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Ford Genuine 1L5Z-15607-AA Transceiver

Ford Genuine 1L5Z-15607-AA Transceiver

Ford Genuine 1L5Z-15607-AA Transceiver
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The following dimensions apply to the package The size is 78 cms (L) x 20 cms. The dimension of the canvas is 828 cms (W) x 4 inches. Choosing the right length for the room (826 cms)
This is the product type Accessory for an automobile
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There is a 2008 Ford Fusion that won't There is no activity from the car despite everything working well. Would you mind telling me what the security part is called?


Is it possible to reset the anti theft system on a 2001 Ford Ranger Edge?

Following is a list of the models it will fit Various Ford Ranger models from 2001 to 2005 The 2002 4 Cyl. is a 2002 4 Cyl. The engine is a 3L, 4 Cyl. It has a capacity of 5L, 6 Cyl, and three cylinders. The engine has a displacement of 6 cylinders, 0 liters. The following atten­tions are valid 4AT

Selected User Reviews For Ford Genuine 1L5Z-15607-AA Transceiver

It's fixed now! Several days had passed and the truck still did not start

Every time I turned the switch When I replaced the transceiver, I thought it might have been a shot in the dark. I tinkered with the transceiver for about a week before I narrowed it down to this part. You can only imagine my delight when I turned on the ignition and my truck started up straightaway. The cause of the fault had been thought to be the starter. Earlier this month, Ford warned that the wires on the starter may become corroded and lead to no-start conditions like mine. However, I've just replaced my starter with a brand new Thank you for buying this! I am happy with it!.

Catherine Rivera
Catherine Rivera
| May 06, 2021
It is a great option if you are in the market for a PATS halo ring! It is necessary for you to have this

After initially removing the ignition lock cylinder I damaged the "halo ring" used to detect the PATS key on my truck (because I did not realize how easy it was). The part that had to be replaced actually called for a part number. It is this transceiver that is connected to the network. The new ignition lock cylinder was installed along with it, and a local locksmith reprogrammed my keys on the spot so I was back on the road. In addition, you should be sure to check your PCM relay as well when replacing this part. This caused me to replace a lot of parts that did not need to be changed. Despite the low price, we feel that this unit is particularly easy to replace, and it is a genuine Ford.

Hezekiah Nelson
Hezekiah Nelson
| Aug 17, 2020
1L5Z- If you are looking for it There is no such thing as this! There is a difference between the part advertised and the part you receive

There is a discrepancy between the part number on the package and the part number on the product. When I contacted the seller, they claimed to ignore the number on the part since it is for engineering purposes. However, the part does not fit.

Malcolm IQBAL
Malcolm IQBAL
| Jul 04, 2020
I've fixed it

The problem has been fixed perfect.

Eve Page
Eve Page
| Dec 17, 2020

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