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March Performance (RA2.500) 4.5

March Performance (RA2.500) 4.5"-6.0" Stainless Steel Adjustment Rod

March Performance (RA2.500) 4.5
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A maximum Span of 6" is permitted
Span must be no less than 4-1/2 inches
5 inches by 5 inches by 5 inches It measures 9 inches long by 1 inch wide. It measures 5 " wide by 1 " high. The height of 0 "
There is no weight associated with the package. A weight of 2 lbs.

Selected User Reviews For March Performance (RA2.500) 4.5"-6.0" Stainless Steel Adjustment Rod

It is a very good product

Not only are the adjusters well made, but they are also very strong and attractive to look at. I feel anti-social when I'm in my rear The roll bar added to the rear suspension seems like an amazing addition.

Jaxx Donovan
Jaxx Donovan
| Oct 24, 2020
The product is well Thanks! I was able to solve the problem

I am very pleased with the way it handles the rear brake stay on my Harley Davidson.

Eduardo Strickland
Eduardo Strickland
| Feb 25, 2021
A rod for adjusting the height

I did exactly what was required for the project.

Kamryn Long
Kamryn Long
| Nov 30, 2020
It consists only of a spherical bearing and an adjuster made of stainless steel

There are only two stainless steel parts on the spherical bearing and the adjuster. Salt water spray was not able to penetrate the other parts due to some kind of coating. Sorry to hear that.

| Nov 06, 2020
I appreciate you reviewing the fact that they have chomemoly

I am grateful that you reviewed these and found that they have chrome ends on them. However, I would have had to spend far more on the proper stainless ones, which you saved me from. It is also vital to note that these tubes have 3/8 lh/rh threads. March products was able to resolve the issue with a quick call.

Claire Roach
Claire Roach
| Aug 10, 2020

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