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Power-Sonic PS-1290 12 Volt 9 Amp Hour Rechargeable SLA Battery (F2 Terminals) Power-Sonic PS-1290 12 Volt 9 Amp Hour Rechargeable SLA Battery (F2 Terminals)

Power-Sonic PS-1290 12 Volt 9 Amp Hour Rechargeable SLA Battery (F2 Terminals)

Power-Sonic PS-1290 12 Volt 9 Amp Hour Rechargeable SLA Battery (F2 Terminals) Power-Sonic PS-1290 12 Volt 9 Amp Hour Rechargeable SLA Battery (F2 Terminals)
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With the Power-Sonic PS-1290, you get a 12 Volt 9 Amp Hour Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery with
Suitable for use with fire alarm systems, burglar alarm systems, and access control systems
The valve is regulated by a spill proof in-line construction, allowing safe operation anywhere
An unrivaled power density in a small volume

Questions & Answers

When I pull out my generator, I see the battery meter tells me it's a SLA with F2 terminals, but the generator has ring terminals, now what?

Wire the ring terminal as close as possible to the cut. Replacing the ring terminals with F2 terminals is the proper way to do it. Stores such as Radio Shack, Walmart, and hardware stores carry these items. If you are purchasing terminals, it is important to match the wire guage. The labels of all packages should include ten digits, for instance The gauge is 12 gauge. The terminal can accept wires as small as 10 guage up to 12 gauge..

Please provide the dimensions of PS -- height, width, and depth Do you know what 1290 is?

The product of 9 x 2 is 9. Three times six has the same effect as six times three. It has a width of 9 inches as specified under the product details.

Can you tell me how much the 4 x 5 battery box costs? Batteries cannot be replaced it has to be this one. ?

Currently, I am only able to offer two. A $15 purchase. A shipping charge of $11 has been added to each order. This text has 88 characters, including spaces and punctuation

When interpreting the date code, what should I pay attention to?

Numbers 1 and 2 are the month numbers of the year The 2nd digits of the month 12 designate the 1st day of the month It is indicated by the 5 th digit of 31*, which represents the year 0 = 10 It was manufactured on 9/15/2015, so 5*15 is 091515, so 9/15/2015 is the date it was made

Selected User Reviews For Power-Sonic PS-1290 12 Volt 9 Amp Hour Rechargeable SLA Battery (F2 Terminals)

I will definitely be buying more replacement batteries for my UPS in the future

Buying batteries like these for a fraction of what it would cost a new UPS is a great deal. For a 1285 geeksquad UPS, I had to get two. This was a straightforward process in swapping out the old ones and inserting the new ones. It is recommended that you take pictures and write in permanent marker on the contacts of the wires when changing out the UPS to eliminate any confusion when putting it The following update My OTHER 1295 geeksquad UPS has just died at home, so I'm in need of a new one. For my entertainment center, I used this one. With these batteries in place, it is operating normally with the previous one I had in place. It seems that those two batteries work well and the monitor in the program appears to be enjoying them as well. Therefore, I bought two more of them to replace the one that just recently died. Despite having two brownouts and a blackout during the time I was working, I was still able to do my job. I am updating- As of 2/11/2015, the batteries are still holding up fine and have only experienced two blackouts and a few brownouts during that period of time. I've experienced power issues multiple times in my apartment when these were in the UPS, but they are still returning and they still test good in both the software and I will not hesitate to buy more batteries if I need them. The following update There seem to be no issues with the UPSes as of 3/5/2016 and charges are still being maintained. It has remained up and running despite multiple brownouts and power outages. This is a great battery that I of course will buy and recommend to anyone who has a need for replacements in the future. I am updating- As of 4/25/2017, both UPS backups are still going strong, and they have suffered numerous blackouts and brown outs during the last two Those things enabled me to use my internet, television, and other things for around two years The package needs to be handed out three hours before mailing I had a LED TV and fire TV on one system, and modem and router on the other system. I am updating- Since they have been up for almost 4 years, they have been through multiple brown outs and black outs, and received a tremendous amount of dirty power. This occurs due to a flux of dirty electricity flowing through the port from time to time. Please forgive me for the delay. 6/1/2020

Sorry, bit of a delay with When all this chaos is taken into account. My UPS batteries went out two weeks ago. The big one was fully bitten by one of the smaller ones. A lot of dirty energy flows through my complex. Rather than nuking tens of thousands of dollars of electronic equipment, it just took out a 100 dollar UPS and batteries. I was able to save a 4k TV, 4k receiver, multiple Xbox consoles and Blu-ray players Various audio devices are connected to it, such as a Blu-ray player and a Media computer. Batteries for the other device that simply needed new ones were replaced by these. A new set is on the way. There you go! I have restored power to my electronics, and they are working properly again.

Lian Bray
Lian Bray
| Dec 31, 2020
Initially, my first impression was great, then my price and fit were great

As a result of this power- Playstation - Sonic There are 1290 people match and works well for my There was a charge of $12 on it when it arrived A current of 81 Volts was present It is powered up and I checked that it was fully charged. After installation and a full charge, the UPS is happy and says it is 19-% charged. It is good after 1 day of use. It seems to run for a good amount of time. Thanks for the 9 Ah version as opposed to the regular 7 Ah (longer run time- Just a few bucks more, and you'll have a whole lot more time). The following tip can be helpful The new battery came with a bare (+) terminal, so I moved the terminal protector from my old battery to this new one. In comparison, my previous battery was the one that came with my UPS when it was purchased I used the Battery HR1234W") for nine years, 24/7/365, through hundreds of power sags and outages, powering a Mac Mini, TV, soundbar, and a few other low-power devices Devices with a lot of power. There are no problems, so I hope this Power-up will work for you Playstation - Sonic A similar degree of success is provided by 1290. In other words A sticker reading "Made in Vietnam" appears on the bottom of this battery, as opposed to the old B battery. A Chinese manufacturer made this battery.

Zyair Conway
Zyair Conway
| Oct 23, 2020
Half of the charge has been completed

I am disappointed. This battery was supposed to be used to restore my older uninterruptible power supply, TrippLite Omni1000LCD. The reason why I bought this was that it was the best The rating. I installed it (with some help from Joseph Chavez's "How to Replace the Battery in a Tripp Lite OMNI1000LCD UPS," on YouTube), but when I tried to charge it up, it would only charge halfway, as you can see from the picture. For a period of three days after installation, I did not connect it to any equipment while it was charging. During charging, there were no interruptions in the power supply. The wall outlet is providing a steady voltage of 126V, as you can see in the picture. Therefore, I can only assume the battery was old or improperly charged or stored (*). Lithium-ion batteries for uninterruptible power supplies). The reason I gave it 2 stars is because of that. I'm probably going to go with the less expensive unit (by about $6) that showed up first in the list of results presented to me by Amazon when I searched next time.

Brayden Day
Brayden Day
| Apr 09, 2021
The test even failed before it had been used

A year ago, we required the replacement of an older battery in our security fire system that was close to its wear life. We bought this battery from this seller this year. I think it took a long time for the package to arrive, but I was fine with that. It was not even possible to install a few months later because there wasn't enough voltage for the security system to recognize it was new. Connect two different 12v chargers to it, then let it charge No more than 70% of the battery will be charged. This is the way it is Since our current security system is breaking down prematurely, we have no backup until we can find another one that is not getting these reports. A couple of months ago, there were no bad reviews, but I guess it took that long before people realized there was a life expectancy issue. We don't know whether to be disappointed, disgusted, or angry, so we'll just write it off as another expensive life experience &ndash another opportunity missed. Putting your money to waste.

| Jan 24, 2021
Installed it and it appears to be working well so far

I have the CyberPower 825AVRLCD- This UPS is located in Georgia. I unplugged it, moved it, then turned it back on, it seemed to be working fine, but when I turned it on again, a relay would click and the display would read 0, and the alarm speaker would activate. I figured the battery probably had something to do with it. I tried some other batteries, but they all had the same problem. Since all of these batteries are starting to show their age, we're going to take the chance and replace the battery. We did some research and found this one. We visited the website and it looked to be of high quality. Ace Comp Solutions sold it to me. I opened up the box, and it was just wrapped in brown paper. It came in a small box about the size of the battery. When looking at the battery in the top corner of the bottom corner, the paper had an opening where the battery had a flattened dent. As for the rest of the battery case, it looked fine. "Made in Vietnam" was written on the label. Hopefully, I'll be able to find a replacement for it soon. I installed it and let it charge for a while, but I was impatient so I tried powering it on immediately.

Brynn Wilkinson
Brynn Wilkinson
| Sep 07, 2020

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