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DEE ZEE DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist DEE ZEE DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist DEE ZEE DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist DEE ZEE DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist DEE ZEE DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist DEE ZEE DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist

DEE ZEE DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist

DEE ZEE DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist DEE ZEE DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist DEE ZEE DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist DEE ZEE DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist DEE ZEE DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist DEE ZEE DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist
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By entering your model number, you can make sure that this fits.
DZ43301 Tailgate Assist is compatible with the following RAM 1500 models: 09-18, 19-21, and 2010-current RAM 2500/3500.
NEW and IMPROVED – The nutsert has been improved and is now ready to use right out of the box! The nutsert comes with thread lock already applied and is ready to use. Save time and effort by installing in fewer steps.
The Dee Zee Tailgate Assist makes it a breeze to open and close your tailgate. With this simple device, you can release the tailgate with one hand for a controlled drop rate and avoid the loud bang.
By not allowing the tailgate to fall freely, the heavy-duty Tailgate Assist will reduce the strain on the cables and hinge point.
NO DRILLING IS REQUIRED FOR INSTALLATION, and all of the parts are specific to your truck's year, make, and model. Use the vehicle application checker to see if your vehicle is eligible for a loan.
You can rest assured that the tailgate assist has been thoroughly tested for the amount of use and abuse it will see over the years as it assists you.

Questions & Answers

Is this model compatible with a 2016 Ram 1500 quad cab truck? It's not on the list, as far as I can tell. ?

Yes, this is correct. It's on a 2016 1500 quad cab big horn that I installed it on.

Is this compatible with the Ram 1500 Crew Cab 2016 model?

yes. That's what I have, and it fits and looks great. It's a bit of a pain to set up. There's a in there somewhere. A compression nut must have enough grip to prevent it from turning. I had to sand the nut's edge to increase friction before it would work, which is difficult to explain. It's similar to a molly in a wall in that it works on the same principle. Tension is created by expanding inside the tailgate.

Will this fit a Tundra from 2017?

https: //www. deezee. com/truck-parts/truck-parts/truck-parts/truck-part tailgate- assist/

Selected User Reviews For DEE ZEE DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist

This is a fantastic idea

After about a year and a half on the truck, the coupling that connects to the ball on the tailgate failed and cracked, and the tailgate attachment is loose. Cracked, and I've learned to always double-check that the tailgate latch is in place before slamming it shut! I have not been able to contact the seller, but I will do so after the review, and then I will update this. I'll also attach some photos soon. While the product was enjoyable while it was in use, it unfortunately broke quickly. br>br>UPDATE: br>br> DeeZee was contacted and a new lift assist was dispatched. It was simple to obtain a replacement; all that was required were photos and proof of purchase. Thank you for putting your faith in DeeZee.

Maleah Morales
Maleah Morales
| Jul 13, 2021
For One Month, It Worked Great, but After That, It Failed - DeeZee has refused to respond to a warranty request

After two months of continuous operation, the unit failed. I would stay away from it, even though it was great until it failed. It comes with extremely low-cost hardware. Because of the weight of the tailgate, the ball bolt's head actually bent. The unit was set up EXACTLY according to the instructions. I've tried contacting DeeZee, but they haven't responded to my request for warranty assistance via email. Purchase is not recommended.

| Jul 25, 2021
Although the product is excellent, the installation tools are inadequate

See the below for a workaround. The tailgate assist function is very effective. After you've installed it, you'll be able to use it. The instructions are reasonably well written and include good photographs, and if you search YouTube, you'll find several helpful videos. The issue is that the specialty tools included in the kit are useless. Fortunately, there are a few simple workarounds available. br>br>First and foremost, the T45 Torx tool that comes with the kit is made of melted-in-place plastic. If your bolts are even the slightest bit tight, they'll bend or strip down soup cans. Get a T45 socket bit for your ratchet as a favor to yourself. They are available for a few dollars on Amazon or at any hardware or auto supply store. Second, the included "nutsert tool" isn't very effective. Most people's dissatisfaction with this kit appears to stem from this. The issue is that there is too much play between the allen bolt and the washers/bearings, so when you try to turn the nut, the washers and bearings get out of alignment and bind, causing the whole thing to turn together instead of pulling on the threaded insert. Here's how to fix it: As directed, position the nutsert tool 3/4" away from the first washer. Washers and bearings must be removed. Wrap a 5-inch square in plastic wrap. 6 turns of electrical tape around the bolt threads, just below the nut, where the washers will be installed. Replace the washers and bearings on the bolt, and use a razor or utility knife to trim the excess tape flush with the second washer, forming a bushing between the bolt and the washers/bearings that keeps them aligned and allows them to turn smoothly without binding. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude. br>br>Installation took about an hour, with 45 minutes spent fiddling with the nutsert tool and trying to figure out a solution. Overall, it's a nice upgrade at a reasonable price.

Ari Aguirre
Ari Aguirre
| Nov 09, 2021
It looks fantastic on you

It is simple to put together. UPDATED. Updated on 12/19: I bought a new truck and this one as well. This kit has been updated. It appears to be more durable, which isn't necessarily a good thing, but it is bulkier. The old style is more appealing to me. A four-star rating remains the same. In my opinion, the older model was a superior product. br>br>Fits perfectly and performs admirably. It took about 5 minutes to complete the installation. If you don't have a set of Torx wrenches, this is a good option. br>br>The instructions state that the protector should be placed in two locations. Before you install the cable, check to see where the cable and cable stay will hit to ensure that your vehicle is safe. The biggest pro is that the shock stays loaded regardless of where the tailgate is in its open position, so it won't slam open if you close it and let go 1/4 of the way up like some factory easy opens do. The most significant disadvantage is that it is extremely noisy. Hopefully, this is just a design flaw and not a sign of impending doom. br>br>This is a product I would recommend and purchase again. This is money well spent, especially considering the price of factory easy open options these days. br>br>Amazon gets a one-star rating for its excessive packaging and box size; seriously, what are you doing, Amazon? Is this the reason for my higher prime cost? br>br>Update 3/11/19br>A few weeks ago, I was driving down a bumpy road. When I arrived at the gas station, I noticed that my foldable tonneau cover had shifted, so I opened the tailgate to adjust it, and it *BAM* slammed shut. I thought the strut had failed and that the metal spring clip had worked itself loose, but the strut had come loose from the tailgate. Fortunately, it was still attached to the strut, so I reattached it to the strut and clipped it to the tailgate. It hasn't happened since, but it has caused me to lose faith in the product, and if it does, I will reduce the rating to three stars.

Alejandra Stewart
Alejandra Stewart
| Apr 04, 2021

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