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Amber Necklace - 12 Amber Necklace - 12 Amber Necklace - 12 Amber Necklace - 12

Amber Necklace - 12" - TRULY Raw 100% Baltic Amber

Amber Necklace - 12 Amber Necklace - 12 Amber Necklace - 12 Amber Necklace - 12
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Baltic amber that is unpolished, raw, and certified by the Gemological Institute of America. Awarded the highest degree of verification for authenticity and purity by third-party testing by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) - the best and highest standard in the industry.
Using only tension-release pop clasps that break under heavy pressure is our #1 priority, so we only use the safest snaps.
Beads are double-knotted between every other bead to prevent beads from spilling all over the place if the string breaks.
We make our Baltic Sea amber beads by hand by local artisans in Lithuania, where fossilized resin from around the Baltic Sea is used for our beads.
Amber necklace that is the purest on the market. Each necklace is made with 100% RAW, un-polished, untreated amber to ensure it contains the highest concentration It permits the amber oils to easily escape so that they can provide soothing and relieving effects.
The Mama Natural seal of approval! Because of our artisan craftsmen and women and rigorous third party testing, you can be sure of the authenticity, quality, and purity of this Baltic

Questions & Answers

Surely they can't break or smash my toddler! He's so strong, how are they possible?

In short, yes. It keeps falling off of my baby who is 5 months old. It will take me a while to find another

What is the state of this?

This is 100% genuine Baltic amber, unpolished, raw, untreated, and 100% certified. Please accept my sincere thanks.

When it was made, how big was it?

Thank you for your inquiry, Halee. 12" is how big it is.

Selected User Reviews For Amber Necklace - 12" - TRULY Raw 100% Baltic Amber

Affects the ease of opening

Although I was really excited about this necklace because I adore Mama Natural, my five month old has a tendency to break it. She's chewed on it a few times when I've found her with it in her hand. It's not safe to do that. My problem is that I am too late to return it because I'm past the return period. I hate it! In order to find the brand I used with my toddler, I will have to search again for it since she never tore it.

Charlee Aguirre
Charlee Aguirre
| Sep 06, 2020
You will not be disappointed with this teething necklace

Using this necklace has helped our teething baby a great deal! It is difficult to find a necklace that I do not love I did a lot of research There is nothing better than this brand of Baltic amber, which is 100% raw and appears to be clean. When I advise other mothers about it, they ask me how well it holds. Our team is in love with.

Raelynn Rogers
Raelynn Rogers
| Jul 28, 2020
Teething is made easier when a toddler has In no time at all his runny nose and ear aches from teething resolved

At the same time, all of his premolars were coming in!.

Moses Bryan
Moses Bryan
| May 08, 2021
I love it

A lovely soft milky necklace, the color is a tad lighter than in the photo, I'm in love with There is just the right amount of safety latching, not too loose or too.

Jaxtyn Hart
Jaxtyn Hart
| Aug 04, 2020
Ad that puts a false impression Necklaces designed for children are not available for adults

There is no doubt that these raw amber beads are very pretty. This necklace works best as a large bracelet, but its size prevents it from functioning as a necklace. The company I bought from is not something I will buy from.

Makenna LAW
Makenna LAW
| Jun 28, 2021

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