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Dorman 555-025 Expansion Plug

Dorman 555-025 Expansion Plug

Dorman 555-025 Expansion Plug
$ 12.23

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The dimensions of the package are 3 x 2 x 1 in. The dimensions of this item are 19 L x 1 W. The dimensions of the present work are 5 H x 2 W. The 38 W (inch)
There is no weight attached to the package. A 37 pound woman
China is the country of origin
555-025 is the part number for this motor.

Questions & Answers

Does this plug come in a set or a single one?

There are ten 1-inch diameter coins in this package Expander plugs are 3/8" in diameter

The year 1999 3 fits this. What are the 4 5vze Toyota engines?

That is correct. It fits 3 perfectly. The engine has four cylinders.

Selected User Reviews For Dorman 555-025 Expansion Plug

There should be one plug, not ten

This was the last month of An order for this product was placed According to the description, 10 plugs will be sent. However, like many other customers, only one was sent. There should be a Dorman 555-accompanied by this product number.

Cadence PARKES
Cadence PARKES
| May 08, 2021
There is an inaccuracy in the description of this item

It is listed as 10 pk in the description. There was only one freeze plug instead of ten.

Daniella Reyes
Daniella Reyes
| Jan 16, 2021
There is only one star

I did not get a set of plugs, only one.

Keira Arroyo
Keira Arroyo
| Feb 09, 2021

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