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Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat, Finch

Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat, Finch Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat, Finch Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat, Finch Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat, Finch Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat, Finch Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat, Finch

Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat, Finch

$ 179.99

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The rear facing infant carrier is designed to protect your infant from 4 to 40 pounds. You can start your forward facing toddler as soon as he or she reaches 22 pounds.
Simple Safe Adjust Harness System allows you to easily adjust the height of your harness and headrest to 8 positions in one movement, ensuring that your child will always be
In addition to meeting or exceeding all applicable U.S. standards, it has been side impact tested. In accordance with the safety standards of the Size4Me car seat, occupant retention is ensured exclusively by the 5 point harness system installed on the seat
With the Rapid Remove cover, you can quickly remove the toddler car seat without having to remove it from the car
The Right LATCH system allows for one-second LATCH attachment in right angle. A height range of less than 50 inches

Questions & Answers

Are there any strollers or carriers that this connects to?

A stroller will not be able to connect to this car seat.

Has this child safety seat been approved by the FAA?

It is a pleasure to have you as a customer. As long as you use the 5 point harness on the seat, this car seat will be approved by the FAA.

the Matrix color mesh in the gray areas made of the matrix color mesh material? Earlier today, I wondered how easy it was to wipe down that. You can tell if it is holey. ?

It is my honor to answer any questions you may have about There are no mesh areas on the gray areas of the car seat. During the rainy season, we recommend machine washing the car seat pad in cold water and air drying it.

T-shirt has broken, and I don't know how to replace it. The backside of the fabric has a shaped pattern.?

It is a pleasure to have you as a customer. Please contact Graco Customer Support with any questions about your specific model. Our hours are from 8am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday. +1 800 779-0247 I am 345. Go to the Contact Us section of the website. This is Gracobaby. Please email us if you are more interested in email inquiries.

Selected User Reviews For Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat, Finch

This is a fantastic value, and I would definitely buy it again over the Graco Forever

It will be our second vehicle after the Graco 4ever that we bought earlier. This one is very similar to the other, and we are totally satisfied with it. A few additional features have been added to the 4ever, but they aren't notably better Compare (MySize compared to 4ever)*br She has one cup holder as opposed to two (but she can reach it in the MySize and not in the 4ever The space between stops) Release latches for straps are a little different It is actually easier to lift up the MySize as it can be found and located more quickly than pressing down. MySize carries shoulder strap covers that extend underneath the chest buckle in contrast to the 4ever, which has normal covers. would think that these straps would be more comfortable with the MySize style. Please wait until I get to the end of this sentence It was better to have comfortable head rest cushions on the sides rather than a cushion that her head was pushed forward so I removed it. Each of them features these features
strap slots on the sides of the chair to securely hold the straps while you position the child
easy headrest/strap adjustments with one easy slide
removable liner for easy washing. believe it would be easier to implement for MySize, although we haven't done either one Some people complain that the buckle on this seat is not long enough. Rethreading the buckle on the bottom side of the seat is easy and does not require any tools. Before putting the seat in your vehicle you will need to adjust it. There is no adjustment on the plastic of the seat itself, which means people are only adjusting the position through the fabric slots. buckle is removed, and then slides through a different slot based on where it was installed, so it will remain the same length if it is installed Correctly done, it needs to be a sufficient amount of time. Trying the new seat in the store I noticed it was difficult to adjust the strap length when she was sitting in it, but this was not the case with the old one. The cause of that is unclear to me. If it becomes an issue, I will try to update. Considering how I felt about the 4ever before purchasing it, I assumed that it would offer superior safety. There is also a sense of safety with this one. Despite its wiggle-free fit, the seat does not move around in the car. (I've heard other people mention this about other seats. Specifically Milestone) that the top of their carseat can wiggle because the base is narrow or a pedestal style, but this is not true. In addition to the low seat, the base is wide and the seat is lower than in the 4ever. If we were buying again, I would choose the MySize over the 4ever since the extra money does not appear to give you any valuable features and she probably will find this one more comfortable. In this case (shoulder strap covers on the underside of the chest buckle, headrest cushion seems to fit better, cup holder is accessible).

Christina Robles
Christina Robles
| Oct 21, 2020
For a compact car, it's a nice size

The size of this car is excellent for one of these. As I drive a Hyundai Elantra, this will fit both rear and front facing seats. Despite this, it allows for enough room for additional passengers to sit on either side of the vehicle, as well as not forcing the front seats up too high or too.

Noor Aguirre
Noor Aguirre
| Sep 19, 2020
I love it! The car seat I have for my 2 yr old is also rear facing, as is the one for my 1 year old

I have only had one complaint about the belt buckle as it pinched their legs when I fastened their belts, and I have read that others had the same experience. Observe that there is a way to adjust the buckle under the seat according to a review. There needs to be some adjustment in the seat to solve the issue with leg pinching however, you will have to remove the seat to do so. Both of my sons are doing much better and no longer have any issues strapping their belts. I am primarily writing this review in case other parents that are having the same problem will see it and figure out how to solve it! A reminder - Originally I thought you had to remove the car seat completely to adjust the buckle beneath, but I was able to reach it and move it without taking the seat out.

Kyson Stein
Kyson Stein
| May 24, 2021
This Car Seat has Good Features at an Affordable Price and is Perfect for Smaller Vehicles

Graco's Echelon double stroller was the winner of our research. My twins were finally outgrowing the upper limits of their baby seats (Baby Trend Flex Loc) and we decided, after much research and review, to go with this one. To us, the most important factor was that the car seats would fit in our 2014 Kia Forte, be affordable, long-lasting, and most importantly, be able to fit in our car. Graco seats have received positive reviews for this specific model, and we decided to buy it because previously reviewed reviews indicated that There is a bit more room taken up by the Graco car seat than an infant seat does, but it does not reduce leg room in front of the driver or passenger It's important to me to have enough leg room since I'm tall. It was also essential to get these seats because they would last for years, weighing up to 65 pounds. As soon as you sit in it, you can tell that it is a quality product that will last for quite a long time. The price in relation to the various features is what I was most interested in. good thing about the car seat is that the fabric can be easily removed and washed when necessary. The strap heights can be adjusted easily by pulling up on the handle (threading the straps is not particularly fun). In both sides of the seat, there are pockets in which you can easily store a buckle until it is necessary. Despite not being able to say for certain whether or not the seat is comfortable, it seems like there is a lot of space and the twins look very comfortable from the side. Additionally, the fabric is very soft and more dense than they use for their infant seats. Lastly, I was very pleased with how easy and straightforward the installation of these seats was. If you've installed a car seat (infant or convertible), there is nothing new about these seats. Unlike if you've never set up a car seat before, you won't have problems setting it up. I also like that the installation manual is straightforward and well labeled, and the seat itself is also clearly marked. My overall experience with my purchase has been excellent! You can see how the Graco seat compares with the infant seat in the pictures. Additionally, my twins are 15 months old, about 30" in height, and weigh about 22 pounds The following updates have been made for The seats were bought for my twins when they were babies, and they are still used today! Throughout my twins' growth, they have worked well for me. Our plans are not to get rid of these anytime soon since there is still plenty of room. We have taken multiple long road trips, and my twins did not have problems sleeping. There have been at least five times I've cleaned the removable covers and they have remained in good condition. About once every six months, I deep clean the entire seat. There have been no issues with food staining, and with a Clorox wipe, food easily comes off. They are not the tiniest seats, but have been easy to relocate to other vehicles when necessary.

Briar Gillespie
Briar Gillespie
| Oct 01, 2020

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