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Dorman Help! 56438 Hose Connector 5/8

Dorman Help! 56438 Hose Connector 5/8"" Mt ""

Dorman Help! 56438 Hose Connector 5/8
$ 8.49

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A product of the auto parts category
Packing dimensions are 5 by 5 by 5 inches. It measures 75" in width x 0 in height. The height is 9"
China is the country of origin
There is only one package in the package

Selected User Reviews For Dorman Help! 56438 Hose Connector 5/8"" Mt ""

For me, it did not work

A Ford Escape oil cooler was the only one that worked for my '04 Ford Focus SVT oil cooler when it rusted out. It turned out that one of the nostrils was facing the wrong way, so I had to extend The plastic version of the hose clamp was causing it to get crushed with its screw-in This may be a better alternative, as it would be more durable. To cut to the chase, the heater hose could not be connected to this connector. To make sure that the rubber hose ends were properly aligned, I trimmed them both straight before I installed them. Using a screw-in style clamp effectively is not possible due to the length of the meat on the nipples. The metal may have slipped off under pressure, since it's made of metal. Regardless of the outcome, I pulled out this one and replaced it with a plastic one from Ford because the Dorman equivalent was less durable and the Ford one had longer nipples. Also saw some rust on this connector, but I am not sure if this is a consequence of the car or if the mechanism started corroding.

Braelynn Daniel
Braelynn Daniel
| Jan 22, 2021
Would have liked to have had more time
Dilan Sheppard
Dilan Sheppard
| May 21, 2021
I give this rating five stars

I love it.

Camille Kennedy
Camille Kennedy
| Sep 30, 2020
The connector appears to be good

I was very satisfied with the result!.

Joy Glass
Joy Glass
| Jan 15, 2021

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