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Apache 25085386-C 7

Apache 25085386-C 7" Alligator Rivet Installation Tool (Art-7)

Apache 25085386-C 7
$ 192.29

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A portable device
This has a maximum width of 7" for splice segments
A lot of weight is packed into alligator rivets
Alligator is a brand of clothing
The type of rivet is
A number of items from this code are listed below 15004.

Questions & Answers

Is this belt large enough to work with our 6 in belt?

As far as I can tell, it works on 6" belts as well. I use it for John Deere roller belts of 7 inches. You may want to check the "Contact Us" link on the flexco website. Check out the splices and tool at the www.com web site to ensure you get the correct splices.

Selected User Reviews For Apache 25085386-C 7" Alligator Rivet Installation Tool (Art-7)

I really like the fact that you don't have to take off the belt before using it

My order was delivered quickly. I watched a video on YouTube and it worked perfectly. A really nice feature is that the belt for the baler does not have to be removed. As soon as I had run the belt to where I needed it, I opened up the baler. We then put the sawhorse under it, cut the belt, skived the belt and placed the new Alligator rivets in the tool, and used a 1 ounce hammer to push the rivets into the belt. I didn't spend more than 10 minutes on it. The product is built well and will last for generations to come!.

Michael Flowers
Michael Flowers
| Sep 20, 2020
The belts on the baler are fixed

Everything went according to plan.

Elyse Copeland
Elyse Copeland
| Apr 27, 2021

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