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Hopkins 41144 Vehicle Wiring Kit Hopkins 41144 Vehicle Wiring Kit Hopkins 41144 Vehicle Wiring Kit Hopkins 41144 Vehicle Wiring Kit

Hopkins 41144 Vehicle Wiring Kit

Hopkins 41144 Vehicle Wiring Kit Hopkins 41144 Vehicle Wiring Kit Hopkins 41144 Vehicle Wiring Kit Hopkins 41144 Vehicle Wiring Kit
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Product Description

Included are comprehensive instructions for installation
Harness, mounting location, and OEM trailer tow harness are all OEM components
Contains 7 blades for vehicle side towing and 4 flat blades for vehicle side towing
Terminals that resist corrosion
The package contains a dust cover, cable ties, and grease packets

Questions & Answers

The wires seem to be quite long, how long are they? Would you mind telling me how much I need?

Due to the wire harness having only 4 conductors, this is not going to work. There are 5 inches of cable on the cable.

What are the dimensions of the tires for a 2011 Toyota Tundra?

It is great of you to ask If you are interested in a multi-part bolt for the 2011 Toyota Tundra, you can order part # 43395 I'm towing. There is no way to plug in part 11141144 into the existing wiring on a Those seeking more information should contact the Product Support team by dialing On weekdays, we are open from 8 am to 5 pm, Central Time.

I have a 2009 Dodge Ram 2-door A wiring harness is needed for a door trailer I have two already Are there about 7 blades of wiring that need to run to the trailer door plug?

The same thing happened to me they didn't sell the harness separately, so I had to buy the entire Here is what I hope will help

Can this be installed in a standard factory spot on the 2014 2500HD Chevy Silverado?

The link you provided is for a Chevrolet Colorado, but if you put in your Silverado model it will direct you to the right one!

Selected User Reviews For Hopkins 41144 Vehicle Wiring Kit

Do not be fooled by the specific specs of the vehicle

let the fact that something is not listed as compatible with your car/truck deter you from buying it. As far as I'm aware, I do not own any of the vehicles this works If you want a 7-pin connector, this is the one to get It would be better to have The trailer you happen to tow may require both ways of connecting, so you have both as needed. These are the points that are strong I. 1. With the rubber gaskets on each connector, it is waterproof. The electrical grease that comes with terminals is an obnoxious odor. 1. 'Item 2. There are springs in the lids of both connectors. In order to lower the height of the 7 way connector, the connector is rotated 90 degrees so the height is less than the height of the trailer It gets a little over the receiver height after adding the bracket. These are great for vehicles with low clearances! 4
In addition to the harness, it comes with a waterproof connector on the back, which allows you to take the bumper There is no need to wear rubber boots or use a bulky harness in the back since everything is water resistant with rubber gaskets on the wire connectors. Despite its small size, it fits tightly into the bracket. It does not come with a bracket. * I am installing it on a 2009 Subaru Outback and a DrawTite hitch, but it does not matter as long as you use an adapter like Curt C57202 or Tow Ready 18140, or you The product is great!.

Sasha Dixon
Sasha Dixon
| Sep 28, 2020
The bumper can be removed for an easy installation

Briefly summarize This product is great and it is easy to install*Pros The installation work is great, even easier when the bumper is The cons are Crimp style connectors are included at no additional charge. I have written a detailed account of my experience in the following paragraphs. Installed the Draw-Tite class IV hitch on a 2016 V6 Chevy Colorado LT at the same time I replaced the lackluster factory hitch with a new, more durable one from GM. The ASIN for the following item is installation is straight forward. I had already removed the bumper because I was installing a new hitch, but even if you're not replacing the hitch, it's worth the effort. Factory wiring and the product have different color coding, but the back-side of the product has the same color coding as the factory wire For convenience, the cardboard insert of this product has a color-conversion table on one side. My honest opinion is that the included crimp connectors should be skipped since they are cheap. To heat up, I used a heat gun Components such as the ASIN are shrink style connectors for butts In the long run, you should use part number B079DQFC59 to prevent any corrosion. The wiring and connectors were weatherproofed a little extra by me because I am an electronics technician, but I think this is probably not required. The Old "Dummy" Plug was removed with a small flat head screw driver after crimping was complete. It was placed in a box and I installed the New Receptacle. Once the connector was in place, I reached backunder the bumper and plugged it in. As far as I've seen, this was one of the easiest and cleanest installations of a trailer wiring adapter I've ever done. The time I invested in the process was an hour with the attention to detail and care I put into it. As long as you purchase a trailer brake controller, it will still be necessary to purchase one. In the kick panel of the driver's side, the wiring will come to an abrupt end. In addition to the brake controller, the rest of the wiring also works perfectly and is of a very high.

Kendall Nunez
Kendall Nunez
| May 14, 2021
The fit is perfect, and the installation is easy

I found this product to be the perfect fit for my 2018 GMC Canyon. A comprehensive set of instructions makes installation simple. Due to the fact that the spare tire was off when I installed it, I had plenty of room to work. Once all wires were plugged in, I wrapped all wires in electrical tape and zip tied them to the bumper with zip ties. The connectors provided by the manufacturer look cheap and do their job just fine. Perfect fit and easy installation make this a great product. Owners of Canyons and Colorados should consider this product. The only way they can receive 5 stars is if they update the connectors to something other than cheap plastic.

Thiago McKnight
Thiago McKnight
| Oct 28, 2020
On the first day, it was installed

Honestly, I don't give it 5 stars because the wiring is actually too short. There is really not much margin for error, so as long as you're patient you'll get it A lot of care has been taken to make the quality as good as possible. The thing I find the most pleasing about it is how it looks like an original piece and you couldn't tell it was an upgrade. In terms of directions, I found a YouTube video that demonstrated how to proceed thoroughly, and now my '18 Colorado has an installed wiring harness. In order to make sure the cable is protected and connected, I purchased and used heat shrink. In addition, I used electrical tape to start and end the project. In front of my bumper it is tucked.

Emilia Kirby
Emilia Kirby
| Nov 20, 2020
Installation is a breeze for the new Chevy Colorado (also fits the GMC Canyon)

My Hopkins 41144 Vehicle Wiring Kit arrived sooner than expected along with wire connectors, electrical contact grease and instructions on wiring. The heat shrinkable butt connectors I bought replaced the standard ones I had for what I hope will prevent water from getting into the For my vehicle installation, I searched for videos and I found the explanations to be perfect. Easy to follow instructions on how to connect the wires on the printed wire connections.

Julianna Richards
Julianna Richards
| Nov 07, 2020
I enjoyed the match very much

I love how well it works with my Chevy Colorado 2019. The pros are Features •
Looks brand new, •
Has four and seven plug sockets •
Cons Rather than the wire colors being slightly different from stock, I wish they were perfectly matched. I don't see color so the wires had to be chased to the pins to ensure I made the right connections. A heat shrink tube should be included. Despite the fact that the kit includes terminal grease, I think a few small lengths of heat shrink would not be too much of an inconvenience. There are many reviews complaining that the wiring could be longer, however, I have no problems with the length of the wire. Long wires just get caught on things in the end.

Bodie Pearson
Bodie Pearson
| Dec 17, 2020

A good fit was achieved with the adapter. There is not enough room for error in the wires, as they are too short. To be able to adjust and attach it to a frame or body, the wires should be longer. The wires can also be difficult to connect together. There are short wires in this product, which is why I gave it 4 stars! As for the socket, it looks good and it works well.

Foster Santana
Foster Santana
| Sep 18, 2020

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