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Dr. Brown's Options + Baby Bottle Replacement Kit Dr. Brown's Options + Baby Bottle Replacement Kit

Dr. Brown's Options + Baby Bottle Replacement Kit

Dr. Brown's Options + Baby Bottle Replacement Kit Dr. Brown's Options + Baby Bottle Replacement Kit
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Dr. Brown's options vent parts for Options+ 8 oz/250 ml will be replaced as they wear out or become lost
This kit contains two vent replacement
Safe to use in the dishwasher (top rack) and sterilizer and free from BPA

Questions & Answers

Is this only for bottles with options?

In terms of the bottles themselves, they are all identical. This fits any bottle, so they'll work with any. Although I am not 100% certain if the cap that holds the nipple can fit from the natural flow, I believe it can.

The 4 ounce vent kit for Dr Browns bottles comes in 4oz. Does your company carry these?

Beyond Bed Bath &

Are these vent inserts compatible with the old narrow bottles from Dr. Browns?

The collars fit the bottles but they won't work with either the older style of the options collars or the regular collars from Dr Brown's.

Should I return this item if it has been opened?

Milk is only available if it is full

Selected User Reviews For Dr. Brown's Options + Baby Bottle Replacement Kit

The picture shown by the seller is not what you receive! I could not put the narrow, 8 oz options top into the 8 oz bottle as In the top photo you can see what I received in the mail

In the bottom photo, you can see what came Fit is not an issue. It was the inner workings of the original natural flow bottles I received.

Kelvin Marshall
Kelvin Marshall
| Jan 19, 2021
Why do bad reviews seem to be so prevalent? In this case, I got exactly what I wanted and exactly what I was pictured

It was required for my narrow bottles by Dr. Brown, and the flat vent works perfectly. I included photos of the bottles I will be using I'm not sure what caused the bad reviews. They seemed to work well for me. They are great for the price. I will order more. I may have been blind but I missed something.

Malcolm Fritz
Malcolm Fritz
| Mar 12, 2021
The model pictured is not the one shown

My orders kept arriving with the wrong product. It wasn't what I ordered.

| Feb 21, 2021
This is incorrect

I did not receive the things I was hoping for because the picture did not match the products I was expecting. There is a higher price for my model than there was for this one!.

William Cabrera
William Cabrera
| Oct 20, 2020
I am so glad you found this! Since I was unable to find these replacement parts in stores, I was thrilled to find them on Amazon instead! It earned a 4 out of 5 star rating because one of the straws arrived broken in half upon delivery

Here is a photo of the event. It really was the top vent parts I was looking for so I wasn't disappointed, but I would have liked to receive what I'd ordered. The straws are divided into two whole ones and two vent ones. This is a very labor intensive project to clean (but I'll do whatever it takes to make sure my kid The purchase was bought because of that reason, so I gave it 3 stars on Travel
Otherwise, they arrived promptly.

Bryson Clark
Bryson Clark
| Mar 08, 2021
I don't think this will work

Unlike regular 8 oz bottles, these don't fit regular 8 oz bottles. These bottles are brown in color. Before buying I read the reviews and wasn't sure these would fit me or not since so many people seemed to disagree on how they should be used. Despite being a big no-no, I decided to try them anyway, only to find they did not fit. My refund was fully processed after I returned the item. My problem was that I could not find the replacement bottles for the Dr. Browns everywhere. I had to buy a completely new set in a different brand.

Troy Wilkinson
Troy Wilkinson
| Aug 10, 2020
After two weeks, you should be aware of mold inside the parts The duration of the project is three It is very hard to clean and if you try to clean with the tiny brush (included), there will be mold inside the part

There should be a transparent layer so that we can see the nasty mold. This would be an excellent option to replace the inserts every 2 to 3 months. Unfortunately, my daughter only drinks her milk through When I tried to use it without all of the pills, she stopped drinking and I tried again.

Emelia Branch
Emelia Branch
| Jun 08, 2021
They work just fine, even though they are the wrong size

It is not the correct size. These devices have larger shapes, and they are a different shade of The hoses do not leak, however. As well as the length, it is off by 2 cm. No, I do not use them, and they definitely are not of the United States. There are several Dr. Brown pieces available online. Unfortunately, they don't work all the time. Even though I shouldn't have ignored the other reviews, we kept them and use them during emergencies.

Jonah Levy
Jonah Levy
| Jan 31, 2021

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