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Longacre Racing 79501 Aluminum Toe-In Plates w/Magnets Longacre Racing 79501 Aluminum Toe-In Plates w/Magnets Longacre Racing 79501 Aluminum Toe-In Plates w/Magnets Longacre Racing 79501 Aluminum Toe-In Plates w/Magnets Longacre Racing 79501 Aluminum Toe-In Plates w/Magnets Longacre Racing 79501 Aluminum Toe-In Plates w/Magnets

Longacre Racing 79501 Aluminum Toe-In Plates w/Magnets

Longacre Racing 79501 Aluminum Toe-In Plates w/Magnets Longacre Racing 79501 Aluminum Toe-In Plates w/Magnets Longacre Racing 79501 Aluminum Toe-In Plates w/Magnets Longacre Racing 79501 Aluminum Toe-In Plates w/Magnets Longacre Racing 79501 Aluminum Toe-In Plates w/Magnets Longacre Racing 79501 Aluminum Toe-In Plates w/Magnets
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The quickest and easiest way to determine your toe-in is to check these plates. Any contact with other vehicles or retaining walls will likely change your toe setting.
Simple to use - simply rest one of these plates against each side of the tire and measure the toe directly using the 2 included tape measures.
Ensure you get the best possible reading by turning the wheels on level ground so they are facing straight ahead and then adjusting caster and camber accordingly
In contrast, the Longacre toe-in plates were designed to be rigid and stay in place against the tire to ensure accuracy while magnets keep
In Longacre's toe-in plates, 23-1/2" by 9" is the size and they come with two 3/4" tapes that feature an increment of 1/32".

Questions & Answers

The flatness of these prints is very accurate, but how accurate are the dimensions?

The toe adjustment on my pickup was not adjustable so I bought one of these. It was set up and the change was made, then I moved the truck a few feet and checked it again, tweaking what I had done before. It has been several thousand miles since I replaced the worn tires, and they show no signs of wear. It's important to take time to set up your measurements and to measure them several times to ensure you get meaningful

This is the tool I'm using. a problem with one of my rear wheels. it needs to be adjusted. but how can i tell which one right or left needs to be adjusted?

To find out how your rear wheels are toed compared to the position of your front wheels, you need to determine whether or not the square reference (rectangle) is exactly square. Four jack stands and some string are an easy and cheap way to do this. You will get a quick and dirty visual on the static toe at rear by setting up four jack stands, one on either side of your front wheels. If your front and rear tracks differ, you need to space away from the narrower track so that your two lines are parallel. According to your measurements from your plate and tape measure, then you can adjust the toe height.

Approximately to what division of a meter does this tape measure go? Which is greater, 1/16 or 3/16?

Thanks for your post, Corrine. First of all, I am pleased with the quality of the Ten is the same for both A foot that has two toes With two-sided divisional markings, in this case, the top side is a carpentry caliper divided into 16ths. A fractional marking every 1/8" is located at the bottom of the tape measure. Divisional mark markings every 1/32nds are displayed on the top side. In the case of foreigners Along with metric tape measures and custom-made vehicles, I also purchased other tools. It is my sincere hope that this will help.

Does this have adjustable 'sets' that rest on the rim, so the accuracy can be adjusted. ?

It sits flat against the tire when you stand it up and lean it flat against it. There is no set.

Selected User Reviews For Longacre Racing 79501 Aluminum Toe-In Plates w/Magnets

This product works great and should have been purchased years The thing is, I should have made the purchase years ago, as they are The ball joints and control arms on my vehicle were recently replaced and after that it pulled a lot

With my busy schedule, I didn't get it to the shop for an alignment for about a month. I also found that the tires were not quite as smooth as they should have been. As soon as I dropped off the car in the morning to the shop I received a call around noon from them and they said the left lower ball joint was damaged, so they weren't able to align the car. The new part failed or my mechanic was trying to rip me off. I was pissed off at this because I thought the new part had failed. As soon as I picked up the car, I told them not to touch it My approach was to look into DIY alignment tools and methods when I got home. The ball joints checked out fine again so I jacked the car. Finally, I found these DIY alignment systems. Considering they were cheaper than I expected, I decided to give them a My car just finished setting the toe on the right side, and since it is a modern car, it only has a toe adjustment, so you only get an alignment when you pay for it. As I'm sure you already know, I will use these going forward. The toe can be dialed in and the wheel can be centered if you give it some thought and do a few iterations. The car used to pull quite hard and the wheel was not centered while traveling down the road, but now it goes straight down with the wheel straight and no hands on the steering wheel.

Brock Hammond
Brock Hammond
| Apr 04, 2021
The same may not apply to every application

of all, let me say that I made my living for over 20 years as a chassis and front end Thousands of vehicles, from Model A Fords to the latest unibodies, have been aligned by me. Based on my evaluation, here is what I think You'll be able to use it if you have no raised lettering or "knobbies" on your tires' sidewalls. The plates will not run straight from front to back if this is not done. When setting the toe, the tires MUST NOT have any pressure on them. Therefore, they should be either permanently mounted on a set of floating alignment heads or, an easier solution, just mounted on two bottle jacks, slightly off the ground, Please be careful If the plates are set too high, they will not properly rest on the tires. The plates will not stay on (next to) the tires without help, as they are attached to the wheels. By placing a brick on each side, standing it up on end, and leaning it against the plates, I was able to make it stronger. As a result, the plates won't move when you pull the tape measure taut, which you should do to get an accurate reading. All in all, these plates work well for some people, however, if toe in alignment is something you are going to do a lot on your own and at home, I recommend investing.

Carson Jimenez
Carson Jimenez
| Dec 07, 2020
Having this on hand is useful

They've just paid for their own! A simple and functional design. A vehicle to be used in a project. A pair of ball joints and alleged alignment for a van that had $800 in ball joints was just replaced on my van. A car was more of a hassle to drive than a van. My opinion is that it is not particularly safe. It was taken back to the shop and they said that the ball joints would "loosen up". I still had to constantly correct my van after approximately 1500 miles and it wandered, had no neutral center, and needed constant attention. As a joke, I set these up and quickly noticed that the alignment was not as toed out as it should have been. According to the specs, I toed it in. Now that my van is better equipped, I'm able to drive it with more pleasure. This alone more than covered the cost of the plates. My mechanical work is usually done in-house, but for things like alignment, I don't really have the time to set things up and send them My experience at a reputable shop where no one listens and the work is not performed as I would like is really aggravating and insulting.

Giovanna Barrera
Giovanna Barrera
| Jul 26, 2021
Definitely a necessity for anyone who works with tie rods

It pays for itself the first time you use it. The Longacre Racing 79501 has the following pros Please note - A toe check at home can be done at any time, according to your own pace and schedule. The cons are Please note - It may be necessary to prop up the plates with something heavy to keep them in place. Please note - It would be good if there were some sort of mark indicating the center of It is just that I was eyeballing the A potential problem with this method is that it gives Please note - With the numbers on the front and back of the tape measure the same orientation, you can read the front number first and then the back number. It might be tricky to insert the cassette in the rear slot. You will see the slot from different angles, and you might not be able to tell if the numbers you are trying to read are blocked by the slot. Added to this Please note - The magnetic parts of the slots are not really used by me There is the possibility that it will cause inconsistent readings. Rather than using the plain slots, I just use the plain ones. Please note - If you plan to move the plates, take special care not to drop or hit them on anything that can warp their Please note - The front end is mainly adjusted with this tool. Checking the rear is possible, but adjusting the location of the body is not possible. The plates I purchased with the tie rod parts were for replacing An alignment shop was necessary after it was done, which was a lot better than having to do it. As I stated above, I take many measurements to achieve a good average. In addition to this, I will also reposition the tapes and switch the toe plates from one side to the other. Antifreeze is poured into two jugs and used to prop up the far side plate. You will only have as much control over your toe as the time, effort, and knowledge you apply yourself. The DIY nature of this means that you can test it as many times as you want I have repaired the device, I check it again several days later to ensure the reading is still accurate. This is a great tool to have -- almost a necessity if you're fixing tie rods -- so you don't have to spend the time and money taking it to a shop. Here's a tip In order to replace the inner tie rods When eyeballing a newly installed outer tie rod, err in favor of the side that will force you to adjust the rod in a tightening manner (I assume There is a very slim chance that loosening the rod you just installed might loosen the inner tie rod (especially if you didn't stake the lock washer down snug, as you might be inclined to do because it's too difficult to undo). The extra piece of mind is probably not necessary, but it certainly seems like it.

Joanna Porter
Joanna Porter
| Jan 08, 2021
My husband was able to do the alignment on his very low car himself after using this product

We had trouble locating a local shop that could do the alignment because of how low the vehicle is. There were a lot of companies that charged outrageous rates, so getting these so he could do it himself was worthwhile.

Nova Huff
Nova Huff
| Jan 24, 2021

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