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Camco 42140 Flying Insect Screen - FUR 100, 7.5 Camco 42140 Flying Insect Screen - FUR 100, 7.5 Camco 42140 Flying Insect Screen - FUR 100, 7.5 Camco 42140 Flying Insect Screen - FUR 100, 7.5 Camco 42140 Flying Insect Screen - FUR 100, 7.5 Camco 42140 Flying Insect Screen - FUR 100, 7.5

Camco 42140 Flying Insect Screen - FUR 100, 7.5" X 4.1" X 1.3"

Camco 42140 Flying Insect Screen - FUR 100, 7.5 Camco 42140 Flying Insect Screen - FUR 100, 7.5 Camco 42140 Flying Insect Screen - FUR 100, 7.5 Camco 42140 Flying Insect Screen - FUR 100, 7.5 Camco 42140 Flying Insect Screen - FUR 100, 7.5 Camco 42140 Flying Insect Screen - FUR 100, 7.5
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7-1/2" x 4-1/8" x 1-5/16" is the size of the screen.
All Colman, Suburban, Sol-Aire, and Hydroflame furnace vents work with this grille
Insects will no longer be able to nestle in the furnace
Installation is simple, and there is a tool included
The cover is made of a heavy-duty stainless steel mesh

Questions & Answers

What is the content of the two screens in the images? Can you please tell me which vents are on my Suburban 6gal tank?

For this product number, there is only one screen. Pictured in the larger one, it is the one on the left.

How will this fit my Forest River Evo T2550 travel trailer from 2018?

There are certain brands that I am unfamiliar with. There is a plastic vent on the outside of the camper that holds this device. To measure the inside of the vents, you just need to measure the vents themselves. There was a problem with the screen, so I had to remove half an inch. Tin snips are required for this task. An Itaska class C from 2004 is the unit I am using. It is 28'.

It is recommended that these screens be taken off before traveling? Is it going to be a long time?

As long as it is not hit by something large causing it to fall off, it will remain in place.

What is the compatibility of the Thor Four Winds motorhome for the year 2021?

That is more likely than not. There is a trim-style to them The fit of the

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The feature is This voids the warranty! I was completely satisfied with the performance of this screen

While mounting it is a bit tricky, even if you get it attached, be advised that once it has been installed, the manufacturer's warranty will be voided! In the beginning, I wasn't sure whether it would stay on after a few days on a brand new less-worn shoe It is better-than There are one The week before Trailer with an old name. After turning on the water heater for the first time (they didn't want to turn on any propane at PDI, however), there was a small explosion while the water heater was heating, caused by a bad-fitting bolt. The source is Here's the thing A factory gas valve was built inside. Every time it was turned on, it continued to explode (as we later discovered), forcing black soot out of the vent and up the side of the trailer, irreparably staining it. In spite of the fact that the screen was not the cause of the problem, the fact that it was attached to the heater vent automatically voids the warranty.

Of course, vents on furnace vents would void that warranty, as well. It is your fault that you were not.

Joshua Klein
Joshua Klein
| Jul 10, 2021
RVers can't live without this product! Having a travel trailer set up like this is one of the very first things I do after purchasing it

My experience is that many RV furnaces become clogged with nests of mud daubers in the spring when the creatures are looking for a place to live. As a result, not only does this cause your furnace to be inefficient, but it is also extremely dangerous, since the heat can cause the nests to catch fire and burn down your home.

In order to install the screens, install the included springs to the screen, place the slotted tool through a hole in the screen, and wrap the spring around one of the metal bars on the Installing and protecting your RV furnace is easy and does not take more than a minute. It should be noted that these are only suitable for Suburban and Duo-Vue Furnace vents used to heat houses. You can get an Atwood furnace screen here on Amazon, which you will need if you have one of these furnaces. Double-check your work Ensure that the furnace you have is the one you want before placing an order.

Conrad Stone
Conrad Stone
| Mar 02, 2021
A bug screen covers the vent of the Norcold RV fridge

We bought a Norcold RV fridge instead of a Dometic refrigerator with our new 5th wheel. This was in addition to new bug covers for the heater and water heater. Though I had, so far, never encountered any 'bug' issues with a fridge, I figured since I was taking a proactive approach on the bug screen front I might as well get Norcold fridge vent bug screens as well. Several parts of the screen were longer than they needed, six small white zip ties, and installation instructions were included in the package. It is necessary to use metal shears of some kind to cut the screens to the correct size so they fit well. In my case, you will need to hold the screen material on the outside of the vent, and from the inside as well as the outside, you will need to snap a zip tie through the screen and around the plastic to secure the screen in place.
All in all, these should do an excellent job of keeping any bugs from entering the bay where the fridge is located. There isn't a good amount of zip ties included in this kit, which caused me to give a 4 star rating. Is that true? How many zip ties does each screen need?
Having spent another $4, I am a little happier. We purchased a bag of black small zip ties from Home Depot and redid the installation with black zip ties that were less visible, and we needed three per screen for the screen to be secure and to decrease as much plastic exposure. It's fine with me that Camco doesn't just send out the correct sized screens because specifications may change frequently, but this will mean that not everyone has metal shears and so that'll be the best way to get the excess material off, in.

Emory Barrera
Emory Barrera
| Nov 25, 2020
There is too much time

I had to cut the rope. These do not fit as well as you would expect. I ordered the exact size I needed after measuring the exact size I needed. It turned out that all 3 pieces were about There's even a suggestion that you could cut off the excess if they're too long. The problem is that you have to use a hacksaw to cut it or pliers to bend the end. The corners are left open, because they didn't fit perfectly once they were installed. As well as extending beyond the vent, they protrude. If they were flush, I'd expect them to be clean. The trailer side could cause someone to get cut if they brush up against it. The attached pictures illustrate this point.

Everlee Gilbert
Everlee Gilbert
| Jul 25, 2021
For a 2008 Freelander motorhome, Camco Flying Insect Screen can be installed on the refrigerator vents

In our 2008 coachmen Freelander Motor home, we use this product for the white outside cover we have on our Dometic refrigerator. The screens are available on Amazon and I have read the customer Later on, I decided to buy them and install them in my own RV. It was easy for me to install the Camco Flying Insect Screen for Dometic Refrigerator Vents, the screen was perfectly sized and fitted the There were no adjustments I had to make. These zip ties came with them and they were used. There are 3 screens and 6 zip ties included. On each screen, there should be two. The number of monitors per screen should really be 3 as previously discussed. You could use more if you really want it tight. The 3 zip ties work great. I chose not to place the third Camco Flying Insect Screen for Dometic Refrigerator Vents on the third vent because I need more zip ties and have to make a hole in the last one to allow my fridge to drain properly. Camco Flying Insect Screens for Dometic Refrigerator Vents come in very straight boxes and are easy to install. Mine arrived very straight and could easily be applied However, if you have hands and fingers that are large, you should use tweezers or needlenose pliers to pull the other end through the hole to lock it in. The task did not require me to use my hands because I have small ones. Huby's hands are large, so he too would have been able to use them. Please be sure to apply the screen to the outside of the white freezer The inside fit well, but when they were on the outside, they fit perfectly. We replaced it with the outside after finding that the inside did not fit as well. I believe the zip ties should include no fewer than nine instead of only six. It may be difficult to find small, thin ones like them, and wide ones will probably have a difficult time fitting in the space to set up for locking. I am very happy with the Camco Flying Insect Screen for Dometic Refrigerator Vents and I look forward to them protecting my frige area from bugs etc. I love the way my RV looks with these. I am really glad that I found these and have.

Ellis LEES
Ellis LEES
| Oct 13, 2020

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