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eZpassClip New EZ Pass Holder for New, Small Toll Tag Transponder (Black) eZpassClip New EZ Pass Holder for New, Small Toll Tag Transponder (Black)

eZpassClip New EZ Pass Holder for New, Small Toll Tag Transponder (Black)

eZpassClip New EZ Pass Holder for New, Small Toll Tag Transponder (Black) eZpassClip New EZ Pass Holder for New, Small Toll Tag Transponder (Black)
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For your new style transponder, eZpassClip offers an easy mounting solution.
The use of eZpassClip allows you to use your electronic toll tag in multiple vehicles or to immediately remove it in order
This suction cup mount attaches to the windshield of your vehicle.
Our eZpassClips are proudly made in the USA using UV-treated resin for a lifetime of use.
Attach the windshield holder to the place you like best on your windshield, dampen the suction cups if needed, and remove any Velcro attached to the tag. The toll tag is ready to go when you slide it up from the bottom. The black or white versions are available.

Questions & Answers

You can take the transmitter out and in of the holder mounted on the windshield, but can it be plugged in?

The suction cups have a tab that can be pulled The holder can now be removed By applying light pressure on the clip, it is easy to slide the transmitter in and out of the holder. It is possible to break the clip if you overextend the bend when removing the transmitter. It is good. I'm happy with it. Ensure the windshield is clean and free of debris, dust, and oil from cleaners, as these will affect the suction cup's ability to hold tightly.

Is this compatible with the new small e-book reader for the New York Times There will be z passes. ?

This EZ pass holder is the perfect fit for the purpose, I purchased it for that specific use. Due to the fact that I had a large EZ pass and a small one was replaced.

This feature will work with the Turnpike EZ Pass for Ohio?

There is no need to worry since it works with the new N.J. EZ

Can I use Florida SunPass with this door lock?

Though I'm not sure I got the EZ Flex from JL Safety, whether I did or not I use this on my Harley and it's the clear holder for the EZPass Flex and the standard EZ Pass / I have the I Pass and the Sun Pass and they work beautifully. There is also an Amazon listing for it. I hope this will be helpful.

Selected User Reviews For eZpassClip New EZ Pass Holder for New, Small Toll Tag Transponder (Black)

In my experience, the suction cups worked great and I did not have any difficulty using them

It did what it was supposed to do in terms of functionality.

However, I gave this product two stars because of two reasons. First and foremost, the suction cups worked well and I had little issue with it not sticking after removing it. No matter which way you put it on, an EZPASS will shift in the holder regardless of where you stick it. Additionally, I am giving this product a 2 star review for the reason that ever since I started using the product, I have had six toll notices saying I went through a toll without an EZPASS. So far, since I started using this holder for my ezpass four years ago, I have never received a toll notice. I will neither use this product again if the ezpass keeps moving around or if the holder keeps blocking it. The amount of toll notices I have already had to pay for equates to almost 15 of these things already (well maybe not exactly 15, but a lot). Now that I have taped it to my windshield, it can be seen clearly.

Turner Kerr
Turner Kerr
| Aug 30, 2020
This works just like I expected it to! Having recently picked up two new EZ pass transponders, I was surprised to find out that the size had changed

When I found these smaller holders at Amazon, I immediately grabbed them. The transponders fit comfortably in the holder, much to my surprise. I paid particular attention to the Velcro, which is pre-installed on the transponder for mounting to the windshield, since several people have asked me whether it may have affected the fit. It can be stated that the Velcro did not affect the transponder's installation.

Renata Larson
Renata Larson
| Sep 01, 2020
I found it to be effective

Getting a new car was a problem I was not familiar with as I could not find where I should stick my EZ Pass, since it was always getting in my way in my old car. Even though you can get the stickers for free from EZ Pass, when you're cleaning the window, they get trapped in it all. NYC EZ Pass has now started charging an extra fee if a pass is not attached to the glass and if your ID needs to be checked in order to get your It is easy to move around and to bring with you when you must use a rental vehicle because of the suction cups. You can clean the entire windscreen and not worry about the tiny spots you might miss since the stickers are easy to remove.

Khari Hogan
Khari Hogan
| Jun 16, 2021
The suction cups do not work, they fall off the windshield, and they are Last night, I received this in the mail

I bought it around lunch time at work, and installed it on the front window of my Jeep Wrangler (flat window, too, and cleaned it before I installed it). I left for home at the end of the day and by the time I returned, it had fallen. I have three major concerns. 1) The suction cups do not There is little to no value in them. It's a poorly designed product. There is a bit of a gap between two of them and when I pull them apart - I have put in my pass It has a very flimsy structure. In addition to being thin and flimsy, the plastic contributes to binding issues. It would be prudent to find another option as there are others available. The reason for two stars is the fact that it is made in the USA. That is something I am responsible for, otherwise, it's trash. I urge you to try again.

Melina Hall
Melina Hall
| Mar 16, 2021
A simple and easy to use program

I really like how easy it is to use and install the EZ Pass holder. Passes that were stuck in the holder of my older one were incredibly hard to remove. There is enough thickness to the holder itself, but I'll have to see how it holds up over time. The holder is so far a good fit for me.

Douglas Wood
Douglas Wood
| Dec 04, 2020
Good quality ezpass holder, but needs better suction cups

This holder allows for easy mounting and unmounting of the ezpass without having to attach the velcro to the Be sure the ezpass is free of Velcro or adhesive in order to fit it easier into the hold. My only complaint is that their supplied suction cups do not seem to work that well. Their surface is pretty flat and sometimes (usually on cold days) they don't stay on the back window of the car. However, the banner usually lasts only for about two months before it falls off, not that I need it up all the time anyway, but I can see why it can be a nuisance to others. If you use dollar store suction cups instead of those sold at large department stores, you may be able to achieve the same effect.

Otto Brooks
Otto Brooks
| Jun 11, 2021
The problem with suction cups is that they are not effective

Several months after being attached, suction cups begin to lose their strength. Initially they were working well, however, the small suction cups did not retain their shape, and so they lost strength and the pass fell out of There were three of them we bought, and we all experienced the same thing. Double sided tape had to be applied to the glass after the suction cups were removed. We would have been able to save money on these holders if we had done that to the tag itself. In order for the suction cups to work properly, the manufacturer should change the size and design.

Estrella Nicholson
Estrella Nicholson
| Jul 23, 2020
There is no way for you to leave it outside However, this is not the first time this has happened our previous three have all had melting and warping issues

As a result, two of the suction cups have warped so badly that they no longer stick to the window when they fit flush with the glass. It was only after 1 year that it happened.

Mario Vaughan
Mario Vaughan
| Jul 30, 2020

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