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Darby Industries 968 Black Roof Turbo Rack Darby Industries 968 Black Roof Turbo Rack

Darby Industries 968 Black Roof Turbo Rack

Darby Industries 968 Black Roof Turbo Rack Darby Industries 968 Black Roof Turbo Rack
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Weights up to 300 pounds can be carried. It will not scratch your roof if you use high density foam
The attachments can be easily removed and attached
The light weight construction allows for easy transportation
There is no drilling required for
Reliability and high quality are guaranteed

Questions & Answers

What is the fitting pattern for the Honda CRV 1998?

You should be able to install it on your CRV with Putting it on my Ford F150 left room for a spare tire. Based on the dimensions of your CRV, I would guess that your F150 is narrower.

You do not need to drill. What is its method of attachment?

Your vehicle is fitted with this product located on the top of the roof. In the back of your car or truck, you hook the supplied straps around the ends of the bars. The straps are then run through the door openings on each side, connecting and securing the ends together. As far as I've noticed, the weight of the item you are carrying is pretty strong at holding it down. It has been 16 years since I started using this product It is about 20 feet long. This lumber is long and slender.

Am I still able to (Principally, I would not want it open. ?

There will have to be bases on top of the door jambs to be placed on the roof. It would be best to position it toward the back of the roof if you have a 4 door vehicle.

Selected User Reviews For Darby Industries 968 Black Roof Turbo Rack

There is a 1/2" spare tire on the back of the Jeep, isn't there? An Extend-based learning model Almost no space is left between the rack and the tire on the truck
Jaxxon Bryant
Jaxxon Bryant
| Dec 05, 2020
Generally, this rack is a great product that is constructed of quality materials and it can be had for a fair price

There are more durable racks out there, however, but they're going to be significantly more expensive. In addition to the rack on my bed with 2 cross bars, I used the roof rack to prevent the bows of my canoe from hitting the roof of the truck. Getting two canoes in this rack was a bit difficult. It was great for one canoe, but a bit tight for two. In this case, there is no design problem, because the issue has more to do with the size of the product. The seller should offer a wider rack for bigger There is no question about the construction being solid and suitable to the job at hand. In response to other reviews that claimed this was a cheap or flimsy rack, I would remind them that it's a temporary rack, so you're sacrificing some quality for the convenience of taking it down In terms of quality and price, you can't find a better rack. If you want something really solid, you should invest in a Yakima or Thule rack. are looking for a rack that can be installed quickly to transport your boats, this is the ideal solution. Just keep an eye on your rack periodically to ensure

I have a habit of messing around with my gear, so I found a way to make this product a little better. It is easy to store the cross bar in two pieces due to its two-piece design. In this case, I used some Gorilla tape to seal the smaller diameter bar's end, which created a nice, snug fit between the two bars (although it was more difficult to separate them). Furthermore, heat shrink was used to cover the joint between the two bars, which will never need to be dismantled. The heat shrink coating gives the bars a softer coating so that boats are protected, and it also results in a snug fit between the rubber roof supports and the bar. As for the guy who gave the rack a one star rating since it did not "fit" his boat, he gave it five stars because there were no problems during installation. I didn't buy the rack because that wasn't the fault of the manufacturer. Take measurements of the boat and truck before you buy it.

Kane Crane
Kane Crane
| Feb 13, 2021
what it is supposed to do

I can use this to keep my stuff off the roof of my car as well as haul a lot more. I find it I love it. It consists of a bar with a bulky foam plastic thing on each end attached to it. After you place the foam plastic on top of your car, you hook a nylon strap through your car's metal bar, then hook a boom attached to the nylon strap through it. Your car doors need to be open and your nylon strap must be tightened inside your car. As well, the bars bend a little bit quite While we were hauling our double stroller on the wagon, you could see the back of As a result, I recommend sticking to light weights.

I was concerned that the connector could break and hit someone in the head from force when traveling but, in fact, they held up quite well during our 4000 mile journey.

Sylvie Arroyo
Sylvie Arroyo
| Mar 21, 2021
When the light is right- This temporary roof rack can be adjusted to fit most roofs

Extending the arm makes it difficult to handle heavy loads. Easily paired with any vehicle, this can be used as an inexpensive temporary roof rack that will fit securely without causing any A hook is attached to each end of the bar and fits into holes there. It is possible to find yourself with your head in contact with the straps if your car/truck has low headroom. A second reason is that the bars themselves aren't too That's our job. The load you will carry should not be very heavy (i. e. Over 100 pounds) without bending and you may not spread the foam blocks all the way out to the ends. In order to locate the blocks out at the ends of the bars, I extended the bars to their full length. One of the kayak bars was pretty badly bent in our tandem kayak.

Jaycee Sandoval
Jaycee Sandoval
| Apr 30, 2021
My 2007 Toyota Tacoma fits great with this and my extendable bed works well with it My bed extender was set up high, the roof rack was attached to the cab, and then my kayaks were placed on top of them so they traveled parallel to my truck and the road

been able to transport the kayaks at speeds up to 75 mph with no issues. A set of straps facilitates the attachment of the roof rack to the cab. In order to prevent scratches on the kayaks, we use SportRack 18 inch kayak blocks with the roof rack.

Johnathan Ayala
Johnathan Ayala
| Jul 05, 2021

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