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Raycharm 13 Raycharm 13 Raycharm 13 Raycharm 13 Raycharm 13 Raycharm 13 Raycharm 13

Raycharm 13" 6000K Natrual White High Lumen Output Low Current Draw, 40° Down Angled Flood Beam, 12V/24V DC 27W 2700 LM, LED Light Fixture/Work Light/Scene Light for RV & Utility Vehicle, Black, 1PC

Raycharm 13 Raycharm 13 Raycharm 13 Raycharm 13 Raycharm 13 Raycharm 13 Raycharm 13
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It's the perfect exterior and interior lighting solution for RVs, trailers, and utility vehicles, thanks to its sturdy design and long-lasting construction. It is a solution for area and scene lighting because of its unique wall and vertical-side surface mounting design.
Its heavy-duty construction allows it to work in a variety of weather conditions, with temperatures ranging from -40 to 50°C.
Its Acrylic lens, made by advanced optical technology, illuminates a wide-spread flood beam in 6000K, similar to sun light beam, and it's made with industry-leading LED chips to deliver powerful brightness for maximum visibility.
The rigid aluminum alloy light housing ensures that it meets high quality standards, with an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating. E-mark, CE, and RoHS compliance, as well as a 50,000-hour lifespan, which is three times that of fluorescent fixtures.

Questions & Answers

Is it possible to adjust the brightness of this light?

Hello, this light is unable to be dimmed. Customers, on the other hand, have told us that the brightness is perfect.

A cut-out is depicted in the photograph. On both sides near the top, look for the power cord. Is there a chance that water will get in? I'd take the back route. ?

Water can get back there because everything is sealed on the back. To be on the safe side, I used clear caulking.

Is it compatible with both ac and dc power?

It is powered by DC voltage.

Do they necessitate the use of a led driver?

There's an LED driver built in, so there's no need to buy anything else.

Selected User Reviews For Raycharm 13" 6000K Natrual White High Lumen Output Low Current Draw, 40° Down Angled Flood Beam, 12V/24V DC 27W 2700 LM, LED Light Fixture/Work Light/Scene Light for RV & Utility Vehicle, Black, 1PC

What a difference good quality can make! I purchased it for the same reason you will - to take the place of a piece of * % porch light included in the trailer price included in the price in the price in the price You know the story: it works fine the first time you turn it on, then only half of it works after two trips, and then only a quarter of it works

It was a poor excuse for a light even when all of the LEDs lit when it was new - Because there is no diffraction in the lens, it has an odd "light quality," and looking at it causes laser-like afterimages on your retina. Sigh. THIS LIGHT, however, is not one of them. It's the genuine article - Installing it was a breeze, and the results were fantastic. WOW, this is the wilderness porch light you've been looking for! While the diffuser isn't perfect, it significantly improves light dispersion and allows you to look in the direction of the light without becoming blinded. With the awning out, the light spread is even and bright, and it's like daylight in the area you'd like it to be like daylight out. Consider me to be a very happy customer.

Tristan Kemp
Tristan Kemp
| Jun 09, 2021
At full voltage, it is extremely bright and runs cool

These were just installed over the weekend. Full aluminum cast fixtures with nice bright lights. For the rear surface seal, a well-fitting gasket is required. All of the leds in a dual row are the same brightness. Solid construction with fully sealed LEDs and wiring. Dimmable with a high-side dimmer (low-side whines a little). The angle and coverage are ideal for my needs.

Lyla Garcia
Lyla Garcia
| May 28, 2021
The housing is made of durable materials, and the LED bulbs are extremely bright

I bought these to replace my RV pull trailer's cheap oval coach lights. I noticed right away that the product is not light weight, but rather heavier and sturdy, as one would expect from a higher quality product (the lighter the product, the cheaper it is overall). This is not the case. It exceeded my expectations with how bright the light output is and how wide the light spreads to the sides without the use of side bulbs once it was installed. The only complaint I have is that, despite the fact that it is labeled for outdoor use, I discovered that the rubber washer it mounts on to provide weatherproofing has cutouts and is not a single piece of undisturbed rubber. Also, because I chose to run the wire straight through the back of the fixture rather than the sides, the side holes for running the wire to the exterior of the fixture do not come with any plugs to cover them up. For me, it was a simple fix, but it should have come with some sort of covering. For that type of application, perhaps a different washer is available. Aside from that, the build quality and light output are excellent.

Dulce Page
Dulce Page
| Oct 03, 2021
If you can't contact the seller because Amazon won't let you, the warranty is useless

This was purchased in December of 2020 for use on my RV. Since January 2021, I've used my RV a total of 7 times. I noticed only half of the LED lights were working on my last two trips. They didn't work on my last trip, but they give off a faint white glow. The warranty is for two years, and Amazon says to contact the seller to have it fulfilled, but there is no way to contact the seller on Amazon. When it worked, I was pleased with my purchase. Having to buy another, rent a ladder, reseal, and wire in a new light is now just a major hassle. It's only $25, and if it lasts longer than that, it's a good investment. It is not worth it for only seven uses (weekend light trips).

Westley Fischer
Westley Fischer
| Sep 11, 2021
It's very bright

They appeal to me greatly. The only thing I don't like about it is that there are holes on both sides for the wire to run right or left, or out the back. To ensure that no water gets in, I used RV sealant. It has a very clean and bright appearance to it. I ended up getting two more whites and working on the opposite side.

Iris Oconnor
Iris Oconnor
| Feb 23, 2021
The color is bright and solid

Excellent quality. The bulb with a diameter of 5 inches was replaced. On my motorhome, I have a type light beside the door. The one I took out was made of dried-out, cheap plastic that shattered as I took it out. Raycharm 9 is a magical creature that can be summoned by the user. The inch LED light is a solid cast metal piece that is simple to install, bright, and attractive. It gives us all the light we need for the entire length of the motorhome under the awning!.

Macy Anthony
Macy Anthony
| Dec 04, 2021
Superb! Really nice, well-constructed, and bright

But not to the point of being annoying! This is a fantastic product, with a lot of shine. The spread is very even. There aren't any hotspots in this area. Two of them are ideal for back-scene lighting for whatever you're working on. I work as a contractor and carpenter. It looks great on a truck, rv, or trailer, and it isn't too blue. There aren't enough positive things to say about this place. Around 20 watts A distance of 25' beyond the truck is required. This isn't a spotlight with a long range. It's perfect for me because I didn't want one.

Nadia Case
Nadia Case
| Mar 14, 2021
It's extremely bright

It's ideal for use as a gate light or an exterior light. A remote control outlet ($10) and a 12v power supply ($10) were used to power the device. It illuminates a 60-foot driveway, a 30-foot mailbox, and a 16-foot gate. The total square footage is 4,000 square feet. It appears to be extremely bright, so use caution when putting it in place. Also, if left on for an extended period of time (which I do on occasion), it becomes warm. Heavy- It also had a heavy-duty feel to it and included mounting hardware.

Louie Curtis
Louie Curtis
| Feb 06, 2021

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