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Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 2 oz Bottle, TG-2 Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 2 oz Bottle, TG-2 Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 2 oz Bottle, TG-2 Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 2 oz Bottle, TG-2 Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 2 oz Bottle, TG-2 Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 2 oz Bottle, TG-2

Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 2 oz Bottle, TG-2

Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 2 oz Bottle, TG-2 Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 2 oz Bottle, TG-2 Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 2 oz Bottle, TG-2 Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 2 oz Bottle, TG-2 Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 2 oz Bottle, TG-2 Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 2 oz Bottle, TG-2
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A DURABLE BOND THAT IS IMPLEMENTABLE A breakthrough adhesive provides an instant bond that dries and forms within 3 minutes, and can be worn or worn after 15 minutes and washed in as little as 15 minutes.
HOUSEHOLD REPAIRS THAT ARE DURABLE The adhesive forms a lasting, permanent bond with fabric and leather that is waterproof, flexible,
A non-refundable donation The following toxic formula is used The glue is composed of natural latex and it is acid-proof It should be free but not compulsory The dangers of toxins
REPAIRS THAT ARE SHORT AND EASY AND HAVE There is no need for heat, ironing, or solvents in applying this application
A mix of indoor and outdoor use is recommended This machine is great for repairs on clothing, leather, upholstery, home décor, sport and marine gear, among other things!

Questions & Answers

How would it work on a jacket with a woven sports patch?

As long as the jacket is a cloth and not a vinyl or leather jacket, yes, I agree. In order for it to stick, it needs to "grab" something to adhere to and it practically "grabs" cloth. Keep the TM under the patch and not let it bleed out. It may slightly discolor fabric, so be careful not to let it bleed out from under the patch. You can add more if you need it by starting out with a small amount and growing from there.

Do Muck boots need to be repaired with this product?

The part of the boot that gets cut depends on what part of the boot gets cut. *
This product has been formulated primarily for the adhering of porous and semi-porous surfaces Fabric and leather are two porous materials that go well together. My questions about its strength are based on its use of smooth plastics, specifically when stressed.

Even if the top is closed properly, does it leave a residue if it is not used often?

Several years ago, we bought a set of these after seeing a commercial about them. My memory is that it was part of a three-pack. There are three sizes large, medium, and small. As a "just in case" item, I rarely have to use it - we purchased it as a "just-in-case" item. I love how well it works. Nevertheless, it is tricky to get it right I would apply it with a quick, light touch in order to prevent it from seeingping through fabric. The fabric dries quickly, too. My eyes are a bit too fast for this. Anyhow, I hadn't used it in a while, but I needed to use it a couple of times on fabric I was crafting with last year. It took me a while to get used to it the first few times I used it There was nothing to be found. When I opened the cap I found that the liquid inside had dried up. I shook the bottle again, but I couldn't hear much movement. While pulling the thick, strong skin out of the bottle, I realized there was still liquid inside (as it splashed on my hands while I was working on the glue skin). I thought that perhaps other uses could be found for the bottle so I continued to use it. I wiggled the dried skin off once I was able to wiggle it out A small amount of glue was in the bottle, and it could be used. Once that was done, I put the cap back on I needed it again the second time The situation is different now This is the same In the bottle, there was a layer of glue that I had to remove before I could use it. In the bottle, I was able to use some glue gel that I had previously removed. Each time, the glue seals up in a thick skin. I don't know how much of this expensive glue is drying in the bottle, but it's enough that I know I probably will end up losing a lot of it. The UNUSED bottles that have just sat there for a while are so large and medium that I am afraid to go look at them. As with the previous product, it is amazing how well it works once you know I guess I'm a bit disappointed with the skins on this bottle Hopefully I didn't waste a great deal of money on it. One might buy one small bottle at a time, during a sale, and have it shipped to their home. There is no need to get this unless it is an absolute necessity.

What is the color of the dried product? There is a tear on my snake leather shoes that I would like to repair. What are the chances of it staying? Would you like to suggest another product if not?

For dark fabrics, it is not a clear drying process. The snake leather tear in a shoe may not be able to be repaired with this. There is no guarantee the product will be tough enough and flexible enough to handle this

Selected User Reviews For Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 2 oz Bottle, TG-2

There will no longer be a way to return this to Amazon

a negative review that was popular in the past that said you could get a bad one if you were unlucky While you'll have to go through the inconvenience of exchanging it, once you locate a good one its totally worth it. My intention was to try it and see if it worked The worst that could happen is that Amazon would give me a new one that works. we did not have any previous experience with this, Amazon refused to accept the returned item. I had no luck getting it to stick and This stuff discolored my shirt! I used it on faux leather, wood, and plastic - nothing worked! There has yet to be a successful bonding.

Koda Warner
Koda Warner
| Feb 21, 2021
Stinky garbage in its purest form

The following is a translation of this sentence The following has been updated It turns out, that glue actually works super well, but it does not have a long shelf life, meaning a lot of people end up with old Basically, it works as advertised, though you will have to send a batch back two or three times before you get some fresh ones. It is solid in the bottle as the whole tube of adhesive is included in it. It was all over my kitchen when I squeezed it. It was a stinky white substance with the consistency of milk. Only one drop of liquid remained in the bottle, and it wasn't sticky either.

Alistair Shaw
Alistair Shaw
| Jun 08, 2021
The glue was dried up when it was delivered

[I am giving this one star pending a replacement. I received my order, but the glue inside the bottle was solid, even though the bottle was sealed. [See photos] The bottom of the box has the date stamp of In the meantime, I must return this item, and I will update my review once the replacement has arrived. In case I continue to receive dried out glue, this is a vendor problem and I'll need to locate a different.

Jocelyn Mooney
Jocelyn Mooney
| Mar 02, 2021
I was very happy with this! Without difficulty, repaired five tears as large as a football

Earlier this week, my husband asked me to buy him this. It is obvious that he is a construction worker because his jeans are always torn. In the end, I questioned him about the reviews to ensure that he wanted this. My customer told me that he already used it before and it worked, so he wanted more of it. My original skepticism did not change, and I bought the book anyway. I got his jeans with holes in them just in time for me to fix them when this mail arrived. After reading the directions, I realized how basic they are. You should shake the bottle first to mix it well. To apply the tear mender, follow the steps below. The manual also states that if it is a hard tear, the tear mender can be applied both to the patch and around it. After letting the paint dry for 3 minutes, remove it from the water. These are pretty basic directions, so I was prepared to give it a shot. A shake was given to the bottle. He had several tears in his eye, so I decided that the best way to deal with them was to apply the tear mender both around the tear patch and to the edges. A surprise to me was how runny the tear mender was. It was my expectation that it would be thick, like glue, but it isn't. The application is extremely simple, even to the point of being messy since sometimes it comes out faster than anticipated. In this case, I applied it first around the tear, then to the patch. As I glued the patch around all of the edges with my fingers, I made sure that it adhered completely. Since it pretty much just rubs right off my fingers, I didn't need to worry if it got on them. There was no need for me to do anything else but Perfect! I'm so glad I tried this tear mender! Patches stuck on all of his machines without a hitch. In addition to being pleased with how well it worked, my husband was as well. Since I wasn't certain how well it would work, I only bought one bottle (my husband wanted me to buy two). With more than half of the bottle of tear mender left, I was able to repair five huge tears in three pairs of jeans.

Magnus Rich
Magnus Rich
| Jul 23, 2021
I like this stuff a lot

For my son's wool tweed jacket, as well as my husband's Spyder ski pants, I've used this. These garments were both torn in the fabric - not a seam - and I had to find an "invisible" way to fix them. My seamstress skills are excellent as well. While getting out of a car, my son caught one of the vents of his sport coat, tore a 3/4" vertical rip in the fabric, and tore off a 3/4" horizontal rip. A three-course meal was prepared by the Bish's The only problem is. A permanent repair that is indistinguishable to the naked eye. It appears that the mend on the ski pants is not very visible, although I would expect it to be hard to miss. Specifically, in an area where the Thinsulate was sewn into layers for insulation and close to a zipper for thigh venting). Metals such as iron My iron-on patch would not stick to the plastic backing (I tried several times The second time around!). It was obvious that if the tear was not repaired, there would be a lot of issues The seam would "run" vertically down the entire front of the pant leg if not repaired. After applying the Bish's, I held the edges together for about five minutes (until I was sure they had stuck), and then I let the pants sit for a half hour to make sure they were fully adhered. I found a solution and it worked! In addition to the tan, there is a brown stain- There is a colored line where the tear was, and it feels slightly rubbery where the tear was. made of My pants were sized 1 1/2, so I used the Bish's to hem them when I realized this worked so well My husband finds this length to be half an inch too long, and my sewing machine cannot handle sewing through layers of ultra I also found that it worked well in this case. In addition, these were both fast, easy, and very inexpensive repairs on very expensive garments that otherwise would have been.

Stetson Valencia
Stetson Valencia
| May 08, 2021
Instead of calling it a miracle healer, they should call it "A miracle mender"! Any kind of fabric I work with, this glue is my first choice! The stuff here is fantastic! Okay I admit that it was my husband who introduced me to the stuff, and he uses it for work pretty much every day

He is a union ironworker and they take a very hard and rough stance on their work apparel from day to day, and everything they wear gets torn or ripped every time they go home. It is amazing how well it adheres to fabric, you can't find a stronger or better adhesive to stick to fabric. My husband has used it for 30 years. As long as you have some time to manipulate your fabric if needed, it is workable to a point where it does not cure in a few minutes like others do. I have successfully applied it to just about every fabric, except carpet. . . I'll keep you posted. Highly recommended for repairing torn clothing, jackets, blankets, furniture upholstery, leather. . . I have used it on just about every fabric except carpet. An excellent purchase for someone in the construction field, the building trades, or anyone who enjoys being in the outdoors. If you need to fix a hole in an umbrella, leather jacket, or tent, you can use it. There is no doubt that this is the strongest and best fabric adhesive on earth! Anything else is a waste of time and My sole reason for using it is that I It's funny since the pants in the picture have been patched with tear mender for three years and my husband Terry wears them every week to work.

Anne Patton
Anne Patton
| Feb 05, 2021

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