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Camco 40126 Tornado Rotary Tank Rinser with Hose Camco 40126 Tornado Rotary Tank Rinser with Hose

Camco 40126 Tornado Rotary Tank Rinser with Hose

Camco 40126 Tornado Rotary Tank Rinser with Hose Camco 40126 Tornado Rotary Tank Rinser with Hose
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How to clean a holding tank on an RV in the simplest and most hygienic way
Using a squeegee or a brush, use your hands to push out and flush stubborn residue and particles left in the holding tank after you empty it
Rotating action at 360 degrees delivers powerful cleaning
A vacuum breaker is included as well as a 6' access hose for no-mess connection of the hose
A backflow preventer integrated into the internal plumbing

Questions & Answers

Is the tornado still with you all? How long has it lasted for you? The fifth wheel I live in is a fifth Would it be better for me to drill a hole in my poop tank so it can ?

I installed mine several years ago and have been pleased with it ever since. However, I am ordering a new one to replace the existing one because I get a small leak when I connect a hose to it to run Thank you for this. I'm glad you like Keeps our tanks very clean while requiring little upkeep.

There are sensors on the side of the tank that makes it the most accessible. Are the sensors going to be cleaned by spraying backward?

An end, a front, and a side make up the object. Therefore, I believe it will. As far as I can tell, it is the only option. I liked how it turned out. You can really tell if it makes a difference when you clean out your Before you screw it in, apply a good black silicone between the surfaces.

What is the process of installing this?

A hole is drilled in the tank (not sure about the size, but the directions specify the size) and the tornado device is inserted in it. The round plate you see has screws that allow it to be attached to the The best tank cleaner I have used is this wand type. I have used several others before. I like it a lot. If I had to buy it again, I would.

I want to know what the diameter of the plate up against the tank is. I also want to know what the size of the hole in the tank is. ?

It's the same for me, Maryann. It's important for me to know this information When it comes to answering a simple question, people seem to have trouble? In my research online, I have not found anything useful. The blog of a guy who posted detailed installation pictures did catch my eye. For the installation, he drilled a 1 3/4" hole (as indicated by instructions from Camco). The pictures seem to show that there would be about 1/2" of plate extending on either side of the drilled hole to allow screws to be inserted. Therefore, I estimate the plate's diameter to be between 2 3/4" and 3". Thank you, I hope this was helpful.

Selected User Reviews For Camco 40126 Tornado Rotary Tank Rinser with Hose

This is my sixth flush of the tank on my Camcorder Black

It is the only one not to have My sewer hose eventually became full of the spray head that didn't leak. We replaced it, and we fixed the leak in the There's no difference with the hose plug or vacuum breaker I've tried. Located on the female fitting, it is inserted through There is no leakage due to the silicone seal. The only option from Camco is to replace the black tank in order to get rid of the hole for an ineffective product. Thanks.

Atticus Evans
Atticus Evans
| Apr 21, 2021
They are no longer what they once were

Originally, it used a plastic female hose fitting that became brittle after a few seasons, so it was prone to breaking. It is however good that the twirling nozzle head was always twirling. Using a metal female hose fitting in the new design is a good idea. It is possible for the nozzle cap to twirl, which is undesirable. Putting the two together Original design was much more precise as far as fit tolerances are concerned. For the rotation of the nozzle to occur, jetting action against the tank walls must be used, as well as the eccentrics, the plastic ears on the head of the nozzle. As a result of the new design's loose tolerances, and if you have a rectangular tank that is long, but shallow, and the rinser is installed on one of those long sides, they stop working when the main jets align parallel to the tank length! My background as an engineer led me to do a small workshop renovation A better solution would be to balance the nozzle head such that it worked with my tank rather than just patching the gaping hole with a dead rinser.

Camco, you had a great rinser in terms of functionality, but it was not as durable as it should have been. With the current rinser, you've got a lousy one with a good build. It's likely midway through a third generation when the positive traits combine! To fix the problems, you don't have to change much about your tooling, but it's likely that you will have to change your process.

Kingston Hernandez
Kingston Hernandez
| May 23, 2021
Comes in a part for the first time

The idea is a very good one. I had a difficult time installing this cleaner because it was not my fault. As my trailer has a lot of insulation and a leveling system in the way, it took a lot of effort for me to get to the tank where I was installing. Install the tank when you finally get around to it. It turned out that I was not using the hose, so I opted to use PEX pipe and garden hose fittings to attach to the trailer sides instead. I decided to only go for the swivel nozzle that goes inside the I tested it the next day after a silicone cure had taken place and remarkably, the nozzle came right off and it spilled into After putting everything back together, I was ready to go. While I wait to replace with a better quality version, I'm probably going to leave it as is and just use the main jet for cleaning until I have a chance to upgrade it to something better. I do not recommend using this method and should look for a solution that doesn't.

Persephone KNOWLES
Persephone KNOWLES
| May 03, 2021
It was an extremely difficult decision to order this product after reading quite a few bad reviews

I really wanted it to work so I ordered it anyway. Though this concept is sound and it could easily be adapted to work as advertised, I find it to be lacking. You would expect to find it at a dollar store, since it has been made with the same attention to detail. At the dollar store, this item would yield good value, but only if you just bought it for the hose and threw the rinser straight into the trash. It seems they have spent much more time on the packaging than they have on the actual product. My black tank is so much better because I tested the rinser before drilling a hole in it. I am so glad I heeded this warning. The garden hose is attached to it, so I turned it on very As you might expect, water was everywhere but where you might expect it to be. Whenever a seam is sprayed with water, it The only problem is that it leaks badly, not spins. There was a small amount of water coming from the two jets, but it was not comparable to the volume of water coming from the joint below. As a result, the unit separated from the supplied hose and shot onto the ground about 5 feet away. Returning it was easy. I put it in a box and brought it back. As the manufacturer, I hope that you are ashamed of your product and that you read this.

Anahi Nixon
Anahi Nixon
| Sep 02, 2020
Installing it is not too difficult

For the first time, I put it to the test. You can install it fairly easily if your tank is in the right location. This year I put it through its paces for the first time last weekend and it seemed to perform well. The hose no longer needs to be dragged inside the camper and the homemade sprayer no longer needs to be stuck down the commode. Also, you must put on gloves and wrap an infested wand into a plastic bag all night before using it the next day. Please pay attention! Directions are spelled out in the instructions. Please do not use your drinking hose to fill the tank with water for cleaning!.

Giovanni Walton
Giovanni Walton
| Apr 28, 2021
I don't know how to stop it from As per instructions, I did everything as instructed

I have used two tubes of 100% silicone and one roll of waterproof tape but I cannot get this thing to stop leaking! The area where I drilled a hole in the tank was thoroughly cleaned after I drilled the hole. A bead of silicone should be applied to all four screws on the inside of the unit. A silicone coating was applied to the unit's exterior. As well as the connection between the water hose and the rinser, the clamp is tight. The silicone must cure for 24 hours before it can be used. When I tried it for the first time, Even after an additional tube of silicone and a roll of pipe repair tape, the leak persists. You have to try this at your own risk, however, because once you cut a hole in your black tank, it cannot be repaired.

Skylar Fernandez
Skylar Fernandez
| Apr 10, 2021

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