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Swingline Paper Cutter, Guillotine Trimmer, 12" Cut Length, 10 Sheet Capacity, ClassicCut Lite (9312)

Swingline Paper Cutter, Guillotine Trimmer, 12 Swingline Paper Cutter, Guillotine Trimmer, 12 Swingline Paper Cutter, Guillotine Trimmer, 12 Swingline Paper Cutter, Guillotine Trimmer, 12 Swingline Paper Cutter, Guillotine Trimmer, 12 Swingline Paper Cutter, Guillotine Trimmer, 12

Swingline Paper Cutter, Guillotine Trimmer, 12" Cut Length, 10 Sheet Capacity, ClassicCut Lite (9312)

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It's very easy to use the With sharp guillotine blades and a handy alignment grid, Lite trimmer is simple and easy to use. It has a sturdy plastic base, as well as being lightweight and easy to use
A 12" cutting length usually means the following As a result of its 12" cutting length, it's a practical choice for most daily trimming jobs. It can be used either at home or at the workplace
10 sheets of paper are cut Perfect for everyday use, this handy little trimmer cuts through paper, photos, and more, cutting up to 10 sheets at once
An alignment grid is used for precision cuts that are designed for accuracy. With its dual scale ruler, you can measure in both inches and centimeters with ease, regardless of your preference for one system over another
These safety features are available As the blade is being used, the guard rail keeps fingers safe from the blade. Trimmer arm is securely locked in place when not in use by the blade latch hook

Questions & Answers

How about cutting three sheets of card stock (say the thickness of index cards) with this tool?

A sheet of card stock is not more than two pages long. It is not capable of going beyond one piece of 65lb cardstock without fraying the edges on our menus, I found out at a restaurant I work at. It's not professional at all.

How well would this work for cutting cardboard, like the kind used to ship Could you please thank me?

You might be wondering what I did in response to your question. Well, I tried cutting a heavy cardboard box that had been used for shipping produce. As I cut the cardboard into several pieces I noticed that it cut smoothly but with a little resistance (a little bit In light of this, you should have no problems using the board and guard provided that they are within their dimensions.

Do you have a self-healing blade Do you need to sharpen?

In the package, it is clearly stated You can do it yourself Taking care of your blade

Are you able to cut vinyl laminate material, such as upholstery fabric?

My use of it was to cut laminate pages (5 mil), and it worked perfectly. Both the blade and handle are in good condition.

Selected User Reviews For Swingline Paper Cutter, Guillotine Trimmer, 12" Cut Length, 10 Sheet Capacity, ClassicCut Lite (9312)

For precise cutting, this is not a good choice

The following is a translation of this sentence My machine is primarily used to cut art and craft materials rather than office-related type cuts. It is easy to assemble, very sharp, and the blade stays up on its The rest of it, besides the blade, is made of plastic, which makes it lightweight and easy to carry. Having said that, I have two complaints about The first reason is that when you cut into the center of a piece of paper as opposed to just cutting off the edges, it is very difficult to get the precision cut you desire. There is also a green bar that is attached to the right side of the instrument. It prevents you from cutting longer papers since the paper must go under the bar. I have a video for you.

Rodrigo Ward
Rodrigo Ward
| Jul 08, 2021
A final review has been made

I have other Fiskers items that I own and this one does not meet their standards. Since I received this cutter last year, I've used it quite a bit. It has a lot of good reviews, so I'll just skip to the pros and cons. There are several pro's to this A year ago, it cut as well as it does today. Cardstock, chipboard, and paper were all cut by me The blade has probably been cut a few thousand times. It is also Cracking or sticking has never been an issue for me. I like how it balances out. There are some cons to this One of the biggest problems with the product, and the reason for my low rating, is that the handle, blade, and grid aren't aligned correctly. You have to align your paper with the vertical grid or it will show up off-centered. In other words, if you align it to the horizontal grid, you will have a problem. Calculate it based on a guess, and it will be wrong. The best way to cut paper evenly is to prepare it beforehand For my unit, I measured with a ruler. keep the handle down rarely keeps it in place for more than a few minutes at a time. When it falls off, it is broken. In addition, you must hold the paper down as close to the guard as you can or a slippage towards an incorrect cut will result. My budget has been tight, but I'm finally going to I am sad because this one still cuts but the hassle of never having even one page without a few extra steps is a hassle I would rather not deal with at this time. There are no other units having this issue, so I hope that my unit was faulty. I can definitely relate to what you went through, so I thought I'd share it in case it happens to anyone Because I believed that I must be doing something wrong, I never asked for a replacement. Having botched my cuts for a year, I decided to ask someone else to try again. It was only when their cuts were also unsuccessful that I realized the issue was.

Reginald Stanley
Reginald Stanley
| Mar 28, 2021
It was disappointing to see such poor quality

For a long time, I had been thinking of buying a paper cutter like this. Perhaps I should have chosen another type or brand, but I am disappointed by these three aspects This is the first sign that something is wrong. There is a small pattern on the cutting edge, so you must align the paper slightly off center to achieve a straight cut. Then, write the following. As soon as you lift the handle, and as you position your paper, you will find that it won't stay upright. When I lift the handle up with my body, it drops about an inch, so I have to hold it up so I can slide the paper under the blade, and
3. It is very difficult to pop the lock on the bottom side of the blade open, so by lifting the handle, you can get access to the blade. There is a chance that I might cut myself on the blade if I slip.
I am really disappointed in this paper cutter, but do not want to go through the hassle of returning it. A single thing I like-you can actually cut paper with the blade. In light of these facts, I would not have purchased the game, even though problem #2 was obvious.

| Apr 08, 2021
The intended use of this item is perfect! This paper trimmer was bought specifically for use in the creation of products for my Etsy shop

It does a great job cutting laminated card stock, and I've found this trimmer ideal for this purpose. Furthermore, it makes a satisfying slicing noise when it slices! PERKS The following is my definition of br- The product appears to be well made*- Locks with safety features - It is satisfying noise! However, the cons are The following is my definition of br- A blade that comes down rather than slides can make it harder to make precise cuts. A little extra time is needed to align it. For a blade that will last longer, it will be a small price to pay.

Tobias Strong
Tobias Strong
| Apr 16, 2021
Marking is extremely hard to read, which impacts the accuracy of the measurements The paper does not cut well, however

I have been using this trimmer for a week and don't think I have to wait any longer to write this review, yet I cannot predict how long the blades will stay sharp. There are some great aspects of this trimmer, and some that I don't like so much. In my case, my use has been related to my paper crafting hobby and related There are many great aspects to this The following are the points you should be aware of. There is something sharp about the blade This card stock cutter cuts a single layer of 110# paper without any hassle. Copy paper of 20# is available as well. The majority of my cutting has been single layered as accurate cutting is more important to me than bulk cutting. It is light and sturdy at the same time. It does not slide on the Stores easily and is easy to move. The following three sentences describe the issue. There is a large working surface that can cut paper and card stock up to 12" by 12". This is not the case- The following aspects are great The following are the points you should be aware of. There is only one thing that prevents this trimmer from getting 5 stars its measurement You will likely be satisfied, even pleased with this trimmer if you have excellent vision and don't need utmost accuracy when cutting. It is described in paragraph 1. Using a pale gray color for the inches scale on the top of the trimmer speaks more about its aesthetics than its functionality. In old age or with a condition that impairs your vision, it can be very difficult to read the lighter gray body. In the top portion, the scale is marked in 1/8" increments, which is fine, but it would have been great to see 1/16ths. My problem is that the scale markings don't go all the way to the edge of the paper stops (this is very difficult to describe), so when the paper is pressed against the paper stop, there is a gap between the paper and scale, making it hard to be precise. I look forward to seeing you again around the house. Two scales are in the bottom 5 inches In the top one, metric units are used, and in the one below, inch units are used. It is helpful to use this scale if you are cutting something longer than 5 inches for alignment, but if you are cutting something shorter you must use the lower scale exclusively. I will include There is just as little lift at the pivot or connection point of the guillotine blade, so it is necessary to use extra care to move paper or card stock We'd like to see it rise just a little bit more. The X200 could be a good paper trimmer for you if you only need it for tasks that don't need a very precise measurement, and if you're fairly young and/or have excellent eyesight. A low price and excellent build quality are the main benefits of this product. The result will probably be frustration if you cannot distinguish marked items from the background, and need contrast between the markings and background. I will use this for another week or so so I can see if any 'workarounds' become apparent to me so I can make it more accurate for my poor sight, and if not, I will.

Ahmad Valentine
Ahmad Valentine
| Apr 16, 2021

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