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APDTY 54132-SDA-A81 Shift Button Knob & Spring Kit APDTY 54132-SDA-A81 Shift Button Knob & Spring Kit APDTY 54132-SDA-A81 Shift Button Knob & Spring Kit APDTY 54132-SDA-A81 Shift Button Knob & Spring Kit APDTY 54132-SDA-A81 Shift Button Knob & Spring Kit

APDTY 54132-SDA-A81 Shift Button Knob & Spring Kit

APDTY 54132-SDA-A81 Shift Button Knob & Spring Kit APDTY 54132-SDA-A81 Shift Button Knob & Spring Kit APDTY 54132-SDA-A81 Shift Button Knob & Spring Kit APDTY 54132-SDA-A81 Shift Button Knob & Spring Kit APDTY 54132-SDA-A81 Shift Button Knob & Spring Kit
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The Auto Transmission Shifter Knob Repair Kit is brand new!
This allows for the replacement of a broken or damaged shift knob button There are three items in the package. Press the shift button A new season has begun
Please refer to the compatible vehicle list to verify your specific vehicle year, make, and model
54132 is replaced by 54133 The SDA The A81, 54133-55 The SDA
The following instructional video is available for search Watch this video on YouTube The following information is for your convenience In the Honda brand- The shift- There is a button

Questions & Answers

His does not fit a 2003 accord without filing them down, according to what I have read. Does anyone know if this can be installed without adjustments on a 2003 accord?

It should fit perfectly on all Honda Accord models between 2003 and 2006,

Can this be used on a 2004 Acura Tsx?

It might be a honda accord 2004 model, but this one matches perfectly

Do you think this would work in 2017 CV?

A 2017 Honda CRV cannot be fitted with this item. Part number 54132- is the one you need to purchase for that. The Latin American Languages Association The A62ZB code. Cawood Honda is the only Honda dealership you should trust.

Selected User Reviews For APDTY 54132-SDA-A81 Shift Button Knob & Spring Kit

Exactly what I needed! The kit was purchased to fit my 2005 Honda Accord EXL- (Great and easy videos on YouTube)*br>- Looked on YouTube for how to remove/install the part

Using the search phrase "honda accord gear shift button" you can find more information - To change my clothes, it took me less than ten minutes. For this project, you will only need a phillips screw driver and two small screws* I love the fit and it works fine. Please note You will notice a thin layer of grease (for lubrication) over the plastic casing when you remove the old part. Due to the fact that the new part does not come with any lubricant and you probably do not have any in the garage, you can simply steal some grease from the old part and rub it on the new part. You need lubricant because the plastic parts rub As for Tri-, I had it I made sure to apply several drops of flow lubricant to Keeping the old spring in case you need it later is also a good idea.

Salem Drake
Salem Drake
| Apr 12, 2021
It can be repaired quickly and easily

This video shows you how to do the repair step-by-step. I have never done a repair this easy. I am not very mechanically inclined, but after watching the video by the same seller to take care of it, I did it. Then enter the phrase "How To Repair / Replace A Broken Or Stuck Shifter Shifter Handle Button Knob For 2003-2007 Subaru" as the search term The 2006 Honda Accord can be found on YouTube. The repair is slightly easier on the 2004 Accord (and possibly the '05 and '06 as well) as the metal shifter rod is held in place by a plastic guide. On my lunch break, as I was walking out of a parking lot, my shift knob disintegrated (I can't even count the hundreds of pieces of plastic that broke into it). I had to figure out how to even put my car in park or reverse after about ten minutes of searching. In order to purchase this item, I placed an order online. This video was interesting to watch. The package arrives two days later. Only genuine Honda parts are available. This spring is not needed, but they decided to include it anyway. If, however, you had bent the old spring (or lost it), you would need to buy a new one. A new one has been delivered to you. The video was followed. 5 minutes after that. New as a day was born. But really, we hope it will get The "plastic" Honda used first time around was pure garbage, so this item costs a bit more than other listings due to an additional spring, but the 2 day shipping makes up for it. That is definitely worth the effort. Since shifting required two hands, I was unable to do it alone. A shifter must be moved to move the gears. I used the other one to depress the shift rod with my thumb while pulling the stick out of the slot. A 5 out of 5 star rating. The only slight concern that I have is that the new knob is made out of 50% recycled content. However, let's hope this time around it was plastic that was recycled

included the old shiny knob to give it a sense of comparison

Reid Ingram
Reid Ingram
| Apr 14, 2021
In this case, you will probably need it for the reason why it is frequently purchased together! It was exactly what I needed and was very easy to install, as a suggestion to those that are not sure whether they need the shift button plastic bezel
| Jun 15, 2021
Works great on my 2004 Honda Accord! Simple and quick to repair

Nob fits perfectly into 2004 Accord. You have to be very careful to get all the tiny pieces out of the old crumpled part. I used a thin flathead to scrape all the tiny pieces out and also used a tissue to wipe with until I got them all As part of my cleanup, I used the white lithium grease that I bought to apply it to all moving/rubbing surfaces, including the opening on the shifter's shaft and the white ring under the shifter, as well as Putting the two screws back on was not easy for me. It appeared to me that the holes were aligned, but they failed to After jiggling the handle a bit, I was able to put the screws in properly. Despite its smooth operation, the mechanism feels solid in its construction. On the sliding mechanism part there was a small sticker with the company's name along the long edge. I removed it. It was necessary for me to wipe off the glue. Earlier this summer, I didn't want the piece to come off in the summer heat and possibly be crumpled and stuck in the impending movement of the child.

Rafael McClure
Rafael McClure
| Jul 24, 2020
The perfect replacement part for your vehicle

As an Amazon Prime member, this was one of those times where I felt really rewarded! As soon as I left the house to go to the dealer to get this part replaced, I realized I wouldn't need to. My door was already open the next day when I got the part. My review was similar to the reviews I have read about APDTY's 5 minute test. In less than 10 minutes we were able to replace the YouTube video! I would like to note the following While I was able to remove the knob's outer cover, I did it much more slowly and carefully than the guy in The outer cover is made of plastic, and although I was able to snap it back into place despite breaking at the top, it still functioned fine. In addition to the button, you will also find a spring, which was not required but was included in case it is needed. Fortunately, the original button had broken evenly before it fell off without leaving any small pieces inside the knob. If the old button breaks with small pieces still inside, be sure to remove these before replacing it. As a result, I am so happy with this purchase I may purchase another one if I ever need to do repairs again.

Quinn Soto
Quinn Soto
| Jan 09, 2021
I purchased this product because it fit perfectly and did exactly what I needed

My needs were exactly met by this part. With Prime shipping, I got it the very next day. It was very difficult to turn the gear shifter button because it was degraded so badly. For my car to be fixed, I had thought I would need to take it to a repair shop or a dealer. As a result of watching the APDTY video, I probably saved myself between $100 and $200 You can save $150 dollars by repairing it yourself. I spent about 15 minutes on it. When I was trying to take off the bottom plastic piece of the shifter handle, I ran into the biggest issue. I found it quite difficult to remove it for some reason, even though the video shows it to come off fairly easily. It would be best to thoroughly clean out all of the broken pieces in the piece in question. There were so many broken pieces of plastic on my shifter, I couldn't believe it was still functioning. In my humble opinion, Honda did a poor job on this design. There is some lithium grease in there, but I am not sure if it is what caused the shifter to break After 14 years and 170,000 miles, I guess I can live with it. I would have preferred metal, and even aluminum would have been better than plastic, but after 14 years and 170,000 miles I suppose I can live with it. I hope it works well now that it is back to normal! Your help is much appreciated, This is a 5 Star Plus product!.

Lillie Shields
Lillie Shields
| Jul 25, 2020

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