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UPPAbaby Bassinet Mattress Cover (heather grey) UPPAbaby Bassinet Mattress Cover (heather grey) UPPAbaby Bassinet Mattress Cover (heather grey)

UPPAbaby Bassinet Mattress Cover (heather grey)

UPPAbaby Bassinet Mattress Cover (heather grey) UPPAbaby Bassinet Mattress Cover (heather grey) UPPAbaby Bassinet Mattress Cover (heather grey)
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All 2018 UPPAbaby bassinet mattresses are compatible with this adapter
This set only includes the cover (includes a cover but no mattress or basinet).
A cozy knit that makes you feel comfortable
The lining of the bassinet matches the Spenser fashion
The fabric can be machine washed

Questions & Answers

Could this fit in a bassinet for ?

I say yes! It fits just right! I've got the 2019.

What is its water resistance, and if not, why don't you make one that is waterproof?

Nevertheless, I would assume that it is waterproof even though it does not explicitly state it. I have a spit up king in my house, but even when the cover is saturated, my mattress doesn't get wet. I would suggest getting an extra cover so you'll have one to replace if one gets dirty, but don't worry about it ruining the mattress.

Are there any differences between Vista v2 and this?

I say yes! The product is a download we purchased along with a copy of vista v2 (in

What is the exact fit of this mattress cover on a 2019 Vista ?

As a gift to my son and daughter, I got them both I asked them if it's the law, and they agreed it's the law!

Selected User Reviews For UPPAbaby Bassinet Mattress Cover (heather grey)

A better cover than the standard one

There are a few reasons why I prefer this cover to the one that came with the bassinet. This is *br1. Since it has texture, it conceals stains a lot better*2. It is not white, so dirt cannot be easily seen on it.
3. It's a little slouchier than the standard one, so when you wash and dry it, you don't have a problem trying to fit it back on.

Matias Hale
Matias Hale
| Jul 27, 2020
Our bassinet has been great with this backup

Having this cover means we will not have to manually change the cover that came with the Uppababy bassinet whenever our baby soils the cover. Exactly what I was looking for!.

Delilah Bates
Delilah Bates
| Feb 21, 2021
This is an absolute must

The color and texture are both beautiful and the quality is great.

Braylee Bolton
Braylee Bolton
| Jul 20, 2020
The product is well The mattress that comes with my Uppababy bassinet fits this The texture is very nice, and I love the softness of the material
Mack Patterson
Mack Patterson
| Jul 28, 2020
The cover is excellent

The fabric is very soft and your baby will be very comfortable while sleeping This is just right for when I need an extra cover for wash time.

Patrick Bush
Patrick Bush
| Sep 05, 2020
The Thule bassinet is a great fit

It is the only cover that fits the mattress in my Thule bassinet perfectly. The fabric is super soft and very easy to wash. This is a great book!.

Adley Frank
Adley Frank
| Apr 30, 2021
I like how luxurious it is

It's so pretty! I really like the texture!.

Kora Vance
Kora Vance
| Jan 17, 2021

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