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Munchkin Snack Catcher, 2 Pack, Blue/Green

Munchkin Snack Catcher, 2 Pack, Blue/Green Munchkin Snack Catcher, 2 Pack, Blue/Green Munchkin Snack Catcher, 2 Pack, Blue/Green Munchkin Snack Catcher, 2 Pack, Blue/Green Munchkin Snack Catcher, 2 Pack, Blue/Green Munchkin Snack Catcher, 2 Pack, Blue/Green Munchkin Snack Catcher, 2 Pack, Blue/Green

Munchkin Snack Catcher, 2 Pack, Blue/Green

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With soft flaps, it's easy to access food in this spillproof toddler snack container
This cup holder fits into most standard cup holders in cars,
A great way to stay organized at home, at daycare, or on the go Up to 9 ounces of snacks can be stored there
The top rack of the dishwasher is dishwasher safe, and 12-plus months of BPA-free use
This year's recipient of the Cribsie's Coolest Snack Container Award is

Questions & Answers

Is it possible to replace the ?

do not manufacture or sell replacement parts for the Munchkin Snack Catcher at the moment. If you need further assistance, you can reach out directly to our Customer Satisfaction Team. You can reach me at You can also contact us by SMS 2229

What kind of labels do you recommend? The names, contents, and dates need to be added to these documents I appreciate your help. ?

Mabels Labels is a good place to start. On the website there are stickers that can be ordered that I put on bottles so that they can go through the dishwasher. I wonder if they have any that feature Then you would have to make your own labels with masking or painters tape instead.

Describe the label in your own words? For daycare I need to include the student's name, the content and the date of the report. I appreciate your help. ?

Chubbiee Labels can be found at Chubbiee. Amazon offers stickers that you can order online that are easy to remove and leave no residue behind.

Can anyone tell me the type of plastic these are made from?

It is made up of a BPA-free plastic, as I don't know what kind it is. Despite its semi-transparent exterior, this cup is made of ceramic. The lid is made of hard plastic, and the hard plastic is a rubber-like Your child's hand will not be injured by the rubber as they reach down into the cup due to its softness. I have also noticed that the cup part is very durable and has not broken even after being cleaned in a dishwasher repeatedly, as well as being repeatedly thrown by my toddler.

Selected User Reviews For Munchkin Snack Catcher, 2 Pack, Blue/Green

It's not the best choice for a 1-bedroom The boy is a year Because the slots are uneven, my little man's cheerios fly loose when he shakes the container

It is also hard to move the floppy disks, and he has gotten pinched a few times a few He also has a tendency to stuff everything into his mouth, so now he knows that if he chews the edge, the top turns Besides this one, I also purchased the Munchin snack catcher, and it is AMAZING compared to this one (well worth the extra cost) You can find it here Please visit our website. It is available on Amazon. Where can I find the product for B01N6E81JT and what is the ref? Oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00? If you have Internet Explorer, make sure UTF-8 is selected. 1 is the number of the group.

Xavier Peterson
Xavier Peterson
| Feb 26, 2021
Food gets dumped on the ground despite the kid being told not to do it

Sadly, it was a waste of time. My one year old dumped the cup after pushing the flap back in. The same thing every time. Though I once thought kids were too poor for this, I now believe they are too intelligent for it. This can only work if they don't want to dump everything on the ground.

Khaleesi Ritter
Khaleesi Ritter
| Jan 07, 2021
Personality factors play a major role in whether or not your child will succeed

A lot of the machines in my 18-month-old are mechanical. The student studies objects attentively in order to learn how they function and then he proceeds to disassemble them to learn more about them. My advice is to not give your kid any attention if he or she is like that. My little man inspected a catcher filled with cereal for a long period of time the first time I gave it to him. I saw him look me straight in the eye as he flipped the thing upside down while pushing down on the straps. The thought crossed his mind was "nice try, mom. ". All over there is cereal. When it came time to try again, he pulled out a handful of cereal and threw it You can't prevent that with any product. If you fill the cup up and then turn it upside down, nothing will come out of it. These are popular among my friends. I can see why they swear by them. You might want to wait until you 'know' the toddler before you buy the cups because the cups are good quality and would make a great gift The gift was not given at a baby shower. As for mine, I'm going to give it The friend you are. It is likely that they will work for her baby, since she has different preferences in regards to destruction of products.

Abner Wallace
Abner Wallace
| Apr 24, 2021
Any child with a little bit of intelligence can easily remove the lid

Instead of a twist on lid, get a twist on. It only took 15 months for my 15mo to figure out how to remove the lid. Almost one month has gone by since we have had this issue. In his last snack cup, there was a twist lid that was perfect. Despite months of use, he never figured out how to open it. The previous one was lost somewhere, and I wasn't able to recall where I bought it, so I bought this one While it's cheap, we still think it was a waste of money since he now pulls the lid off as often as he can.

Bennett Allen
Bennett Allen
| May 15, 2021
There's no such thing as too many! This item is very durable, and it doesn't spill at all when shaken! There are a number of ways to send an e-mail

While not perfect, the snack catcher is pretty well made and my toddler enjoys walking around the house holding it. There is no comparison to a bowl or cup of water. The spill over is there, but it isn't as great as it once was. Her first time using these was at 9 months old, and she continues to do so now at 2 years old. At the age of 9 months, she was trying to spill her food. Now that she is 2, she doesn't actively try to spill her food. She will not get hurt if she accidentally holds her snack upside down when she walks around. Cleaning is a breeze I always put it in the dishwasher on the heavy cycle with the drying, but so far there hasn't been any damage, I've used it for months. The perfect size for children to hold is this container designed for use during the 5 months time period. You can portion control your food in this container if you are an adult. There's not a lot of it. Despite the handles being easy to grip, they are not slippery. This has a grip on the bottom, so it does not easily tip over when used on a high chair. There are lots of children who get this at their day care centers and in their church nurseries. When you are taking the clothing out to those settings, it is smart to put your child's name on the bottom

Durability A very durable material. This is a definite must-have item for every baby registry and every parent of a toddler. I have not even opened the second color because the first is still in excellent condition. It is great for trips in the car and on the go.

Canaan Harris
Canaan Harris
| Mar 01, 2021
(Most of the time) keeps snacks in

After being about 9 months old, my twins spent all of about 15 minutes working these out. The goldfish or cheerios inside won't spit out, so you can fill it with goldfish or cheerios for a throwing game. The baby will still get things out and make a mess, but this prevents it from being as bad as it would otherwise be. It means that dry snacks like crackers can be packaged straight in a diaper bag so no goldfish dust gets tracked in.

Nataly Harvey
Nataly Harvey
| Feb 17, 2021
I love these things slap a little carabiner on them and it's perfect

These things are a lifesaver on the go for my toddler. These are perfect for keeping my kiddo happy while on the way to the store with a cheapo dollar store carabiner. I use these every day as a simple way to keep my kiddo happy at the store. It makes sure that when he's bored, or tries to get my attention, the carabiner will stay in place (secured to the shopping cart's seat belt), so it won't get tossed overboard. Keeps my dry treats off the floor and gives my little dog a fun diversion - great size for most dry treats! I've thrown them in the dishwasher as well when they get heavy soiled, since the material is soft on top. Cleaning is simple, I just wipe them down, but I've also thrown them in the dryer when they get really dirty. I am very happy with my purchase, and it saved me tons of mess.

Josue Bean
Josue Bean
| Jul 10, 2021
These are the things I like about it the name and the colors! In the past, I have always had high regard for Munhckin baby products

I actually have half of the baby products from this brand at home, but this item is a waste of money (aside from the bright colors and the There is no danger that the snacks will fall as easily from this. It is also true, though, that when the toddler really needs to eat the snack, it can be difficult for them to get it out. The product is made of good quality plastic, but it lacks any practical value because of This item is not recommended because I find it lacking in quality.

Marcus Choi
Marcus Choi
| Feb 07, 2021

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