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Philips AVENT Bottle and Nipple Brush, Grey Philips AVENT Bottle and Nipple Brush, Grey Philips AVENT Bottle and Nipple Brush, Grey Philips AVENT Bottle and Nipple Brush, Grey

Philips AVENT Bottle and Nipple Brush, Grey

Philips AVENT Bottle and Nipple Brush, Grey Philips AVENT Bottle and Nipple Brush, Grey Philips AVENT Bottle and Nipple Brush, Grey Philips AVENT Bottle and Nipple Brush, Grey
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The plastics industry
Bottles, nipples, and feeding equipment are cleaned without scratching or damage when using this product
Brush head which has a rounded profile to facilitate easy cleaning of rounded edges of
Cleaning nipples is easy with the molded tip
The bristles are durable and high in density
Storage and drying of brushes is made convenient by hanging them
These dishwasher safe and BPA-free cups are perfect for any kitchen. There are three colors to choose from pink, blue, and

Questions & Answers

Is it made in a specific place?

My name is. Make your own Avent Bottle and Nipples Brush with this handcrafted item from

What if I want to use Swell bottles or the stainless steel cups from Starbucks? There are no brushes that fit the bottles. Could you help me?

You might want to try Dr. Brown's brushes if the brush won't fit in those bottles

The difference between http and this is Go to http//www. The Amazon website. What is gp/product/B0009ET49K? Reference number cm_cr- Do you have a title for this article?

The truth is that I have them There is only a difference in color between the two. The colors I chose needed to be different so that one could be more durable and the other could be used for everything else (food jars, toys, etc).

How long will this Microwave last in the sterilizer bag?

Thanks for visiting! It is not possible to sterilize Philips Avent Bottles and Nipple brushes.

Selected User Reviews For Philips AVENT Bottle and Nipple Brush, Grey

This is a good, though not perfect, post

If you found it helpful, click the like button. The pictures have been added as well good, but not perfect. It's easy to clean but not the baby bottle nip. It is made of plastic and is not scrubbable. Putting it away is the most difficult part because you have to hang it so that it dries.

Micah Garcia
Micah Garcia
| Feb 27, 2021
It is always better to choose one over This bottle brush has been used for three babies over the past nine years, and I am using it again for baby #4 (which is obviously a new one for each child)

Whenever i need a brush to get into any hard to get to places, I will always consider this style/brand. Brushes with round tops and stiff bristles are not as effective as these. Moreover, the design of the brush makes it easy to handle. As well as being extremely durable, the brush lasts for a long time. They have always been able to last me for a long time and you can use them outside of bottles for accessories such as coffee pots and bottles of water as well. Currently, I am using it with Playtex Ventaire bottles, but again, it works great with a lot of things so I'm sure it can do the same job with any other container. Don't let the fear of failure deter you & Don't wait! Get yours today!.

Tatum Gray
Tatum Gray
| Jan 18, 2021
Seven-seven is what I've used Over the years, I have owned 8 of these brushes

I no longer use bottles with my kids, but I continue to use We can use them in our air fryer and for dishes. While the bristles are hard enough for food to be removed, they are soft enough to not scratch pans or the In addition to washing them in the dishwasher, we also wash them with soap. * The ONLY issue with them is that you need to be careful when you use them on a recently heated It is vital to avoid too much heat from the stove, as the bristles will flatten out and not return to their original This is the second time I've made that mistake. They are still good to use, but do not appear to be attractive. There are usually two out at all times so that when one is in the dishwasher, we have a second for doing the Our tradition is to bring the most worn down to the beach, use it for a week, and then throw it away. Once that is done, we order a new A $3 price tag is reasonable. They are a better deal than any other brush at 99 cents.

Keenan Patton
Keenan Patton
| Jun 05, 2021
The medela bottle fits into this cap

There is no brush I love more than this one. As a first-time mom of a two-month-old, I am eager to learn more about parenting. At first, I used the usual bottle brush. However, as soon as I tried forcing the brush into the smaller Medela 2, I noticed that it didn't work as well. A sponge that broke off from a 5 ounce bottle often had to be replaced (meaning I had to buy new The first time I used my Boon brush was on a vacation, when I used it with their travel drying rack I was amazed how great it was It was more efficient to use a bristle bottle brush. This one was the closest I could find to the Boon brush online, so I decided to go with it. It was a bit concerning at first that this brush wouldn't fit the smaller bottles, but it did. I am using it for Medela 5 ounce bottles) and it is holding up very well. You owe it to yourself to say goodbye to those old-fashioned habits This brush is a great substitute for the sponge bottle brushes from school. This is one decision you will never regret!.

Karter Cobb
Karter Cobb
| Oct 23, 2020
The quality of the bottles is great, but the quality of the nipples is disappointing

With its unique shape, this Philips AVENT brush is ideally suited for cleaning inside the Philips AVENT bottles. I used a generic baby bottle brush given to me at a baby shower for the first 6 months of breastfeeding. We use AVENT bottles made with "Natural" ingredients. I used this brush as well as the accompanying nipple brush because I found it to be helpful in cleaning all the curves and contours of the Natural bottles. Using the specially designed AVENT brush, I only need a few seconds of brushing to feel as though all the surfaces of the bottles are covered. My favorite aspect of the brush is its curved head that matches the bottom of the bottle perfectly. The only thing I don't like about this brush is the portion of it that looks like a brush but isn't one. In the bottom tip of the big brush there is just a taper and ridge. Is it small enough to fit into a nape? I sure do. It involves some sort of scraping motion that cleans the nipple, right? What do you think? I'm going back to the generic nipple brush for the time being until I come up with a better solution. This design isn't very good and I had to squeeze the nipple under the "nipple brush" to ensure good surface contact.

Oakley Parks
Oakley Parks
| May 20, 2021
Cleanse easily with our easy to use cleaners? There will not be a disappointment! This bottle brush is one of my favorites! The Munchkin ShineTM Stainless Steel Bottle Brush has been my go-to tool for the past 6 weeks

Those brushes were really pleasing to me, up until I decided to go with the Philips Avent brush, as we are going to be traveling and wanted something a little more compact Aside from that, I like to add to my Philips Avent collection for later resale I am selling. Despite its short length, the top of the brush is perfect for cleansing the nipples. I usually only use the Munchkin brush for heavy bottle mess, because it is $6 more expensive. Also, I like to keep a stationary brush near the sink, so I will keep the Munchkin brush for heavy bottle mess, but otherwise, I prefer the Philips brush. The next time I order, I'll make sure to get.

Nalani Strong
Nalani Strong
| Oct 28, 2020
This is worth the time! This is a good buy

Thank you for making an Avent Brush available! This one I had was to say goodbye, and welcome a new one. I had it since 2016, so it was a time to let go. Including a Nipple brush and a bottle brush, this brush has everything you need! It's a good start, isn't it? In order to keep my babies happy and comfortable, I buy a nipple brush which is a separate item just for that reason. I am not crazy about the fact that this brush tends to get ugly from top to bottom as you use it. The hair on top gets all weird with time but that doesn't stop it from doing its job, so even that doesn't prevent it from performing. It’s an excellent brush, and I wouldn’t change it for anything! You will love this brush if you are looking for a good bottle brush. A simple, easy-to-use product that is easy to clean and can be used immediately. This type of brush is something I have had for quite some time now, and it is quite effective.

Jonas Trevino
Jonas Trevino
| Jun 19, 2021
I am not good for my nipples - However, it was great for the bottle part

So, at first I thought it was great because the brush obviously had very strong bristles unlike the brush I had from Munchkin. It seemed great at first, but then it wasn't. As it turns out, it's not so terrific after all. I believe this for a number of reasons It's intended for the nipple on the opposite side, but it's a waste. In terms of cleaning, it does nothing more than serve as a plastic piece. Eventually, you think, "Well, let's use the brush side in the nipple. ". Since it is shaped that way, you cannot clean the nipple adequately. Due to the fact that these bottles are advent bottles, I presumed it would fit. That's why I bought the advent brush. As a result. This brush I use to clean the bottles, while this brush I use for the nipples. Considering it is for the bottle section, I do like it. However, why use two at once? As a result, I will be looking for one that has good features for both, so I don't have to deal with it. A quick update I used the brush for a total of two days. It has been five months and all the bristles are bent up. We have to get a new one.

Ryder Gregory
Ryder Gregory
| Mar 10, 2021

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