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MBI 802035Brag Book with Frame 36 Pocket 4

MBI 802035Brag Book with Frame 36 Pocket 4"X6"-Black with White Dots

MBI 802035Brag Book with Frame 36 Pocket 4
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This brag book style photo album offers a cute and affordable way to showcase your favorite photos
It has a front sheet with a window measuring 4-1/2 by 2-1/2 inches and finished with a coated paper cover
Taking all your pictures with you while on the go is easy with this travel case
The patterns are sold separately and come in different designs
This box holds 36 photos in 4x6 inches

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me if the pictures are displayed vertically or horizontally?

In the book, the openings are at the top of each page. But if you turn the book 180 degrees, they are Another reviewer mentioned that it was not obvious how to alter the cover picture, so on the cover is a generic picture.

Picture sizes up to 4 inches can be accommodated by this device. The size of a 5x6 inch photo?

My pictures were all 3 X 5 so I can't think so since they're all small.

It's a product with a 9-dimensional shape. Are you sure that you entered 2 in error?

No, that does not appear to be the case. Photo book titled "This is a great book"

Can you tell me how many 4x6s that are in it and how big it is?

There were a lot of pictures involved, but I cannot remember how many. This is an excellent album.

Selected User Reviews For MBI 802035Brag Book with Frame 36 Pocket 4"X6"-Black with White Dots

I like the look of it, and the quality is terrific

The album is designed to be given as a small gift. I was surprised at the quality of the products considering that they were only $3 apiece when I ordered them (although I see the price has gone up since then). In addition to looking good with black and white photos, the black and white scheme is also easy on the eyes. It is comprised of 18 pages, each of which can fit two sheets The back of a four by six print Back to you. There are pockets to slip prints into, and all of the pages are well bound to the spine. A great deal of attention was paid to consistency and detail in the creation of the covers. This covers allows you to slip a photo or title page inside, and it also comes with a plastic sheet to protect the image. It measures 75 inches wide by 6 inches high. The dimensions of the print are 5"H by 1". 25" in diameter. There are about 2 inches of space in front of the window A 5/8-inch wide by 4 inch long measure Approximately 1/2" high. All in all, these are high quality items that look great and I'd buy them I'm very happy with it.

Sasha Dixon
Sasha Dixon
| Dec 22, 2020
The little album is nice

It was bought so I can put my photo booth and instax Polaroid photos in it. A pair of standard photo booth strips will fit perfectly in this frame. It's funny because I turned the front image around and wrote "NUDES" on it This isn't a naked album. There is a fair amount of pictures and I don't have any complaints about it. The price is reasonable and there are a lot I recommend it.

Kendall Nunez
Kendall Nunez
| Feb 15, 2021
High quality at a low price

Thinness is very obvious from the outside. A bit like cardboard. I've used it and found it to be quite good As long as I had the purposes that I had, it was fine. I'd not recommend giving this as a There is an air of cheapness about it. You'd think the pictures would be better quality, but I'm not sure.

Thiago McKnight
Thiago McKnight
| Aug 23, 2020
Previously incorrect reviews have been corrected

The book's cover did not allow it to be customised with a photo, as several reviewers complained. This photo book was appealing to me, and it seemed to be well-produced My printer was broken, so I decided to print it & see what happened A cropped photo can be downloaded & printed Insert it into the space under the cover. We just got it, & In the slit between the spine and the brain I found that there is a small hole The cover of the book allows for easy insertion of photos.

Emilia Kirby
Emilia Kirby
| Jan 18, 2021
I really like your photo album

The photos of my granddaughter and I that occurred that year go into a photo book that I make each year for my granddaughter. She lives out of town, so this allows her to see all the photos of us Her favorite books are the ones that I have given her (she is only 2). My choice for this year was this brag book, both for the quality of the cover and the durability. It is much more durable than the one I had last year the one I had last year was rather fragile.

Julianna Richards
Julianna Richards
| Oct 09, 2020
Three bucks is a good price for this Brag Book

I think it is a very good Brag Book for the price of The 49th figure! Our ability to obtain all of it so quickly and how badly we needed it contributed to it being better. At approximately 1pm, we ordered 20 of them and received them at about 7pm, without any Because we were not able to find Brag Books in dollar stores or big box stores, we are glad we bought the Brag Books. The PRO's are The cover picture is very inexpensive. The 36 count for pictures is convenient. The cons are that the plastic sleeves can tear and rip. The tip
Yes, the plastic is thin and could tear, so we took the time to insert it gently. During the process, we stood the books on end, placed the pictures at the top, and inserted the pictures faster and easier, so we could insert the pictures from above. There is only one small tear. Hopefully, this information will be of help to you.

Bodie Pearson
Bodie Pearson
| May 10, 2021
The photo album is very simple and cute

My girlfriend and I were looking for a cheap (but nice) photo album for holding photos from photo booths, and this is perfect! You can fit a total of 36 photos in the 18 double-sided pages. A simple slide lets you change the front photo easily as the front cover slides out from the side.

Foster Santana
Foster Santana
| Nov 22, 2020
There's nothing to worry about Having a good value is important

In addition to the price being right, it does its job well. The front of the album was very hard to get because I had difficulty getting the picture there. There is a lot of tight space, so it was really hard to get the phone in. Despite my best efforts, I doubt I could return it to its original condition.

Makenna Middleton
Makenna Middleton
| Aug 26, 2020

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