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Coleman 9630715 Delux Ceiling Assembly

Coleman 9630715 Delux Ceiling Assembly

Coleman 9630715 Delux Ceiling Assembly
$ 162.02

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For easy access and control, the control knobs are located on the horizontal surface of the RV interior when it has high ceilings and in the bedroom.
Low-profile Euro styling gives the interior of an RV a contemporary look and feel
Front and rear airflow dampers provide independent control of the airflow, allowing the majority of conditioned air to be transported forward and aft for maximum
Most Coleman -Mach rooftop air conditioners and heat pumps can be used with this product

Questions & Answers

What is the model number for the ?

It is necessary to mount the thermostat on the wall for ducted models

Is this part compatible with the Mach 8 15k air conditioner with heat pump model #47024a879?

On top of my head, I have no idea what model number it was. In any case, I have a Coleman Mach 8 15K with heat pump, and I have this cover for

Is there a way to get a pop-up book Do you need a new retainer grill if you lost the old ?

A brand new one was purchased and it worked like a charm.

Is there a remote control or thermostat controller included with this unit. ?

A remote control is not available. The temperature selector knob only has a few options. Scale is not a number, just an increasing or decreasing

Selected User Reviews For Coleman 9630715 Delux Ceiling Assembly

I am very happy about this
Treasure Wallace
Treasure Wallace
| Nov 10, 2020
An AC review is in progress

Heat strip did not work with AC, but it works with the rest of the system.

Hailey Lowery
Hailey Lowery
| Jul 14, 2020
Despite all my fingers still being numb, my unit looks great and is easy to install

I love the way this ceiling assembly looks in my RV, it adds a great touch of class to it!.

Harris Grimes
Harris Grimes
| Oct 26, 2020
There is nothing wrong with the one I got, it did not plug up, but it
Zaylee Sosa
Zaylee Sosa
| Aug 02, 2020
I give it five stars

Product of excellent quality.

Stormi Lara
Stormi Lara
| Aug 03, 2020

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