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SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank - 2 Wheels - 12 Gallon - Thetford 40505 SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank - 2 Wheels - 12 Gallon - Thetford 40505

SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank - 2 Wheels - 12 Gallon - Thetford 40505

SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank - 2 Wheels - 12 Gallon - Thetford 40505 SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank - 2 Wheels - 12 Gallon - Thetford 40505
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A smart tote designed for use with any RV type, the SmartTote 2 RV waste tote is versatile and ready for use from
Designed to maximize ease of use and maneuverability, the rugged 12-gallon tank is easy to carry and use
A level gauge that prevents overfilling and enhances venting is featured in AutoStop
As an optional feature, SmartTote 2 can be rigged with a tow strap, which can be hooked to an RV hitch or a car hitch, allowing you to transport the tote to a

Questions & Answers

What features does the 12 gallon tank have? Is there an autostop shutoff for the My opened without a problem. There is a statement in the description that ?

You won't find an auto-lock feature on this device Thetford cannot provide either the stop valve or the double female hoses that are required to connect to a standard RV dump line. Additionally, you must contact Thetford and request Valterra makes a hose that fits the 5 ft diameter, but don't find it online The book is available from

Is it true that all the attachments disappeared? Did they miss out on my order? The product description I got is different from what I ordered. ?

It does not come with anything. As much as I was confused, I am sure you were I am sorry you have also experienced this problem. The ad is incorrect for that product. To order the hose, I needed to order it

There are many comments that say what is shipped is different from what is described. Do you think Amazon is a good place for you to shop? Do you really need to keep it if it's so deceptive?

While mine arrived just fine, I THINK that what happened to others was that at one time there was an option to select your gallon size - I did not choose mine during this time. It's just like selecting the size when you go shopping for a t-shirt What size shirt should I get?). I get the smallest one because I don't want to deal with fifty gallons of poop all at once. Many buyers did not select a proper size, and yes, the image will be larger if you get a larger size. I have the smallest one. Since we travel in a small camper, I wanted a tank that fits inside our bathroom while we're traveling while there is no storage beneath the bathroom. I have been extremely happy with this purchase. For cleaning it out, you have to find a specific type of hose AND purchase a separate sewer hose. On both ends, it has the same type of connector! Hoses normally used for garden hoses cannot be used to connect this tank to a spigot.

What are the connections I have to my three compartment sink and how do I runoff my waste water to it?

Yes, you can just bolt it to the floor underneath. We use them for concession stands with an air gap.

Selected User Reviews For SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank - 2 Wheels - 12 Gallon - Thetford 40505

I am a liar and I am a liar

I am on fire. Because it is not the one I ordered, I do not like it. There is no match between what is shown and what is described. Obviously, this is not the same unit as the previous one. A bare bones version of the item was shipped. Do you think human error has occurred or is it deception? There is no spillage with Bayonet caps No need to unhook, just pull out and connect. Adapter pivots and sewer hose extends for quick, clean hookup.
Self-storing sewer hose stays at the bottom of the tank.

Kimberly Kaiser
Kimberly Kaiser
| Dec 18, 2020
I've stripped everything down to it's bare bones A tank built from bones

There is no room for error With regards to this 12th This small tank is the runt of the Smart Tote2 litter in more than one way. In addition to being the smallest of the product series, it is also deficient in many useful features which are found on This product does not have a built-in hose or a pop-up indicator A vent valve/overfill indicator is located at the top of the upvent. In addition to this booklet, it comes with a instruction guide that is designed for larger models, but not for I find the absence of an overfill indicator especially annoying, since this is a small tank and extreme care should be taken to avoid overfilling it. A chopstick or small dowel is a good way to check how full the vent is unless you stop every few seconds and poke it into the opening to see how full it is. This is a very crucial step, since sewage will spew out of the vent if you get it wrong! In order to avoid a stinking mess, I chose to fill the tank only half full rather than fill it to capacity. Also, I had to make twice as many trips to the dump station because I did not fill the tank all the way. My only reason for buying this model was that the dump valves on my Airstream trailer were fairly low, so I had to get a tank whose inlet was lower. This one is ten inches tall It's barely possible. I had to make my own hose of 5' sewer hose by cutting down a 5' sewer hose and attaching a female fitting to the formerly male end since this model lacks an included hose. The sewer hose you need is one with TWO FEMALE ENDS - you cannot use a regular sewer hose. Similarly, in order to flush this tank through its vent opening, you'll need a garden hose with two female fittings. That was also a decision I had to make. You will be able to use this tank if you absolutely must have the lowest profile possible due to clearance concerns. You should, however, consider one of the larger models if you have this option. They have features that are going to make life much easier for you.

Davian Lane
Davian Lane
| Nov 15, 2020
Good price for the product, but not great

Buying this tank/tote on a budget helped me decide to buy Although I didn't regret buying it, the instructions that came with it weren't for this tank tote and didn't have anything to do with this product.
It is however very basic and easy to figure out how to use. This orifice for cleaning it out has a cap that was a little difficult to properly insert into the tank tote, and is a bit cumbersome to lock in place. I don't regret the purchase since I'll use it rarely so it will suffice for what I need. Due to the fact that the "Owner's Manual" is not directly related to this item, but rather to a more sophisticated product, I wonder if the manual accompanied this low-end tank item as a promotion to upgrade to a more costly item.

Korbyn Case
Korbyn Case
| May 14, 2021
It does not include hoses as described in the description

It would have been nice to have read the reviews and known there is no sewer hose included, as it states in the description. This is a misleading ad, since it clearly states in the description that it has a self-storing It happened after I bought the equipment, but the company that sold it to me was very helpful, sending me a hose that Change the ad so that others do not get fooled into thinking it is there all the time.

Alonzo Carr
Alonzo Carr
| Nov 28, 2020
A description that is not accurate should be avoided by the buyer

Though the tool might be useful, it is described in an entirely inaccurate way. Unlike what is stated in the description, it does not come with a level indicator and it cannot be used straight out of The connector needs to be double female. A variety of tanks are available, but the description does not mention that you need to get one in order to use it. It's understandable that these omissions appear from two years ago. There were comments and questions about these omissions from that time. When I got to the campground without the necessary parts and with a full gray water tank, I failed to realize those were there. Luckily, I was able to find the parts at an RV parts store that was near my campground, so now I know how It's not possible to return it, so I guess I can't.

Reed Katz
Reed Katz
| Sep 26, 2020
Don't pay attention to the Generally speaking, this item is fine

Everything from the packaging to the shipping. Although I purchased a 12 gallon kind, I watched the video provided on the product page, which does not match what I got. As far as I am aware, I received a very simple tank, with no wheels in the back and no extra hose attached. It appears that the video on the page is mismatched, at least with regard to the 12 gallon version.

| Mar 24, 2021
Although it is not perfect, it is a good deal

Does what it is supposed to do, so it is good. There are two things that I do not like about this product. First is that it has a post fitting on it, as do most trailers, so you must find a hose with bayonet fittings on both ends or use a 90-degree dump station. Two, the 3" cap does not fit as snugly as it should. accidentally lost mine from the tow truck while I was emptying it at the dump station, but was lucky to find it on the way back and use some tape in all, it is the most expensive option, since all the other choices are so pricey.

Conor Hall
Conor Hall
| Oct 13, 2020
It is as expected that the product tank will be there

It is a long description of the event. It is as expected that the product tank will be there. Although the description appears accurate, it Despite the fact that the product description AND instructions state that there is an attached hose, there is not My only reason for keeping it is that I have a spare hose that fits it. There are other reviews in which the same thing is said. Doesn't make sense to me why this is allowed by the company or Amazon. This would have been a 4 star product if the hose lived up to its claim.

Azalea PARRY
Azalea PARRY
| Oct 22, 2020

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