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Optima Batteries OPT8022-091 8022-091 75/25 RedTop Starting Battery Optima Batteries OPT8022-091 8022-091 75/25 RedTop Starting Battery Optima Batteries OPT8022-091 8022-091 75/25 RedTop Starting Battery Optima Batteries OPT8022-091 8022-091 75/25 RedTop Starting Battery Optima Batteries OPT8022-091 8022-091 75/25 RedTop Starting Battery

Optima Batteries OPT8022-091 8022-091 75/25 RedTop Starting Battery

Optima Batteries OPT8022-091 8022-091 75/25 RedTop Starting Battery Optima Batteries OPT8022-091 8022-091 75/25 RedTop Starting Battery Optima Batteries OPT8022-091 8022-091 75/25 RedTop Starting Battery Optima Batteries OPT8022-091 8022-091 75/25 RedTop Starting Battery Optima Batteries OPT8022-091 8022-091 75/25 RedTop Starting Battery
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The 12V, 720 CCA model has the following dimensions 10 5/16" x 6 13/16" x 7 5/8" tall, and a weight of 33 lbs. The weight is 1 lb., with both SAE and GM pins
The reserve capacity for constant performance is 90 minutes
No matter how bad the weather is, you're still going to have optimal starting power
It is 15 times more durable when it comes to vibration
There are no sales on Catalina Island of this item

Questions & Answers

Is the battery already charged when it arrives?

It is true. It may be a good idea to get a Gel cell battery charger in the future so that you can keep it charged. Mines were in operation for 5 years straight despite harsh winters and summers. The battery in this device is quite powerful.

The top mount of my car is on the roof. Is it possible to use only the side terminals for accessories at once?

How strong is the amperage delivery from the top and bottom terminals?

My Honda Accord v6 was made in 2001. Would it work with my car?

Thanks for your note, I would recommend the Optima for your Honda Accord as well. I have one in my Buick Lesabre 3800 and my daughter has one with great results on her Honda Accord.

With the purchase of this battery, what type of warranty is included?

In September, I bought an Optima battery from Amazon on the yellow top and it has already failed. The company is refunding me my money and I found out that all optima batteries come with a 1 year, 1 YEAR warranty from Amazon for what it's The experience of dealing with Optima directly and purchasing batteries from Amazon has been described to me here through the comments section as another nightmare.

Selected User Reviews For Optima Batteries OPT8022-091 8022-091 75/25 RedTop Starting Battery

There is no point in spending extra money on them

It used to be hooked up to a trickle charger in my project truck. There were no signs of driving or moving the pickup truck for 6+ months, but it was fine when The batteries in my 2 year old Optima were discharged when I tried to start the old laptop. During operation, one of the closed cells on a corner of the battery ruptured. They refused to replace my laptop with a warranty replacement, which is a complete replacement within three years! There was a rupture in the battery that appeared to have been caused by dropping the battery. The steering wheel and engine were bolted to the truck for the full two years I've owned it. My disappointment with Optima as a company has been extreme as I knew these batteries were not worth the extra cost. With these batteries, you don't get what you pay for!.

| Nov 11, 2020
The battery performance of this device is poor, as is the customer service provided by As soon as I received this battery, I was not pleased with it

The engine of my truck is taking longer to start than usual and after sitting for a short while (a weekend at most), the engine has become more difficult to start. Today, my truck stalled at rush hour when it had a weak start, on a bridge. In spite of the stall, the truck turned over again and I was relieved to see my battery light. I contacted Amazon Customer Service in the manner instructed by them. Optima customer service told me I could go to any Optima Dealer and have a replacement battery installed without any issues. I contacted Optima directly to check before I went to the dealer and Optima customer service said Amazon would be responsible for my payment. My attempt to contact Amazon was put on hold for nearly an hour. I tried again later, and was put on hold for an hour. We were absolutely unsatisfied with the battery as well as the Amazon customer service.

Sariah Klein
Sariah Klein
| Mar 25, 2021
The item failed in 10 months and I will not buy it again

Despite paying a premium for a battery that I hoped would be reliable, I was not satisfied with its performance. Having a battery problem is too difficult for me since I have severe disabilities. My Astro van began to be run on constant trickle charging at about ten months because we only drove once or twice a week and the battery would often be dead by the time we did. The alternator in my vehicle is fine. In a few months, two of the three would still be unused, so I could have bought three batteries for the same price. As for warranty claims, I am simply too sick to deal with the hassle. At least Walmart offers simple replacements. The battery is no better than those in Walmart for much less. Don't waste your money on these fancy looking batteries.

Jovie Jacobs
Jovie Jacobs
| Jul 18, 2020
Despite buying this battery 17 months ago, it won't charge above 6 volts

I called customer service but they can't help me. Here is Update A customer service representative from Amazon assisted me with the issue, as indicated on the product page. Here is an update Amazon offered me a $28 discount when I contacted them again. The battery currently costs $67 (12% of what it costs today). Those who are in a position to save money should do so. Make your way to Walmart - You might as well go to a megamart and get a battery there where they actually accept batteries back when they die. Update #3 - Angry Once the run has been completed After a couple of visits to Optima, I was able to figure out that they had a fix for my low voltage problems A second car battery was simply needed to hook up in series with the Optima so I could trick my charger into charging it this way! You Optima wonder why I would have a spare car battery with a charged battery in it lying around? It has now become necessary for me to purchase a conventional car battery in order to begin using the Optima. They think this is an acceptable solution, but how on earth could this be?.

Saint Sexton
Saint Sexton
| Sep 27, 2020
This is a good battery, BUT it requires patience to deal with the warranty

Dual terminal is a neat idea, but I have one complaint. Well within the warranty period, the battery of my laptop died after 23 months. Despite following Optima's recommendation to properly recharge my 1984 Ramcharger, it would not take enough charge to start (or even turn). Following the instructions on the Optima warranty (downloaded from the Amazon website) and the statement on the item's Amazon page, I contacted Amazon Customer Service via chat to resolve the issue. I had been contacted by Optima before, and the first representative claimed I should work with them I was unable to contact a supervisor in that chat since it had been locked up. I was able to copy/paste the chat text into a new attempt to resolve the issue since I checked the "send me an email transcript" button during the chat. In the event of failure, my second attempted got me in touch with a supervisor (Nikki) who issued me the refund in the form of an Amazon gift card. It took about an hour to get the refund, but it was worth the time and frustration. Nikki, with Amazon, resolved the issue after discussing it with me. Had she not, I would have been disillusioned with the entire The fact that Amazon has individuals with the authority to address issues that go beyond the normal 30 day return policy is greatly appreciated. You must be persistent!.

Brooks Camacho
Brooks Camacho
| Apr 21, 2021
In contact with customer service, they did not be of assistance and I was directed to Optima

I never received an answer from Optima There is still a warranty on this battery, but due to terrible customer service, I cannot get a replacement or a refund.

Oaklyn Goodman
Oaklyn Goodman
| Dec 01, 2020
Amazon has removed the previous review

This battery arrived in a damaged, oversized box that bounced around, was upside down, had an 8" tear on one side, was not packaged in bubble wrap, and had the negative protector removed before shipping in order to cause it to short out on the UPS plane. It is clear from the white crease of the housing that one of the cells was smashed. As it turned out, the vendor messed up, I complained, and Amazon refused to admit damage even with photos. The last time I bought anything from Amazon, it was a few years ago. It was not known that the battery had been sold to an engineer with credentials. It's water under the bridge, but we'll get through it. A year from now, it will be time for a real review. I thought it would last because it is Optima. The cell was bashed anyway, so it was installed. My calculations worked out nicely this summer has been exceptionally hot, with temperatures exceeding 110°F and 120°F for the first time since Jesus. Didn't drive nearly as much as I should have. Actually, it had starting problems but I bought a 4A microcontroller charger from Farbor Heights, which was not an Amazon company. As long as the battery is maintained, it should operate well for a long time. In its 7th year, the last version of the Optima has survived. The abuse and neglect lasted five years and the child ended up running away. In terms of quality there are differences compared to previous generations, but with a trickle charger on, this should last as long as previous generations.

Desmond Morrow
Desmond Morrow
| Apr 11, 2021

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