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Siser Glitter HTV 20

Siser Glitter HTV 20" x 12" Sheet - Iron on Heat Transfer Vinyl (Aqua)

Siser Glitter HTV 20
$ 8.59

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It is a pure product
SET UP IN A MINUTE The sheet is 19 inches wide and measures 19 inches long. The size of the print is 66" x 12". For children's clothing, Sirer Glitter is 325 microns thin and certified by the CPSIA.
PERSONALIZATION - DO IT YOURSELF Put some decorations on your T-shirt The possibilities are limitless with a heat press or home iron! You can make shirts, pants, hoodies, bags, shoes, pillows, and so much more! It is applied at 320°F for 15 seconds at medium pressure for 15 seconds. Has a perfect relationship with 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, cotton/poly blends, and leather.
The software is designed to be easy to use Line up intricate designs with ease using the backer's pressure sensitive ("sticky") backing. It peels hot and requires no cooldown time.
The sparkling finish is a must-have for any home Put your best foot forward With textured glitter flakes that won't fall off, these designs are eye-catching! In dozens of wash processes, Sirer Glitter maintains the same vibrant shimmer.
CUTTER PERFECT FOR CRAFT WORK Compatible with nearly all craft cutters, such as A few of the models include the Silhouette Cameo 3, Cricut Explore Air 2, Cricut Maker, Brother ScanNCut, Roland, and Graphtec.

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me how many pages there are?

Basically, it comes on one sheet, 12 inches wide by 20 inches

What happens if I wear the transparent pink shirt on a white shirt? Is it completely transparent?

Unlike traditional pinks, this reflective color looks fantastic on white shirts and is a great shade of While this is a good option for light colored shirts, it is not recommended for dark colored shirts since it does adopt the color of the shirt.

In what way is it different from other products of the same kind?

Please read if the product is a HTV (heat transfer vinyl) which is for cloth, pillows, toys, and stuffed animals. Or, if the product is a Permanent Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheet which can be used on glass, wood, and similar The brand of sheets I used to work with is good, and I have used Herbicides are relatively easy to weed, and they are very easy to apply. In addition to being vibrant, the colors are also stunning!

Would you rather have a cherry color that is a darker red or a darker pink?

Dark pink is the color of the Glitter Cherry.

Selected User Reviews For Siser Glitter HTV 20" x 12" Sheet - Iron on Heat Transfer Vinyl (Aqua)

Save your money, don't waste it

25 a sheet for the same product) because I needed it quickly and it was available with Rolling up the vinyl into a cylinder was a tight fit. During my search, I found many companies that ship vinyl rolled, so I didn't think much of it, even though it was incredibly tight. I noticed that the glitter HTV had separated from the carrier sheet when I finally unrolled the vinyl for use. The piece continued to separate after I smoothed it back down to place it on my cutting may. The vinyl came up from the carrier sheet as my machine cut, so I went ahead and cut my project. Once it was completely stuck down, I went ahead and cut the design. As a result, the HTV was completely ruined and I am unable to use it. It is hard to believe the quality of a product at such an inflated price. Siser easy weed glitter HTV has been used by me many times and I have never had a problem. In this case, it was not the item per se, but rather the way it was shipped.

Royalty Richardson
Royalty Richardson
| Jun 25, 2021
DO NOT BUY! I should have known better than to run it through a machine

In the end, I could not use more than half of the paper. The cricut jammed and I had to throw it away. A pull away occurred between the iron on front and the backing. I found it to be wrinkled and already starting to pull apart. Overall, the quality was much better It is thinner and flimsier than before. The vinyl has a cheap feel to it compared to all of my otheriser Put it through a machine instead of testing it. Cheap way to do it. As I only use Siser products, I am not confident that it is their brand since I have never had a problem with it. BUY FROM THIS SELLER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Catalina McFarland
Catalina McFarland
| Mar 28, 2021
I would recommend this to anyone! To put it to use, follow these steps With one of my Cricut Explore air 2 machines and the Easy Press 2, I used this product

I am extremely happy with the results! A brief summary of how the system works is as follows You just have to cut it to the length of your mat (12 inches or 24 inches) because it's about the same width as your cutting mat (about 12”). Turn the outside or shiny side negative of the iron on vinyl (one side is a clear, almost transfer tape-like side, the other is the actual vinyl. It is important to cut the vinyl, not the tape). If you set your iron to "iron on", make sure to hit the "mirror" button as well! It is important not to forget! My bad habits include forgetting that darn button and ruining some good cuts. Having that cut and weeding out the stuff you don't need ironed on can make all the difference. You will iron even the tiniest pieces on, so don't be a slacker! The weeds were so easy to remove that it was very satisfying, and there was no concern for the In order to iron a fabric item (shirt, cloth, whatever) I would recommend to warm it up first in case the iron doesn't stick well. If you want to place your iron on design in your desired location, lay it down shiny/tape side up, so it looks like it would if it were already transferred, and then place your iron on top of it. As far as I remember, I held the easy press on for about 30 seconds and I was at about 315°F (degrees might have shifted, but google "Cricut heat guide" and you'll be fine). You must let it cool completely before removing the tape! All the corners peeled off perfectly, I had no sticking issues. While I did get a sprinkling of glitter every time, it was very minor and didn't bother the look in any way. I highly recommend this product!.

Aarya Galvan
Aarya Galvan
| Feb 13, 2021
The best glitter vinyl I've used

A small business owner with a specialization in personalization and customization, I am here to help. In many of my projects, I use vinyl. A variety of brands and price ranges of vinyls have been tried by me. In spite of everything, I always purchase Siser brand clothes. My customers have never expressed dissatisfaction with the way they wear or wash them. In addition, I recommend that my customers wash their clothes in cold water, not to use fabric softener, and not to dry their clothes In addition to using Siser on burlap, I also used it on different fabrics. It adheres well to everything. In addition to using a heat press, I use a teflon sheet, so I am sure that helps the process go I am completely in love with Silver Glitter Confetti. There is not only silver glitter in it, there is also red, green, purple, blue, and other colors of glitter, too. OH MY GOD! How gorgeous! The following are positive features * Easy to use the application. This product produced perfect results every time. It was well packaged and delivered on time too. The only negative factor was that there was no negative feedback. The rating for this product is 5 out of 5. YOu may be asking yourself, "WHY?". Due to the fact that this vinyl has never caused me any problems, I gave it 5 stars out of 5 stars. Is this something I would recommend? The item is a great vinyl that performs well time after time and is recommended for anyone looking for the best performance.

Christina Juarez
Christina Juarez
| Apr 02, 2021
The only problem with Siser EasyWeed is the cost

The seller did not contact me about the flaw in the material since I had a deadline and had to use the vinyl anyway Thanks to my order of extras, I had extras. you can see in the picture, the first inch of the roll was not sticky enough for the transfer paper to adhere to it. Until I cut my first piece of vinyl, I was unsure how big of a deal this was going to be. I was able to cut the vinyl while it was stuck to my cutting mat because the transfer paper stuck to my mat easily enough. There are 5 rolls with this issue, and they are all the same. The cause of it remains a mystery to me The vinyl seems to be fine - I don't think it's a defect The seller (or original purchaser) might have cut it or stored it differently from the way the end item was. Like I expected from Siser EasyWeed, I really like Siser EasyWeed and the rest of the vinyl cut as well.

Esme Conway
Esme Conway
| Jul 07, 2021
I was patient and followed good directions to get amazing results

As a newbie to the Cricut phenomenon, I have some questions. My favorite way to begin is with the most challenging material. My goal was to create aprons with glitter HTV to match an intricate logo I designed for a gift. I have no problem with that. Cake is a piece The videos I watched and the reviews I read did not deter me from purchasing the product. So I ordered this and a few blanks before heading out to the racetrack. I created a single sheet of vinyl stickers previously, and I do have a background in graphic design, so I have some confidence in this, but I'm still skeptic this will work the first time. To iron this stuff, use Teflon sheets to prevent sticking and use the glitter HTV setting. Use a new or sharp knife to weed and clean up cuts as you go. Weed with an exact knife and iron on the Teflon sheets. Very happy with these, very shocked at how good they came out. I am looking forward to giving these to my.

| Jan 27, 2021

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