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SUPAREE 2" LED Turn Signals & Running Light with 1157 Insert Kit + Red LED Turn Signals & Brake Light with 1157 Insert Kit for Motorcycles

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The design process is advancing The lighting system is built on a solid billet aluminum base with a built-in heat sink cooling base to extend the lighting's lifespan and enhance This LED turn signal is designed with 1157 Bullet Style Inserts, so there is no extra wiring required. Turn signals can now be perfectly centered thanks to the new design
The following information applies to the front turn signals and running lights 48 super pixel lights are used for each light The road will be illuminated by bright LEDs. There are 21 LEDs embedded in the halo ring of the front light. There is a halo ring with a temperature of 6000K, which is a bright, pure white. There are 27 amber LEDs in the inside of the light that serve as turn signals. In this case, the circular halo will not turn on when the LED turn signal is active. This will make the LED turn signal more noticeable to upcoming motorists.
Here are some more Brighers A set of 48 super-bright LED turn signals Lights made from LEDs are brighter, safer, and more durable than other types of As the rear LED cluster integrates more powerful LEDs, it is meant to illuminate the road behind you in a way that the other drivers will notice. Because of its unique heat sink design, it allows high output LEDs to be used for the brightest lighting
A plug and play system The LED turn signals have a diameter of 2" and fit With the plug and play design, you don't have to disassemble everything before replacing the dim bulb. Just unscrew the lens and replace the dim bulb, and replace the lens with the new LED turn signal. A change of a bulb is as simple as that
A PACKAGE INCLUDES2 set of front turn signals, one with base 1157, and the other with lens covers. We guarantee your full satisfaction after we deliver Included in the SALES. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any issues. Take advantage of our risk-free offer!

Questions & Answers

What should I do if I already have the stock 2012 Road King? Is it not the flat light on the bulletstock?

This is the case. The lens should work if it is 2 inches in diameter. As the original bulbs were round and flat on end, they are the same size and shape as the new bulbs. This works like a charm

I have been having issues with my red key light ever since I installed it. The electrical error codes appear to be caused by these issues. How are we going to fix it?

The OEM LED bulbs you use for your motorcycle will always require you to change the mechanic flasher relay to an electronic relay. For Harleys, you can buy either Badlans Products or Custom Dynamics, which sell modules that fix the red key in your dash, the error code is B1121. The left and right hand sides of B1122 An output error occurred during the right turn. Due to the reduced load from LED lights, incandescent bulbs can be used more often.

The reasons for the interference are that since I installed these, I can no longer hear fm or am radio stations. Is there an adapter that will alleviate the ?

In Kuryakyn and other places they make a load equalizer that should help with that issue

Is it possible to get four separate lights in one order? Alternatively, I can order two of them so I have one on the front and one on the ?

I paid $77 for this item. Two front and two rear lights are included in the 99, which is a combination.

Selected User Reviews For SUPAREE 2" LED Turn Signals & Running Light with 1157 Insert Kit + Red LED Turn Signals & Brake Light with 1157 Insert Kit for Motorcycles

I'm amazed at the brightness! It is hard to describe how bright these things are! The brightness of these new glasses impressed me even before installing the dark smoked lenses they come with

When the lenses are installed, that is no longer the case. My part stash consists of some Harley LED Smoked lenses that I swapped out for the included dark smoked lenses. The difference is huge. I installed this halo and turn signals in my other Harley after finding they were brighter than the much more expensive Custom Dynamics ProBeam units. In the meantime, I have been impressed with their performance so far. I am interested in seeing how long they can withstand vibrations produced by my heavily modified Street Glide. A REPORT ON THE UPDATE There was one death in this batch. In both the halo and turn signal sections, it began flickering. Approximately 18 months elapsed from the beginning of these. In reality, the bike was parked for about half of those nine months as a result of other issues, so they died after a lot less time than nine months. Getting what you pay for is still a good deal.

Travis Tran
Travis Tran
| Oct 14, 2020
It's a great value and a great product

It offers a great deal of improved visibility, and the molded lenses complete its blacked out look.

Richard Gallagher
Richard Gallagher
| Jun 16, 2021
The SUPAREE LED is a solid single piece of LED lighting

The 1 piece design was very appealing to me. I found them to be solid, not cheap or plastic, they were easy to install, and they felt sturdy. As soon as I opened the box, I spotted 2 smoked lens covers along with the 2 red LED lights. I was so pleased to find that SUPAREE included 2 of these lens covers with 2 of the It was only in the description that I found out that the two smoked Light covers come in this package that I found the only issue. In my opinion, I was pleasantly surprised, and I did use them, but I could not determine what was in the box after going back to the ad.

Madison Tate
Madison Tate
| Aug 07, 2020
The impression is very good

This bulb is much brighter than an incandescent bulb. I found the fit to be perfect. It is not wobbly or loose in any way. It really adds a lot to the look of the bike. While the headlights themselves do not flash, the speedometer indicator I don't have any problems with it, personally. I use stock red lenses to take the pictures.

Oliver Conrad
Oliver Conrad
| Jun 02, 2021
This is functional! If you want, you can do so here

You won't find better than this. I was glad to have them for half the price Harley wanted.

Malayah Donovan
Malayah Donovan
| Aug 10, 2020
I love the bright colors! If you want, you can do so here

During the daytime, they are white as a running light, and when they are used as a turn signal, they are amber. Additionally, they are easy to install (plug and play) and have a bright light!.

Watson Woodard
Watson Woodard
| Jun 04, 2021
You need to be It is not the first time I have written a bad review on Amazon

I have purchased many products on the site over the years. "Things happen" because I understand how the world works. The problem is that these turned out to be The new Harley Davidson Street Glide Special I recently acquired. My favorite part of the stock "bulbs" was that they were drab and out of date. There were some reviews stating that these didn't get brighter when they braked, but I thought it might have just been installation issues or a bad pair. In regard to the order, I received it quickly and began assembling them. All in all, it was easy. There was only one tail light that was a little tricky. The whole process was a bit frustrating, but not a big deal because I eventually got my answer. This may be a good time to point out that I installed them on my own. My attention was drawn to the lights in order to make sure all of them were on. That was the case. During my attention to the turn signals, I checked to make sure they were working. In the front (they're white until you turn on the signal then a yellow flash occurs), they were good. In regards to the back, I was not too convinced because I didn't notice any significant change in brightness, just a change in Even as I applied the brakes, I was not sure how they worked, but then again I was on my own at the time. In the meantime, I decided to leave them in until a friend could take a look at them. After doing a few miles before I rode with some friends, I rode a few more. (I had a mistake to make. After everyone saw them, I was immediately worried, and I was not allowed to ride without someone behind me and in front of me. ) I should have double checked that they worked first. Seeing as how they weren't able to observe my turn signals and brakes, I knew I was using them I still kept going, though it was dark outside and I could see someone All the miles I traveled in town and on the highway before I had the brakes and turn signals checked, no one knew how much breath I was taking. It didn't work out well.

I checked my work when I got home A double check was done to make sure I had followed the instructions correctly. Despite the instructions, I put them back into sync following the instructions and even let the hazards run longer than needed. After trying for hours, however, I was unable to get these to work, and so I reached out to the seller for assistance. In response to my request, the seller said that they test all of our lights, so send a video. The tone of this came across as a little defensive to me, but I may have interpreted it incorrectly. In addition, I sent the video and asked the team to confirm whether the lights would come on brighter when the brakes were It was merely a casual comment that was never acknowledged in any of our conversations, despite my repeated inquiries. It is possible that these will become more bright when you apply the brakes or use the turn signal, but not mine. Please make sure you check these thoroughly before taking your bike out after installing them. The thought of other people in the area not being able to perceive my brake as I do is terrifying to.

Eileen Barrera
Eileen Barrera
| Aug 06, 2020
The improvement is huge! An overhaul for a Harley Davidson We replaced the original wiring and lighting fixtures with OEM parts

Though I wanted to keep it original, once I upgraded the twilight, and the headlight bulb with LED, the car was much safer and a lot more efficient. The prices on these were less than half of some of the more popular brands, so I thought I'd give them a shot. I put it in a 2" bullet housing with an 1157 bulb socket, added a smoked lens cover, and it was ready to go! Running lights with white halo are very bright paired with headlights turn signals have only amber lighting, and return to white halo with turn indicators. There will be a meeting with me soon! The shipment was very fast, and we are waiting for the test run in a couple of It looks so fat that it makes me swoon. Updated if anything goes wrong. There is one thing I want you to know. Upon touching the red wire, you will find it GROUNDED!.

Graham Eaton
Graham Eaton
| Feb 17, 2021

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