flat. They'll fold your mattress in half and it will be useless. Thanks for reading! I hope this helped.

Paityn Edwards
Paityn Edwards
| Jan 25, 2021
The cat is totally safe, possibly larger than a medium

My daughter has two cats who adore her, which is fine while we are all awake and I can make sure that she isn't being smothered, but at night it is unsafe, so we bought this product so that the cats can stay away from her In the past few weeks, one of my cats has taken to sleeping over night I woke up and saw it, I freaked out as I was afraid it would bend or collapse onto my daughter. However, after several nights of being able to watch my cat jump onto it without it collapsing on her, I stopped being concerned. Despite noticing the "Feline Olympic Long Jump," I have regularly checked its structural integrity and have found none. My only complaint is that the zippers are tough to pull out from below the handles, but I solved that problem by getting a string that I can just grab from the far side. The disadvantage is that it's harder to get ahold of the baby, which is the whole purpose of purchasing one The aim is to prevent pets, bugs, and family members from easily getting in.

Judson Coleman
Judson Coleman
| Jan 28, 2021
There is a discrepancy between the weight limits

Having used it for our baby for just about 2 weeks, it has served us well. As soon as she is asleep, we move it to the living room throughout the day, so she can be close by. Although we live on two floors, it is not difficult when moving it. The material isn't pretty, so it's not the perfect lace and ribbon bassinet but I don't think it's ugly either. My husband doesn't bother to fold it and it makes it (barely) through the doorways and stairway fine. Would it be perfect if my husband could convince me to go camping with the mesh sides and the zipper top? Would we be set if my husband could get me to go camping? This is a huge problem Originally the description stated he/she would need to be between 25 and 30 pounds, something around that. Any newborn person should be within that range for a few months at least. This mattress is marked with a warning label (pictured), which says the maximum weight should not exceed 10 pounds per person. It was good that our baby girl was a bit early (which was another good thing-- Shipping is free with Prime! very small at two weeks, she weighed 6 1/2 lbs. This would have easily been too heavy for my boys well before they reached three months, which is what I expect a bassinet to last. Even so, they were large and grew quickly). In this case, you may want to consider another bassinet for your child if he or she is large. There's no way I'd risk it with my newborn if the weight limit is more than 10 lbs, but I wouldn't bet against it either.

Hannah Conner
Hannah Conner
| Mar 12, 2021
There is a separate mattress you'll need to purchase

The fact that this bassinet comes with a canopy is nice because it prevents the cat from snuggling with the baby while he's sleeping. But order a Big Oshi mattress in lieu of the one that comes with the bassinet. With the mattress it comes with, there are no fitted sheets that can be used on Due to all the fitted sheets I bought, the mattress buckled and I felt a little unsure because of the gaps on the side. For a few weeks, I went without a fitted sheet and the mattress became stained by spit up, and it was only possible to spot clean it. It may be necessary for the manufacturer to provide a sturdier mattress or improvise fitted sheets to fit the mattress provided. A 16x32 Big Oshi mattress fits perfectly, and I purchased Burt's Bees fitted sheets to fit the.

Sara Chase
Sara Chase
| Apr 02, 2021
The price is good, the value is excellent

You can't go anywhere else if you want a bassinet, let me tell you that. There is no doubt that it holds up to 25 pounds (picture provided) and it is very He set it up in 30 seconds and broke it down in 30 seconds. I love how durable this mattress is and how thick it is! It was only 3$ for the add on sheet, and it's so soft, and you actually have a good amount of room to place the baby. It really is that simple.

Baker Evans
Baker Evans
| Jul 04, 2021
Bassinet is excellent, but you will need to get a mattress for it

The bassinet works well my baby has been sleeping in it with no problems for the past The ease of nursing at night and the reduced chance of SIDS from a bassinet in your room are two major benefits. Our reclining chair fits easily into our car when we travel home to visit family. It's compact and folds down easily so we can take it with us. Our baby was less than a month old, and I was worried about the cats wanting to cuddle with it. I especially like our large cat, who is very affectionate and cuddly. As much as I wanted him to snuggle up with the baby, I did not want him to do so. There is just one reason why this product gets 4 stars instead of 5, and that is because you have to buy a separate mattress because the one that comes included is terrible. As for the price, getting a new mattress to be put inside was not a problem for me. The mattress we got for it was a really nice $20 one, and it has held up well. In case you are going in with the expectation of buying a mattress, you are not going to be let down.

Adelaide Orozco
Adelaide Orozco
| May 08, 2021

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