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McKee's 37 MK37-950 Road Kill Bug Scrubber (2 Pack) McKee's 37 MK37-950 Road Kill Bug Scrubber (2 Pack) McKee's 37 MK37-950 Road Kill Bug Scrubber (2 Pack)

McKee's 37 MK37-950 Road Kill Bug Scrubber (2 Pack)

McKee's 37 MK37-950 Road Kill Bug Scrubber (2 Pack) McKee's 37 MK37-950 Road Kill Bug Scrubber (2 Pack) McKee's 37 MK37-950 Road Kill Bug Scrubber (2 Pack)
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McKee's 37 Road Kill Bug Scrubber's honeycomb design efficiently traps insects and foreign particles as it removes them from your paint, making sure your painted surface does not get scratched.
Because the sponge can be easily cleaned and re-used hundreds or even thousands of times, dirt and grime cannot be left on it
You can soak the cloth in warm soapy water for five minutes before using it, and gently rub the affected area with it
An affordable and effective solution

Questions & Answers

Is it safe to use these on ?

The product is safe for use on all surfaces, including the glass of cars. Make sure that you do not use it dry. Instead, soak it well before use. There are a lot of bug-removing liquids out there, but none of them A lot of paint, glass, and other surfaces are cleaned by these scrubbers. Film for your car from 3M!

What are the effects of swirl marks with these?

The only thing that these did was gently remove bugs and minor scratches from my new car. After working on the clear coat overnight, I was pleased with how easy it went. However, next day, in the sunlight, I was disappointed to see swirls and scratches. In order to use them safely, we soaked them for about 10 minutes before we used

The sponge is made of what material?

My car does not show any signs of damage once it gets wet, but I don't know if it's hazardous to use when wet.

Do you see any micromarring when you use it?

I have only used soapy water to wash the pad, which softens bug guts and you have to rinse it to remove the accumulated bugs. They get the job done without marring the paint since there is no pressure involved. You only need to lightly scrub the This is a highly recommended product.

Selected User Reviews For McKee's 37 MK37-950 Road Kill Bug Scrubber (2 Pack)

It is difficult to tell what is really going on from the outside

The drive through the bug-filled area was interesting It is not feasible for my car to ride on this. When the sponge is dry, its surface feels like it would scrub barnacles off a tugboat when it is very firm. Nevertheless, as soon as it falls into warm soapy water, its texture will completely change. Make sure you rinse the bathroom with soapy water and don't scrub too hard, just a gentle circular movement will suffice. I really liked how well it worked.

Wyatt Schwartz
Wyatt Schwartz
| Jun 28, 2021
I highly recommend this book

It took me 3 or 4 bug cleaners or to rid my home of them. I highly recommend this book. A few different bug cleaners and chemicals did not affect the paint of the painted plastic grill. I tried three or four different cleaners and chemicals. My frustration led me to buy these to use with the bug cleaner already in my possession. As recommended, I soaked them in warm water for five minutes without a bug cleaner, and they worked perfectly without it. As a result of trial and error, more pressure failed to work. A lower pressure seemed to result in better results in the end. For the first time in my life, I spent 15-plus hours writing After cleaning off the bugs for 20 minutes, I was able to take the pictures. When I washed the next time, I spent less than two hours The time is 3 minutes.

Yosef Choi
Yosef Choi
| May 31, 2021
It's the lovebugs that bring misery

These sponges, however, bring happiness. Wow! Right now, we're in the middle of "Lovebug Season" in the South, which is as close as we can get to hell on Earth. They are horrible creatures whose blood and guts turned acidic once they were dry on your car, so they eat away at your paint over time if you leave them on long enough. Since I have been so busy with my commute and job, I haven't been able to wash my car as often, so I was really worried after a few days went by without it. In the past, it would have taken me about an hour to complete a task, now it only takes While I did soak the sponges for 5 minutes, and I did try to rub off as many "bodies" as I could before scrubbing, these sponges They would be a great option for anyone who is struggling as I am. * My only question is, are these the same as According to what I remember, those are significantly cheaper, and they seem to be made of the same material.

Aurelia Spears
Aurelia Spears
| May 10, 2021
There is only 1/2 the size of pads as you might expect

I have used these scrubbers for removing bugs for over 15 years and have found them to be safe and effective when used on a clear coat painted vehicle. As clearcoat is harder than the material on these pads, these pads get no scratching on their own. The most likely cause of scratching is an improper washing routine, such as not presoaking, not prewashing, or not rinsing heavy crud first. Put on clean clothes and put them in the washer. I have a problem with the listing because it's misleading. Rinse before going after the dried bugs. Misuse of a simple term that results in confusion appears to have been intentional. There have been lots of bad reviews over a long period of time about this issue, with no correction, which raises doubts about its intentions.

Lachlan Kelley
Lachlan Kelley
| Mar 31, 2021
I really like how it works! In addition to most people having already mentioned it, although these seem like they'll destroy your paint when dry (and they probably will), they soften considerably after being soaked in warm water for five minutes

It takes a few A very small amount of pressure is all that is needed to get it all The combination of this spray and BugsNAll spray is wonderful. Two sponges are given, but I have only used one, and it's still in pristine condition. A quick rinse lets the bugs slide right out of the sponge, even though it looks as if they'd get entangled in the sponge.

Erik Kelley
Erik Kelley
| Aug 20, 2020
The material feels like one of those packing foams (it is an The material feels like one of those packing foams (it is an In the instructions, it mentions that it should be soaked for 5 minutes in water

The system is easy to use and works great. Driving from atlanta to california, I saw a lot of road kill, particularly rat and snake. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't remove it with elbow grease. Thankfully, though, with this method I was able to do just that! That's the kind of thing I'd recommend!.

| Nov 24, 2020
I think this is my best work so far

The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow, making these the best bug remover that you've ever seen. It's not a good idea to push hard just like the instructions. Generally, they do not require much pressure and are designed to perform with minimal Grass and insects were embedded in the quarter panel of my car as a result of gardeners using a weed wacker near the vehicle. The debris had been on the car for over a year at one point. I hadn't been able to remove it the previous times. By using the scrubber as instructed with this product, all of it could be removed in 30 seconds. In the end, I sealed the wood with wax and sealant.

Faith Stanton
Faith Stanton
| Apr 21, 2021
DRI Bug remover spray can be used with this product

They work well in conjunction with the DRI bug remover spray and can be reused. This spray and sponge set is pretty pricey, but it removed dried leaves on the front of our motorhome that had been there for several years. We will buy more spray to use on the RV in the future (so that it does not get as "buggy" as it has been). We used the sponges with the bug spray to clean up the front of our RV after soaking them in soapy water. The sponges are rough when dry, but after soaking in soapy water, they were much softer.

Annie Orr
Annie Orr
| Apr 30, 2021

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