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Shorai SHO-BMS01 Lithium Battery Charger

Shorai SHO-BMS01 Lithium Battery Charger

Shorai SHO-BMS01 Lithium Battery Charger
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The length of 1 foot

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Do you sell waterproof covers for the charger wiring to protect it from weather on the bike? If not, will you be able to purchase ?

My Ducati is equipped with this charger and Shorai batteries of the same type. In order for it to work, it plugs into a port on the battery itself, after which it has a pig tail going to the charger that comes with a rubber boot you cover when In my opinion, it was an excellent setup, but it was very

I have to remove the battery first before I charge it? Because it has a special plug, do you think I can leave it in?

I would recommend plugging in the console and letting it With a plug that can be left in, all you have to do is connect the charger to it, and there is no need to access the battery at all (I use one on my motorcycles and atvs)

Are you sure the electrical cord is long enough to supply power?

46" is the length of the AC cable. Another 28" cord and 2 24" cords are also available. In total, it is 80" long when including the charger.

Selected User Reviews For Shorai SHO-BMS01 Lithium Battery Charger

The scores aren't as good as they could be due to design flaws and poor performance

There need to be some design revisions to the product. The battery has a part that mounts to the battery and provides a point to attach the charger to. The part does not lock together with the charger - rather it is just a hanger. As a result, you have to make sure the charger and cord are aligned perfectly and there is no strain on them otherwise they will fall With the charger there is a hook so that you can hang it on something but you should allow for a lot of cable from the battery since it doesn't latch tightly. The device is intended to sit on a bench or maybe provide a jumper that spans a few feet, and then the charger could be placed on the seat or at least be plugged into the charger. This is my second gripe, and I have no idea what to do with it In actuality, the charger doesn't work with the power cord. In the end of the power cable, there is something like an eight. Connecting to the charger is in the shape of an It is important to note that they are not figure 8 compatible. The result of this is that the charger cord tries to unplug, so that you have to unplug the charger cord. cord's (female) holes are too large to fit the charger's (male) pins. The cord is wobbly and loose, and the connection is not solid and reliable. In addition, this charges a 12 percent service fee. I have completed 4 out of 5 There is a maximum of 5. anything about batteries, then you know that 12 is an odd number. There is just a 50% charge on 4. The person on the phone told me that this was good enough - not sure why. There is no such thing as that. This was a high output aftermarket stator that I used in an enduro race a few weeks ago. Midway through the run the hot bike's starter could not be switched on due to the battery failure An ethnicity. With one kick, it's all over. My computer always starts right up without a single issue. However, I am disappointed that the battery and the charger are not cheap and that they promise such excellent functionality.

London Holden
London Holden
| Jun 21, 2021
Function is good This is not a sturdy material

As a first step, consider adding the cost of this charger to the price of your Shorai battery if you are going to use it as an entry battery. You can use a standard charger after reading all the "you can use a standard charger, but" statements. Following the advice, I was left with the impression that not buying this charging device would leave my $200 motorcycle battery to chance that it wouldn't live out its expected lifetime. Or worse yet, I might accidentally burn my motorcycle out of Lithium fuel. I took the plunge It has been noted, and I agree with it, that the overall construction of the charger A device whose connectors will be tucked into the tin hood of a desk bound computer is more suited to live its life safely within its tin shell than be put to the test in There are no visible connections on the connectors Generally, locks are easy to break and appear to lock. Battery connectors are proprietary and stick straight up from the top of batteries about two inches when attached. In this case, the owner is left with the challenging task of bending the connector back into shape so the seat can be reattached to the bike and replace the elastic battery straps that fasten over the connectors. To meet my needs, I bent my charger almost into a U shape and it seems to function well. Next, I would like to draw attention to something else. As far as the charger itself is concerned, it is working fine. Status lights are easy to interpret, and the modes are clear. My Shorai battery is getting the TLC it deserves with the small black box, so I have no reason to doubt this. It would be better if the thing were.

Irene Chandler
Irene Chandler
| Mar 26, 2021
Nothing else should be used

My 996 has a Shorai battery and I bought this for it. In my original plan, I would have bought a more expensive, however non-electrical It would be great if there was a charger I could use on my other bikes, In the next paragraph, I read about lithium batteries and how improper charging can damage the internal structure of the batteries. It is also necessary for a conventional or smart charger to be able to also discharge lithium batteries in order to keep them at 80%. Because the battery can't be discharged, it stays at full capacity or close to full capacity all of the time. This influences the cell structure and destabilizes it over time. leads to the battery overheating and if it cannot cool rapidly, it will run away from its equilibrium. It will then explode or catch on fire. As I've already misplaced batteries from using conventional batteries, I thought it prudent to invest in a charger that's designed specifically to charge this

From my experience with the product, it does what it is supposed to. As soon as I plugged it in, I plugged the battery into it, waited for the beeping to begin, pushed the charge button, A short time later, I went back to check and the charge light was off as well as An examination of the battery with a multimeter was conducted There are 14 meters on the meter. In accordance with the instructions, I would use 4V. Besides pressing the "store" button, I didn't do anything else. This is a fast, painless, and essentially idiot-proof process.

Laura Everett
Laura Everett
| Jul 14, 2020
It is delicate

My lead has been swapped out The Shorai Lithium battery has been paired with a lead-acid In our opinion, saving over six pounds alone is worth the noticeable improvements in handling of the bike. Unlike the old batteries, the Lithium battery is small and includes foam pads that you can insert in your battery container to make up for differences in height and width. Unlike the extension sold separately, this kit includes the upgraded sealed connector extension cable that can be bent to fit your configuration (there is no need to buy the extension A huge disadvantage of this kit is that it cannot be used by people who do not have a garage or carport. In contrast to the tried Deltran Battery Tender for lead-acid batteries, this kit is delicate, and not intended to be continuously plugged and unplugged. This battery is an acid battery. You will probably crack your bike if you have to put a cover on your bike. It broke within the first day of use due to the rubber cap covering the cable that hangs on the bike. It is often difficult to fold the plastic hook that is used to connect this to your AC power so that you can dangle it from the bike to connect to it. In addition to this, the proprietary connections are fragile, but the cords connecting them to the charger are stiff, so connection to the charger can be dangerous. I would not be surprised if this lasted as long as the lithium battery was supposed to. The setup is not the kind of setup I would buy it again. The device is built like a cheap toy that's not meant to last long.

Bentley Roberson
Bentley Roberson
| Feb 28, 2021

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