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Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 12inch, black/silver (CUI12210) Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 12inch, black/silver (CUI12210) Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 12inch, black/silver (CUI12210) Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 12inch, black/silver (CUI12210) Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 12inch, black/silver (CUI12210) Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 12inch, black/silver (CUI12210) Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 12inch, black/silver (CUI12210)

Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 12inch, black/silver (CUI12210)

Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 12inch, black/silver (CUI12210) Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 12inch, black/silver (CUI12210) Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 12inch, black/silver (CUI12210) Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 12inch, black/silver (CUI12210) Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 12inch, black/silver (CUI12210) Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 12inch, black/silver (CUI12210) Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 12inch, black/silver (CUI12210)
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A heavy-duty 36-sheet rotary trimmer with carbide blade, Patented rail system, calibrated metal base board and magnetic paper guide along with
Ideal for trimming jobs that require the highest level of precision.
Using the patented locking rail mechanism, the paper will be held in place firmly while the precision cutting blades offers accurate results.
A standard 20-pound sheet of paper can be cut up to 36 times.
A limited lifetime warranty is provided (except for cutting mats and blades). A model number for the Carl is DC-210N/CUI12210
Trimmer that cuts paper in an environmentally friendly manner
Using a sturdy metal base board and adjustable magnetic paper guide, materials can be arranged and stored
Extra blades and cutting mats can be stored in the handy storage compartment
There are an additional cutting mat, straight blade, and perforating blade included in the package
This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty, that does not cover the blade and

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me how small the ruler lines actually are on the board? The margin on the top and bottom of the page must be cut off for certain factors, such as I would suggest a 75 inch off edge, then a 3 inch in. Can you tell me what size 25 inch is?

In order to determine exact measurements, I make a template out of heavy cardboard or heavy cardstock, or even out of craft chipboard material in the size of 1/8". That has been my most helpful method for being exact when I'm asking for it. As a bonus, I can also label the template with what size it is and save it for future layouts. With the sliding magnetic bar, you can adjust it right up to the edge of the template. is slightly skewed and not perfectly centered along its grid lines. The problem is also resolved as a result of this. My paper is then cut exactly to the size I want, with the help of the template. As the magnetic bar started to slip over time, I now place at least one or two heavy 25# magnet knobs on the outside edge of the bar, which has prevented this problem from occurring altogether. There are currently only two problems for me. One is when my spouse takes out the set up for his work and fails to return it afterward. Fortunately, I have been able to put up with that or have for the past 16 years since he loves my cutter and ignores the 15" rotary trimmer he has been using for over 20 years before It was his wish to own one, so I bought it for him and he used it for years. We both became hooked as soon as we heard about Carl. It is not the original one we have. It is quite a clear plastic cutter made of plastic rather than yellow. imagine that the yellow might make it easier for you to see an edge much more clearly along the outside edge, particularly if you wanted to trim a hair off of an edge to make it look more even occasions, my printer prints a photo card that is split in half slightly off center, exposing the back, and the easiest way to fix this is just to trim it This is still a habit I still have when creating a new template. It can be made again or remade. Fortunately, I seem to have enough templates made to cover almost all my needs on a daily basis, so I can set it up in an instant, and the magnetic knobs on Amazon really hold the bar in place so it does not slip. The magnetic rectangle bar that came with the sewing machine did not work as well as the stronger magnets.

Is it possible to cut one sheet of 100# card stock smoothly with this cutter, as well as many sheets, or would I need a different cutter for one sheet of card stock?

This is what I use almost every day to cut 100# card stock. It is usually me who cuts 4 The process takes at least three passes, but usually it is more than five sheets at a time. It is not possible for me to cut more than two sheets of 100# card stock in one pass.

Do these trimmers really work well? I've tried so many before & they all seem to be off a tiny bit. Cards are my business, so precision is a must for me! ?

A precision of one is a precision of one Straight line with two points, 2 3. Angle should be correct, 3 Ensure that the size/measurement is correct. You curve your arm when you have a lot of paper on your hands, if you apply a little force in any direction to the handle, the cut will curve as well. You cannot rely on its correct angle unless you move it again and test, plus the magnetic cutting guide arm does not stay straight all the time, and it does not stop papers from falling under it. The angle depends on how and where you pick up and move the trimmer. Lines of both thick and thin thickness were used in the drawing of the square boxes. At inch level, that is one, two, three, and so forth, the lines are thick, which makes it difficult for you to have the perfect placement of the paper for the measurements. All the papers should seem to have been cut correctly after separate cuts, but when you bring all the papers together, none of them will have been. It is possible to avoid these problems with some training and experience as well as

What are the cutting capabilities of this machine?

A paper cutter is not the same thing as Make the right choice about the tool you use for the

Selected User Reviews For Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 12inch, black/silver (CUI12210)

This is a good book for crafters, but The fact that I had to return this beautifully crafted item is the worst part, but it worked out in the end

Firstly, it's a lightweight and beautifully designed paper cutter with a very convenient locking mechanism, a grid with commonly used codes, and a locking mechanism for cutting paper This is an example of measurements used. As I have used it only a few times, I have been happy with the results. You will appreciate its effortless glide and satisfying noise (which is not a super important feature Nevertheless, I still have to say it). I found out that it didn't cut directly in a straight line. In fact, the cuts tend to be slightly I use the word slightly in it's literal sense. The majority of my time is spent on my business Being a time artist means precision is of the utmost importance to me, and my eye for accuracy is very sharp. Therefore, this was a point that I considered to be a major problem with this paper cutter.

I have attached a picture of an edge that I cut using the trimmer (as per the directions) and lined up on my Alvin grid, as an example. you perceive that there is a lack of straightness, then you should not buy a By all means, purchase this thing if it's not. Other than that, it works great. I looked at the trimmer closely and believe the issue is that the paper holding mechanism moves somewhat even when it should be locked down, which causes the blade to run on a track that is not exactly So, I'm going to invest a little more money and get an HFS cutter as well, which is probably what I should have done from the start. I couldn't resist this one because it looked so lightweight and sleek (and was cheaper).

Martha O’BRIEN
Martha O’BRIEN
| Oct 23, 2020
The construction is high quality and the trimmer performs well

To write a review, I waited a few months. In the past, I had tried several cutters and liked them at first, but found out they lost their appeal when I used them. Something that leaves clean lines and cuts straight was what I was looking for. After reading some reviews, I was a bit concerned that it wouldn't do any cutting after a while. I found that to be The blade had been used a lot and I realized it may need to be replaced given the volume of cutting. Having replaced the blade, I was able to continue using the machine. In view of my work with paper, I work in 4-inch columns 4 shifts per day, 5 hours per shift When I work out six days a week, I usually find that a blade lasts five weeks or so. After the roller blade becomes uneven on the paper, I know it is time to change it. The purchase has been a great experience for me. Almost every type of material is cut, ranging from thick to extremely thin To leave that sharp clean cut I want, I want to cut between thicknesses. There have been trimmers that were equal in price that just seemed to wear out (one came with a never replace blade, but don't believe that tale in two months, it started tearing paper rather than cutting it). I have had my best results in terms of money and At first, I had some difficulty with loading (the pad has a lockdown step), but once I got my head around it, it is awesome and I love the fact that once locked, If the blade is old it may slip on thick layers (again especially with multi thick layers), but it still cuts cleanly, and the slip can be avoided with help. that it does not do sliver trimming well (such as thread width), but I have never had much luck with trimmers that do that. Although I read some reviews on photo cutting, which I do not do, I can say that when something needs to be straightened, it is the only one I have found that does so. I read some reviews on line cutting, as well, but I don't do that. The glossy photo paper worked just fine for me when I cut it. I cut 100 pieces of meat). It is a quality product and I bought enough blades to use it for a long time. It is only 2 pounds weight but I find that it is very handy. The cutting runner can be used four ways, and I turn it every time I change blades just because it sounds right. I like the idea of a fresh blade and a fresh runway. As well as the overall weight, I appreciate that it is not too light, nor is it so heavy that it is difficult to move. This stool appears to be well made, as there seems to be no breakage or separation of any parts after several months of use.

Heaven Norman
Heaven Norman
| Dec 31, 2020
This paper trimmer has a few design flaws, but is still a decent product

In addition to cutting and scoring handmade cards, I bought this trimmer. This paper cutter doesn't perform as many tasks as I expected, but it has still proved to be an improvement over my old one. The pros include The following items can be purchased separately This model does not score card stock properly)
• The plastic guard makes it difficult to cut smaller paper sizes (under 4").

The magnetic paper guide is a neat option, but is There is an issue with it fitting exactly to the rail, so it ends up at a slight angle when you Unsuitable for cutting straight lines with your paper! Make sure you double-check after you cut I have to check the position of the guide every time I move it. It would be better if it either fit exactly into the rail or extended the full length of the cutting board to allow it to fit I also encounter some issues with the magnet remaining strong enough, and the rail sometimes shifts under my fingers as I cut, resulting in We are now going to score. The hand aches and soreness I feel after 15+ minutes of hand scoring (with a bone folder and a scoring board) comes from making large quantities of greeting card blanks at a time. In my mind, I hoped the rotary trimmer would allow me to trim As a result of the combination of.

Everett Christian
Everett Christian
| Feb 19, 2021

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