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Hopkins 47345 4 Wire Flat Adapter Hopkins 47345 4 Wire Flat Adapter Hopkins 47345 4 Wire Flat Adapter Hopkins 47345 4 Wire Flat Adapter Hopkins 47345 4 Wire Flat Adapter Hopkins 47345 4 Wire Flat Adapter Hopkins 47345 4 Wire Flat Adapter

Hopkins 47345 4 Wire Flat Adapter

Hopkins 47345 4 Wire Flat Adapter Hopkins 47345 4 Wire Flat Adapter Hopkins 47345 4 Wire Flat Adapter Hopkins 47345 4 Wire Flat Adapter Hopkins 47345 4 Wire Flat Adapter Hopkins 47345 4 Wire Flat Adapter Hopkins 47345 4 Wire Flat Adapter
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A new patent has been granted - A feature of the LED series is its built-in troubleshooting capability An explosion is taking place
A simple check of the adapter can isolate the issue if the trailer lights are not working as expected
LEDs that have been tested for functionality
Using a 7 Way RV blade to connect to a
Make wiring from the vehicle to the trailer simple and hassle-free

Questions & Answers

Does this appear to be the female end of the vehicle?

There is no switch or switcher here, just an adaptor that converts a 7-pin plug into a 4-pin cord. There are two electrical plugs on the trailer. The 7 plug is for lights and the 4 plug is for electric brakes. In other words. This is simply an adapter that turns the female into a male. Since the "female end" is already installed on the vehicle, it needs no installation on the adapter. The photo was confusing to me as well until I got the device, so hopefully this description clarified it for you.

Are all the LEDs blinking when the plug is plugged in? Do you know what that means?

My name is DKC011, and I thank It sounds as though there is a problem with the ground or wires. If you need further assistance, please contact us. Please feel free to call our Tech Support Department at 1-800-407-3284 if you have any other questions. Call the number 800 It is 835 days away The 29th of January is Monday Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm Thanks while we're here. I will be there at 5pm Central Time. I hope you are having a great

How do you break 7 pins on a trailer? What about the 4 pin for lights and signals only? In case your trailer breaks, will you be able to convert 4 to 7?

The electrical connections from the car to the trailer are only part of it, but the other wires provide a complete wiring system. The 7 to 4 pin connector is usually converted from a 7 to 4 pin connector in the car If you then convert back to seven, your computer will no longer function properly. To install the wiring harness properly in your car, make sure your vehicle has 7 pin wiring.

This seat is supposed to fit a 2008 Chevy Avalanche, but it won't fit. How hard do you really need to press in this?

There are times when Be sure to line up the posts. If the plastic around the trailer plug needs trimming, it will need to do so. Maintaining continuity in wet conditions requires the use of dielectric grease on the posts.

Selected User Reviews For Hopkins 47345 4 Wire Flat Adapter

This product fits Chevrolet Trailblazer 2004 perfectly

Plugging it into my 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer with FACTORY trailer wiring, or in other words, with that big round connection found on all factory tow packages, was a snap. I have had it only for a couple of days, but thought adding some actual photos of it would be helpful since the only images depicting this item are complaints and I am not sure they accurately depict this product. It does what it says on the tin. LED indicators light up when the running lights, turn signals, brakes, and indicators are activated. Here are a couple of photos showing my installation on the vehicle and the unit itself. As of the time of this review, I do not have access to my trailer to check it, but I did confirm with my volt meter that voltage is present on the plugs when they are in use.

Ezra Rowe
Ezra Rowe
| May 08, 2021
With this adapter, you can connect 7 to 4 trailer plugs

Previously, I had an adapter with another adapter, and I had problems with one of the fuses for the trailer lights blowing. I In the end, one of the diodes on the 7 to 4 adapter had shorted, and this was what led to the fuse in the truck blowing. There are now both spare fuses for the truck's trailer wiring and an extra 7 to 4 pin adapter in my truck. One of the great things about this truck wiring adapter is that it provides LED lights to indicate whether the wiring is working properly, which streamlines At the price, this is a great deal.

Jessie Tyler
Jessie Tyler
| Jun 22, 2021
The outlets do not seem to reach very far into the trucks section

The factory plug on my '98 F150 is a 7-pin plug. The plug I was using to wire my trailer lights is a 7 pin male plug. Several years have passed since all was well. A few days ago, I had trouble with my trailer's lights after plugging it in. Not knowing if it was my truck's wiring or the trailer, I wondered which would be the problem. Quite recently, I decided to order new PREWIRED lights from Amazon, which have magnetic bases so that when not towing, they can be removed easily. By doing this, the lights are positioned further along the sides of the trailer and are less likely to be Wires on these lights are entirely solid, so I should never have an issue with them. Additionally, I can attach this to any other trailer with relative ease. After using the 7 pin to 4 pin adapter, I was able to obtain quickly that the wiring on the truck was fine. It was, in fact, the trailer wiring that was faulty. Testing the new trailer lights before installation on the trailer was my responsibility. It's all good in towingland! This adapter will save you from having to connect a 4 pin unit to a 7 pin plug, plus you receive the truck tester for free.

Derrick Prince
Derrick Prince
| Jun 09, 2021
The Tesla Model Y is a great match! With the Tesla Model Y factory hitch, trailer lights are powered by a 7-prong plug

In my experience, I've never seen a plug with more than four wires. This was purchased so I would not be caught off guard by pulling a trailer. However, I was not certain how well it would perform. Using this adapter plug works perfectly. In fact, as you can see in my photo of it being plugged in, the Tesla plug cover is required to be opened and I was surprised to find that the Tesla plug cover locks the plug in place so it can't be accidentally pulled I am amazed at how well it works!! A great deal of quality has been achieved. The plug I've linked to is highly recommended. To the best of our knowledge, the product is made in Taiwan but distributed from Emporia, KS, in the United States.

Kira Kirby
Kira Kirby
| May 13, 2021
Adapter converts 7 blades to 4 flat blades and is the last adapter you will need! I know I have found the one

Hopkins 47345 Adapter is the second item that I have purchased. Having liked the first one so much, I returned to buy a second one for a friend who is an RV enthusiast. I am very impressed by the construction and thought that has gone into this adapter. The grip feels snug, it's very rugged, and it functions the way it's supposed to. It is highly recommended that you check out this manufacturer and their great adapter on Amazon at an even higher price point. My life has truly been changed by this. The following is a transcript of Kent M. 's last name.

Calvin Andrade
Calvin Andrade
| Mar 19, 2021
It's a pleasure working with Hopkins Trailer Wiring Adapters From June 2019 to June 2020 The trailer wiring plug on my 2011 Honda Pilot is round with seven connectors

There was a connector on the trailer I wanted to tow that had four flats. I got this for 10 dollars and it works great. There is no problem fitting the seven connector on the car and the four flat on the trailer because they are standard sizes. In addition, the plug cover on the car snaps down so that it stays in place. Lights on the adapter indicate whether it is connected or not. It is theoretically possible for someone to steal the adapter while you are parked in your vehicle, since they flash when you test each blinker, etc. Just be aware that they may be stolen. To disconnect the trailer from the car and the harness, simply unplug it. It would have to be a real need and they would need to know where to find one. Due to its black color, it blends in with the bumper, etc. , making it hard to notice by accident. However, if someone were wanting to find one, it does not lock to the car or trailer. For the same reason, I also remove it when I'm not towing anything. Despite this, the product does work Nothing to worry about!.

Lawson Petersen
Lawson Petersen
| Apr 14, 2021
Fault codes that are immediately visible IAC'12MB as of January 1, 2013 Does it seem to be broken? The GL350 is a 2012 Mercedes

In order for the system to work, we replaced the stolen adapter. Headlights on if the switch is on It blinks the right and left trailer lights all the time All of them, much like flashers, trigger 2 errors on dash displays related to trailer lights. We need our brakes and our turn signals. If you do not have headlights on, it operates normally for approximately five minutes before it stops responding to turns left. The fault codes on MB's can be an absolute pain. It does not matter if there are fault codes on the dashboard - some trailer lights may work. It happened in the last one. There are too many positive reviews, so this must be a defective product or otherwise not compatible with my mobile device. My first impression is that it looks good, but it's obvious that it's a return.

Avianna Hurst
Avianna Hurst
| May 17, 2021
This was an excellent price for such a high quality product

The moving company provides hauling services and picks up and moves trailers on their It was impossible to make a flat plug with the four prongs on my old truck. Working as described, this item is in good working condition. As a matter of fact, I now keep them in my office for sale for anyone who wants It is nice to be able to check the lighting of customers with the LEDs. Some customers say it must be the trailer. I used the trailer the other day and it worked. It's the vehicle that has a problem, I tell them. My lot will not be cleared unless a trailer is equipped with Do not ask me about it. It is my neck that is on the line.

Annie Stein
Annie Stein
| May 28, 2021

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