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Remflex 2003 Exhaust Header Gasket

Remflex 2003 Exhaust Header Gasket

Remflex 2003 Exhaust Header Gasket
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A Chevy V8 with a BB 396/6 compression ratio of 1-13 inches wide by 1 7/8 inches high Square Port. The same for 402/6, 5L. The 6L, 427/7 is the correct number. This is not part of the 453/75. Two sets of Stock Port, Manifold, or Headers, 4L ('65-'90)
Comparable to the Fel-Pro 1410 in terms of port configuration
The Remflex exhaust gaskets have no rubber binders or composite material so they will not harden or shrink over time or temperature, so you won't have to retighten your flange bolts as often
With continuous heating and cooling of the exhaust system, tension is produced in the header and manifold flanges, resulting in gaps between the head and header, which Remflex exhaust gaskets completely seal because of the thickness and compressibility of their 100 percent flexible graphite.

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me if they are to fit round or square ports?

Intake ports refer to the round and square ports on a BB Chevy. It is common for all Chevy BB exhaust ports to be Thanks a lot,

Selected User Reviews For Remflex 2003 Exhaust Header Gasket

You're getting a good deal

Fix a slight warp in the header to fix the leak.

Ariel Pena
Ariel Pena
| Apr 12, 2021
The flange on the header is warped

It works great, and I am very satisfied with it.

Scout DALE
Scout DALE
| Mar 02, 2021
BBB Chevrolet satisfied

The Remflex gaskets I use are the same ones I have used for many years. I am thrilled with their performance!.

Isabella Daniel
Isabella Daniel
| Feb 05, 2021
As described, these gaskets do what they are supposed to do

These are the only gaskets that have lasted after three sets of blown out gaskets from known brands. As promised, these gaskets are as good as they claim to be. I have had 3 sets of gaskets blow out from well-known brands, but these are the longest lasting.

Kian Sutton
Kian Sutton
| Jun 02, 2021

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