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Rust-Oleum 248658A3 248658-3PK Rust Reformer Spray, 10.25 oz, Black, 3 Pack, 3 Count Rust-Oleum 248658A3 248658-3PK Rust Reformer Spray, 10.25 oz, Black, 3 Pack, 3 Count

Rust-Oleum 248658A3 248658-3PK Rust Reformer Spray, 10.25 oz, Black, 3 Pack, 3 Count

Rust-Oleum 248658A3 248658-3PK Rust Reformer Spray, 10.25 oz, Black, 3 Pack, 3 Count Rust-Oleum 248658A3 248658-3PK Rust Reformer Spray, 10.25 oz, Black, 3 Pack, 3 Count
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It turns rust into a paintable, flat black surface that protects and prevents further rusting instantly, no matter where it is located on a metal surface
This oil-based formula forms a bond with rusted metal surfaces that can easily be
In just 20 minutes, it dries tack free Let the topcoat dry for 40 minutes, then apply it 24 hours later
Whether you have rusted surfaces or bare metal, this unique formula allows you to sand rust down completely to bare metal in just minutes
The following words are acceptable It is possible for the can to be sprayed vertically, horizontally, even upside down, thanks to angle spray technology

Questions & Answers

It has been a long time since I have used this tool and I really like it. In what ways does Rust Reformer Automotive differ from other auto repair shops?

I am pretty sure the spray nozzle is the only difference. The nozzle comes with the white "spray any angle" setting. Which makes sense considering you'd likely be spraying it on the underside of your vehicle. One of the cans has the traditional red nozzle (with a graphic of a chair). There is no easy way to switch these, as the white nozzle is attached to a separate stem that goes into the can, and the conventional nozzle is one piece into the It is also possible to make an adapter with a rotary tool or a 3D printer to use the white nozzle on any can if you have a decent 3d printer.

Would it be better to paint on or spray ?

Your decision will be based on what you want to paint. If you are going to spray, be sure your hand is light and steady. A clean area should be available for you to work in so that you don't have to worry It is possible to get stroke lines using a brush, especially if the surface is broad. When I spray, I prefer the finished look because I get a smooth surface.

Do these work on car license plate screws that are very rusted?

PB Blaster is a handy tool to use.

Over spraying rust is all well and good, but is that everything? What should I do next? Did I just leave it like that or do I need a base coat paint?

My experience is both positive and negative. After spraying a receiver hitch, it lasted for a couple of years without needing to be resprayed A rusting surface. If you paint it, you will get a longer coverage.

Selected User Reviews For Rust-Oleum 248658A3 248658-3PK Rust Reformer Spray, 10.25 oz, Black, 3 Pack, 3 Count

The color of gold

I am amazed at how good this product is. This spray was applied after I removed surface rust with a set of wire-like brushes. This product makes a huge difference in the appearance of the rust and also reduces my anxiety about how quickly the rust will spread. The following tip is for you If you are unable to access a lift, find someone with one. As luck would have it, one was accessible to me. If I didn't have one, I wouldn't be able to do this.

Rebecca Reilly
Rebecca Reilly
| Jun 13, 2021
Take a look at these pictures before you waste your money! I have to admit that I am terribly disappointed with the rust reformer from Rustoleum

As I first sprayed it, I initially thought it's just flat black spray paint. I decided to try something else a light blue spray paint. In the first picture, you can see a very light rust ring on my work bench, which I was able to wipe off in a few seconds with a scotch brite pad.
2nd I applied Rustoleum's rust reformer to half and put vinegar on the other half.
3rd I used Rustoleum's rust remedy on the other half. Even the vinegar dried up after a lot of sitting on a 90° degree day, so I washed them both with brake cleaner. It is not expected that rustoleum spray paint would react negatively to brake cleaner since it is an "automotive product". This is true even for regular rustoleum spray paint. It looks like the rust reformer washed away with water, as can be seen in the photo. I think the 4th picture is the best. You can now clearly see that the rust reformer had no effect on the rust while the vinegar removed it. Bottom line Don't waste your money on Rustoleum Rust Reformer, it may hide the rust, but you can be certain its still there. To put out a product like this should make Rustoleum ashamed.

Emery Hester
Emery Hester
| Oct 24, 2020
Why aren't they meant for storage? We used to use this product often, and were hooked on it

We bought three cans in July of 2016, and it's now May 2018, and all three cans are dead. The books have been stored on a shelf in the garage under climate control. It sounds like a ball is rattled when you shake them, and you can tell they are full but they don't.

Rex McDaniel
Rex McDaniel
| Oct 25, 2020
A year after using it, the rust hasn't returned after salty winter roads

You must follow the instructions and spray paint over it for 24 hours to seal it out. This product is very worthwhile if you follow the directions. i use it for rust on truck frames to slow and stop the corrosion. it works as it should. Clean all loose rust, spray rusted areas with rust reformer and wait 24 hours before spraying black paint over it. Rust usually does not spread from place to place. It does minimize the growth of rust after a year or so, but I end up touching up the areas that do rust through. The average frame can usually be covered by 5 cans. Make sure you use a good mask to save your Since I have used this product on other rusted chassis the past few years, I update this report. You should follow instructions and spray rust, wait 24 hours, and then paint over it. The truck that I sprayed last March has been a year old. This winter, I've been using it all the time. I have not noticed any rust in my truck, just a few small chips here and there. A solid black finish and no rust remain on it. As soon as this spring arrives, I will power wash the chassis, sand down any rough spots, and recoat the chassis to ensure that it remains superb. The rust can't begin to grow again if air is prevented from reaching the treated areas. The last time I did my daughters car, it had a lot of surface rust when she bought it used two years ago. The same thing happened to me, and now after two winters and me not retreating it, I was surprised to see after 2 winters only a little rust has come through, but nothing compared to how it was in before. Every spring, I use this product to maintain the outer coating and paint on older cars which may drive in an area where the roads are salted frequently in the winter. It also keeps the 35 from rusting for the hour or so it takes me to coat and paint. I pay between $30 and $75 to top coat with this product and a GOOD BRAND black spray paint. Rust is kept at bay with this. In Sept 2018 It's still good keep rust at bay +++++++++++++++++++ Still holds up well. For a 05 Mercury Mariner, I've just ordered another set of 6 cans. As the surface rust started very minorly when I bought the vehicle, I brushed it and blew clean the surface with air pressure. We took off all the metal on the wheels and lowered the rear wheels under the rocker panels. My next step will be to paint the top coat. Getting it covered is a lot of work, but I know it works once I begin. As soon as my cars and trucks come in after a snow, I power wash the road salt off of them. In the wintertime, I get a few small specs of rust that will appear. To paint them, I simply hit them with a hammer and then respray. The chassis as a whole, however, was just plain amazing. the rust in your car is completely absorbed, you may see a slow process, but the cancer has already set in when the rust is that deep.

Adeline Barr
Adeline Barr
| Aug 26, 2020
It is an excellent way to repair rusted automotive parts

Under my Jeep, I used it to polish a suspension component and some areas of frame. While the first half of the can is great, extra shaking is required to maintain the consistency of the spray towards the end. After using the product, I posted pictures of some very old leaf springs that look as good as new.

Heath Cooke
Heath Cooke
| Jun 30, 2020
A product of the highest quality

So far, so good. So far, I have used the first can of the six that I purchased and it appears to be performing as it is supposed to. My recently purchased Ford F-150 was powered by a 2. 3L EcoBoost engine We have a Ford Dealer in Cary, North Carolina that sells the 350 dually pickup. In spite of having only 3000 miles on it, the truck was sold as used and "as is. ". My fault for not inspecting more thoroughly - the underside of the coffee table is covered in rust!

After much research, I decided to use I removed the rear bumper and found that the two attachment brackets were totally rusted. I soaked them in white vinegar overnight, which removed 98% of the rust. I then neutralized the vinegar with Dawn, rinsed well, and On the inside of the bumper there were several areas that were rusted, so I used a small wire brass brush on the loose rust, scrubbed it with Dawn and warm water, let it dry, and then sprayed it As long as the product is painted with a top coat, all areas will be covered The remaining rust in the Oleum Gloss Black after 24 hours. My plan is to do it The entire underside of the truck is shown in this plan. This review will be updated every six months to report on whether or not rust returns to the treated areas.

Angelica McGowan
Angelica McGowan
| Oct 06, 2020
If you do not apply it thick enough, the paint will dry If you do not apply it thick enough, the paint will dry I love the way it converts rust

Do not use as an overall primer because, while it does not level out very nicely, it works for rust spots. Make sure to hit the rust spots with the rust, let them dry, and then clean up, then spray the regular primer on top.

Luna Jensen
Luna Jensen
| Aug 22, 2020

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