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Smittybilt 44901 Black Standard Bucket Front Seat Smittybilt 44901 Black Standard Bucket Front Seat Smittybilt 44901 Black Standard Bucket Front Seat Smittybilt 44901 Black Standard Bucket Front Seat Smittybilt 44901 Black Standard Bucket Front Seat Smittybilt 44901 Black Standard Bucket Front Seat

Smittybilt 44901 Black Standard Bucket Front Seat

Smittybilt 44901 Black Standard Bucket Front Seat Smittybilt 44901 Black Standard Bucket Front Seat Smittybilt 44901 Black Standard Bucket Front Seat Smittybilt 44901 Black Standard Bucket Front Seat Smittybilt 44901 Black Standard Bucket Front Seat Smittybilt 44901 Black Standard Bucket Front Seat
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The deep contours of the seats and the spring suspension make them extremely comfortable
Replacement of worn out factory seats at an affordable price
It is available in the following colors and materials In addition to Black Vinyl, Denim Gray (44911), Denim Blue (44915), and Denim Spice (44917) are also available.
The following dimensions are given 29." is the total height. The measurements are Height 5", Width 19", Seat Depth (19")
This style is suitable from 1976 to The 2006 JEEP TJ, YJ, and
The following information is important You may need a seat adapter bracket for certain applications In the third week of March (Driver 49902 passenger 49933) TJ/YJ. It was published in 1997. The 02 TJ (Driver 49900/Passenger 49901) is a charter bus. In the third week of March There will be changes to the seat in the 06 model.

Questions & Answers

Is it a sure thing that it won't fit my 1999 C2500 Silverado?

Everything is possible at your disposal if you have enough super glue and duct tape

Are they able to fold forward as well as forward? I'd like to install these in my two-door Nova, as I need access to the back seat. Do the sliding mount tracks come with it?

It is impossible to flip or adjust them A jeep seat mount can be attached to them. I would not recommend these XRC racing seats ended up being the best choice for me.

The seat is wide enough for how many people?

20.5" between the outside edge of the seat bottom and the outer edge of the seatback This item is 19-1/2" wide. From Outside edge to Outside edge on the back, this item is 1/2 " wide. This seat is 10-1/2" deep. The inlaid design part of this seat measures 1" wide. It is 1/2" deep. I hope this has been helpful.

How do I know if it will fit 1989 Broco2?

I am not sure whether these fit a bronco, but they are junk seats in my opinion. There is no way to adjust them. There is no way to adjust the back. The frame is solid. Vynil and narrow, they are made up of chrysotile fibers. Smittybilt XRC seats are a good choice if you want good Despite being more expensive, they are extremely comfortable and adjustable. In my Jeep YJ, I have XRC seats, and I'm very happy with

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The M998 Humvee is an Am General vehicle

The items were provided to us by the Humvee / We attached them to the original brackets on the humvee so the passenger and back seats can still be removed. They were a pain to install, but all the parts on this beast are! It was most challenging to sit in the driver's seat. With the bench from Smittybilt at the back, they look very nice.

Aila Kelly
Aila Kelly
| Apr 03, 2021
I like it a lot

So far, so good. There was just one problem. Five stars would have been appropriate. It's still true! I prefer the direct fit for my CJ - There is no drilling or fabricated part to be done. As far as we can tell, it seems to be of the same quality as Rugged Ridge seats. They almost cost the same (in fact, RR was 149 and these were 126), but I decided not to buy them. It has been my experience that Smittybilt has a great reputation from parts past. It occurred to me that I should save some clams. Cons 2 of the pre-tapped bolt holes for mounting had burrs and I had to force bolts with an impact. Fortunately (and from previous experiences! 1) I did not cross thread them when I put them on. As a result, I gave 4 out of 5 stars. There is always a silver lining in every story.
I hope these seats will last as long as the Rugged Ridge seats they replace. If issues arise with them, I'll try to remember to update this review.

Ahmir Myers
Ahmir Myers
| Nov 06, 2020
The seats were very good for the price

I did not have to modify or get help installing these seats in the old Chevy van I'm restoring. In addition, I paired them with the MasterCraft 620030 seat sliders, which I attached directly to my seat bases after which the seats were mounted. The oil is easy to I think the seats are made well and feel really comfortable in person. They look even better than they did in the stock photos I've seen online. Not only are they not reclining, but they are large as well. No matter what I do, neither of my original seats will fit. It helps to tilt the seat back an inch or so by raising it up in front and using spacers supplied with the sliders to further adjust the angle. The seats were already angled back a bit on the tops of my van's seat bases. The price of the seats near three times as much tempted me, but I decided to give it a try because I liked the way they looked. My bank account has definitely grown since I did this, because now I can buy nachos and beer with more money!.

| Jan 29, 2021
My 1970 El Camino has these seats

They're a great price for a nice product. I initially bought them for my 70 El Camino with the intention of modifying the rails until they fitted properly. Nevertheless, I was floored to find that the rails attached at the seat without drilling or modifying the seats in any way. All in all, I am very impressed with the quality of There is one thing that seems odd to me, which is that they appear to be more like leather seats from the 60s and 70s rather than jeep seats. My luck turned out to be on my side, though. The worst of all the worst.

Violeta Yu
Violeta Yu
| May 12, 2021
If you're looking for a good deal, this is it

It's not the top of the line out of all seats out there. The only thing you're going to get here is a basic seat. If you expect lumbar, recline, massage, all that other crap for the money, then you'll have more issues than a basic seat. They claim that it fits like they say. Finished installing two in my 91 Jeep YJ, no adapters needed regardless of the fact that the instructions say which models require In terms of the fit of other models and even vehicles, I cannot comment. After removing the old ones and putting in the new ones, it took me an hour to complete. Look at how awesome they are.

Camryn Hudson
Camryn Hudson
| Sep 21, 2020
The seats are great

My Humvee has been fitted with them. The seats are great. My Humvee has been fitted with them. Relax your spine but do not lie down.

Matilda Moreno
Matilda Moreno
| Apr 09, 2021
The Amazon Warehouse is offering a deal for $89 right now

We have just a couple left! My favorite part about the seats is the comfort. My buggy is a manx style, and I needed some seats for it. Throughout the search, I kept finding these on amazon, but would pass them up.
I enquired about these, but didn't purchase them. I discovered that there were Amazon Warehouse Deals that had sets that had shown up as "returned as new". The outcome was better than I could have imagined.

Marshall MORLEY
Marshall MORLEY
| Apr 16, 2021
A good office chair should have these! The seat was designed to fit a Jeep office chair I made from this seat

Seating is on the firm side, and there are six mounting holes (one on each side in front, and two on each side in Since all the holes are at the same level, it's easy to mount it to a board. Google or YT can be used to search for JEEP Seat Office Chair to see my video on it.

Rosalia Douglas
Rosalia Douglas
| Mar 26, 2021

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