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STP Fuel Injector & Carburetor Cleaner, Lubricant for Upper Cylinder, Bottles, 5.25 Fl Oz, Pack of 12, 78571-12PK STP Fuel Injector & Carburetor Cleaner, Lubricant for Upper Cylinder, Bottles, 5.25 Fl Oz, Pack of 12, 78571-12PK

STP Fuel Injector & Carburetor Cleaner, Lubricant for Upper Cylinder, Bottles, 5.25 Fl Oz, Pack of 12, 78571-12PK

STP Fuel Injector & Carburetor Cleaner, Lubricant for Upper Cylinder, Bottles, 5.25 Fl Oz, Pack of 12, 78571-12PK STP Fuel Injector & Carburetor Cleaner, Lubricant for Upper Cylinder, Bottles, 5.25 Fl Oz, Pack of 12, 78571-12PK
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Engine friction and deposit buildup are reduced by this product
Makes sure the engine is as efficient as possible
The product is safe to use with any gasoline engine
It is compatible with the following caps A system with less gas
It treats up to 21 gallons of gasoline in just one bottle

Questions & Answers

Do you know if this product can be used on two-stroke ?

Your question has been submitted. Thank you! Specifically made for two-stroke engines, the product does not work with two-stroke You can reach out to us at or email us at [email protected] for any further information. The com and the 1 Contact the number 800 Three hundred eighty-three You can reach us at 7323 to further assist you.

What percentage increase does the octane make?

Seeing as I do not have a meter, I do not know the exact number of increments, but if I tell you it has been wonderful, more force to the truck and please do not manually piston me, I hope it serves your needs.

When comparing 12 packs with 6 packs, why is the 12 pack cheaper? Can you tell me what the differences are in quality and ?

If you buy a larger quantity of something, such as STP or eggs, you should expect a cheaper price.

What does it do, do you reduce pistons or do you eliminate them?

My sincerest thanks go out to you for submitting your query. In addition, the Octane Booster will help boost octane levels, restore performance, and reduce piston and shock shock. A note about the STP Consumer Service.

Selected User Reviews For STP Fuel Injector & Carburetor Cleaner, Lubricant for Upper Cylinder, Bottles, 5.25 Fl Oz, Pack of 12, 78571-12PK

The source for this product isn't reputable! Do not buy it! It is the second time in a row that I have ordered this product and it has been short one

These new bottles were tossed into the box with no organization or protective packaging whatsoever. As an additional note, On 11 bottles, the labels had fallen off completely. This is a great product however, it will be the last time I purchase due to the fact that I don't receive what they are advertising.

Fatima Potter
Fatima Potter
| Apr 06, 2021
There is no problem

It usually doesn't matter what kind of fuel I use on The number of 150 is It would ping every once in a while and make me wonder when it would happen.

I use my truck as a daily driver and I get a little over 17 miles per gallon after adding a bottle. The tank doesn't ping on regular fuel, so it does what it is supposed to do. I added 2 bottles of this brand and two bottles of another that begins with the letter L to about 29 gallons of just bought gasoline and 3 gallons of regular gas already in the tank one weekend for fun. Truck ran like a beast. It was able to downshift earlier than it had ever done before, and it ran better than it did In the event that you run out of fuel and fill the tank back up with regular, it takes about 40 or 50 miles for the computer to automatically switch back to being a slow shifting slacker again.

Yehuda Krueger
Yehuda Krueger
| Feb 06, 2021
It is for a Toyota Camry from an older generation

The 93 Camry that I drive runs like a dream. My wife won't let me donate it or trade it in. The fuel injector cleaner has been added to the tank about every other fill up for almost 400K miles, keeping the engine going and going. As well as its brother, we add it to the oil. Picking up the items is local for us.

London Holden
London Holden
| May 04, 2021
A great deal of work went into the STP! This product does not void the warranty as long as it is added to a gasoline engine

I added it to my full gas tank that night before I drove it (it's recommended that the tank be at least half full) since my 2017 car had been running What a wonderful experience! This immediately made a huge difference in my quality of life. The engine runs so smoothly now that it almost seems to be A turbo engine is fast, but STP's work has made a difference that is absolutely astounding and It now takes 3 seconds to go from 0 to 60, up from 5 to 6 seconds previously.

Irene Chandler
Irene Chandler
| Jul 19, 2021
The price is reasonable and the use is simple

When you buy a case of 12 you are getting a relatively cheaper price than going to the store and getting The products were packaged nicely and did not leak when they arrived. At 4700 feet altitude, I only notice a few percent additional performance with these as I drive a 2010 Shelby GT500 with a 93 tune and 91 premium. The octane level will be much higher in non-supercharged cars, but heck, no complaints as I wasn't expecting anything else except for a slight increase in power.

Laura Everett
Laura Everett
| Mar 28, 2021
This is what I wanted

It is likely that I will use it in the future. Well, I guess. This method appears to be effective. In my car, when I add half a bottle to the 12 gallon tank, it seems to respond better and some of the pinging and knocking of the old motor disappears. To fill the tank with medium or premium grade, I would need to fill it with more gasoline than what this product would cost and the difference in price is greater than what I would have heard.

Bentley Roberson
Bentley Roberson
| May 19, 2021
This review is one you do not want to miss

There's a secret I want to tell you! In advance of bringing the world to light a great secret pertaining to the product, I'd like to describe my experience using As long as I can remember, I have had fuel-injected cars, but have never been sure whether or not using high-octane gasoline to boost mileage is really worth it, either to get a cleaning effect once in a while or as much as possible. When I was a teenager, I used to keep track of my gas mileage manually, topping up the tank with gas, writing down the odometer mileage, then on the next fill-up checking again. Filling the tank up at the same pump and adding gas to the same level as previously, marking down the mileage again, and dividing the mileage (difference between both mileage points) by the amount of gas in gallons added to the tank just before. The first time I changed my tires, I took my gas mileage reading again after driving super conservatively (speed limit, slow lane, foot off the gas at the FIRST sign of a stop), versus my last tank on super old tires, then again after driving with super new tires. It is my experience, and may be a minority's, that this product does more than anything I have ever tried to boost gas mileage on the very first bottle, despite being billed as a fuel injector cleaner and carb treatment. The Toyota Camry I drive is a 2008 model. From the very first bottle of this product, my car was noticeable more responsive with the gas peddle, and I got five more miles per gallon. Although that might not mean that my tank is average, my Camry 2008 has a gauge that indicates how full the tank is. As I fill up the tank, I get both the DTE (Distance To Empty) and average MPG for the entire tank reset. For my 20 gallon tank, I used one bottle of this when I filled it with about 13 gallons of gas. It says it can treat tanks up to 21 gallons, but I filled my tank only to about a third capacity, and dumped in the entire bottle. To test whether there really is a difference, I wanted to make it a bit more powerful than a full tank. My tank was filling up to about 2/3, which I dumped this into, and then took off for my 1 hour commute done this a few times before, filling my tank, and hopping on the highway to go to work, and rarely, if ever, got more than about 33 MPG for the first hour of highway driving on a new tank full. Almost all of it is I was shocked the first time I poured this into my car and drove the hour to work, when I saw (and took a photo) In other words, it rose over the course of an hour, going from about 30 to 40 MPG. As a result, I was shocked and delighted. So I thought that I had "fixed" (cleaned) my fuel injectors so I would be able to get another 5 or 10 tankfuls from this procedure. It also turned out I paid less than $2 for this, and it got me another 80 miles per fill-up. We have no choice but to take this action With this product, it will save you several times the amount of gasoline compared to its price. *Bubble (half) burst On the next tank of gas, I did not use the treatment, and my mileage rapidly declined. I think I might have gotten 1 more MPG than usual, but it was hard to tell, but I started getting 35 MPG on my way to work I did not turn The first hour drive with a full tank of gas without using this product had been a disaster.

Then I got to thinking I ought to buy a case of this on Amazon, and use one every time I fill up, saving money on gasoline - unless this is harmful. The marginal calculation is not the same as the A no brainer for sure, so I took the risk.
This stuff is pretty awesome - I love it a lot As a regular user and proponent, I definitely see an increase in gas savings, I get 5 gallons for the price of 3 The highway mileage is at least 6 MPG higher, and the per tankful mileage is at least 3 MPG better It pays for itself more than every time I use a bottle, and I don't seem to be hurting my engine with continued use, so I've got a good habit going now. What you're about to hear is one of the most important secrets that could save your life or the life of someone you tell this to. There are hundreds of dollars involved! The following is not an advertisement My luck led me to find this, and I am hoping this free advice will be of help to My family and I used a leaf chipper/shredder machine from Yard Machines. The machine is a little one, it just cost a few hundred dollars, it has a small gas engine - it's a natural gas machine. A few years ago after regular use (in New England we hammer the leaves with this machine every fall to cut down on bags by over 50%), it no longer ran well at all. I replaced it with a used minibike engine that has five horsepower. The machine would run for a short time but could not remain operational, or it would work so slowly that it was no longer able to chip the branches or mulch the leaves. It was such a small engine that it didn't even have an air or gas The AIR filter was cleaned and a new spark plug installed, but it didn't make any difference. A new engine was out of the question and I was considering either buying a new one or having it serviced by a small engine repair shop to be rebuilt. My thoughts on this product were as follows Adding a half shot glass of this product to the tank as I filled it, I let it sit for a short time. I mean, holy cow! After letting it idle for just a few minutes, the engine "woke up" and started running like new again. The small engine of my car is now running like new! It was so unbelievable that I could hardly There is only a $1 charge for this bottle. After 50 shots and half a shot were added to my small engine, it again began to run like new. Like my car, I noticed that if I stopped using it on the next fill up, the engine returned to its usual state, so it didn't "fix" or clean the carb in order "restore" it to original state I have to use it every time I fill my There is no explanation as to why this product works wonders on small engines, but it seems as though my small engine probably needs a new carb, or a carb rebuild kit, but using this product has allowed me to keep the engine instead of having it rebuilt at a large cost. For small engines, the next proof will be A power washer that I had in its fourth year was in need of repair. After some time, it reached the point when the engine was gasping (going faster and slower), and was unable to operate the power washer at full strength The whole thing is pretty As expected, no adjustments were made, although I had replaced the spark plug and cleaned the air filter once again. The outcome was the same once again. In less than five minutes, I had my power washer working as if it had never been out of commission - I put half a shot glass of this product into the tank and filled it again. The machine runs smoothly and is fully powered My front-loading washer runs at full throttle most of the time. br>I wish I had come across this stuff when I received my gas-powered weed whacker a few years back. The fuel lines that were old and cracked were replaced, as was the spark plug. That engine did have a pair of gas/air set screws. My best efforts to set the parameters failed to get the thing to work. I played online with the options for days on end, but it never worked. In all my attempts I was able to do was start it up and have it run until it warmed up, then it would shut off. I was unable to locate the choke even though it was working perfectly. This was so old, and given to me by a friend, I would have had much better luck using this type of carb rebuild than I did with just throwing it away, as it was about 15 years old and given to me in good faith. I wish I would have tried this instead. I'll give you one more proof that small engines are good It was a chainsaw I was using A two stroke engine powered both the weed whacker and the strimmer Mixing the oil and gas together and adding to the gas tank is what you need to do. Small engines without a separate compartment for oil don't have separate oil reservoirs. I was given a Sears Craftsman chain saw by my dad. It was about 10 years old, but had only been used for one season, and was in perfect condition. There were cracks in the gas lines and the car wouldn't run. However, this one would not run at all even after replacing the gas lines The same thing happens Initially, the machine would choke, then shut off in order to keep running, but then it would begin to die as soon as it reached a certain temperature. The carb was rebuilt with a carb rebuild kit, and it has gotten nearly as good as new since then. The chainsaw started right up after I put some of this product into it as well as the gas/oil mixture. Our last downed trees were due to a hurricane. I used it to clean them up, and it was a breeze. Therefore, I can say I have had good success using this product as an additive in small engines, which I suppose would be called 2-. A stroke, and a 4 There are two types of engines those with and without separate oil fills. My John Deere riding lawn mower, which is 12 years old, still starts and runs perfectly after using this starter. If your gas engine is several years old and no longer runs very well, I highly recommend you do this not regularly on all your gas engines (cars, lawn mowers, chainsaws, power washers, everything), especially if your gas engine is older and not running very well. Not yet, even swapping the spark plugs - don't think about repairs because it's too early Try putting a few drops of this miracle treatment in, and watch the miracle work! I'd like you to refer to the attached PS The other similar gas treatments I've tried have not worked for me, either. Here are some quotes As an additive, this one provides a better mileage boost than STP's "gas mileage" additive. There is no such thing as a perfect fix, and this one was made to help The entire gem set Spread the word. Before you throw away your old gas engine, you might as well.

Chaim Chandler
Chaim Chandler
| Jun 25, 2021
This fuel is decently priced and is of good octane

It is decent value for money, though I would probably choose something like Lucas next time because it, I believe, gives you three octane boosts for a bottle. One octane per bottle feels more like it could be this stuff.

Trevor Ferguson
Trevor Ferguson
| Jan 10, 2021

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