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Pioneer Photo SBX12BB Pioneer 12 Inch by 12 Inch 3-Ring Leatherette Inset Frame and Ribbon Closure Memory Book Box, Baby Blue

Pioneer Photo SBX12BB Pioneer 12 Inch by 12 Inch 3-Ring Leatherette Inset Frame and Ribbon Closure Memory Book Box, Baby Blue Pioneer Photo SBX12BB Pioneer 12 Inch by 12 Inch 3-Ring Leatherette Inset Frame and Ribbon Closure Memory Book Box, Baby Blue

Pioneer Photo SBX12BB Pioneer 12 Inch by 12 Inch 3-Ring Leatherette Inset Frame and Ribbon Closure Memory Book Box, Baby Blue

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A leatherette cover and inset frame are attached to the spine of this 12" x 12" memory book
A photo-safe page protector and white insert are included in this set
An acid-, lignin-, and PVC-free design with a three-ring binding system of the highest quality.
This notebook has white stitching and a ribbon closure it accepts page refills (sold separately).
A little over 13 1/5 by 14 1/2 by 2 1/5 inches in size

Questions & Answers

Which method is used for affixing the photos to the page? Is it possible to place pictures in a book using photo corners? What do the pages look like? Do they have pockets or plastic?

There are 20 photos in this book Invest in white paper inserts and page protectors that keep your documents safe. I find it difficult to describe it but, basically, there are 20 plastic inserts to put As a result, they serve as a page protector. To decorate the inserts, you could print the pictures on 12x12 paper or a 12x12 page and then place them in large plastic pockets (kind of like a pocket). Thank you for your help!

If the memory book comes with a total of 10 page protectors equaling 20 pages, or if it comes with a total of 20 page protectors equaling 40 pages, what is the number of actual page protectors?

Barbi says The scrapbook was purchased more than two years ago, so I don't know how many pages it contains. As far as I remember, it had 20 pages (two-sided), which would give you 40 in total.

Can you tell me how many pages the book has? What kind of ethanol do you prefer? Is there a limit to the number of pages it can Ideally, I would like a document that holds approximately ?

(As stated in the description) There is a total of 20 pages. The number of pages in my book/box has increased from 20 to 50 since I purchased extra page protectors and scrapbook paper. The book still has a few more pages to fill. The number of pages you can place in a scrapbook may differ based on what you put in Stickers or decals that are thick). I believe it is the best. I would estimate there are 50 or so pages. It is my opinion that the book/box I ordered is built perfectly for my needs. It keeps everything neat and tidy in my home. Adding more pages is so easy with this 3 ring binder. My first purchase has already been made for more scrapbooking in the future.

Would it be possible for you to add objects like your first tooth, your first haircut, or an award?

It will come in a box with a photograph in the frame on the cover that can be added by the user. There will be pages with photos when you open it.

Selected User Reviews For Pioneer Photo SBX12BB Pioneer 12 Inch by 12 Inch 3-Ring Leatherette Inset Frame and Ribbon Closure Memory Book Box, Baby Blue

I highly recommend it to grandmothers

I am updating my review because I now have a baby grandson and thus purchased the blue scrabble book. There are no significant changes to my basic review. The design appeals to grandmothers for a variety of reasons. Post-type scrapbooks are a thing of the past with this product. With the Sleeves feature, additional pages can be easily added without the need to use tiny, easily lost It only takes a few seconds to add the extra sleeves, snap it closed, and you're ready to show off your photos. In addition to its size, it is the perfect fit for A kid passes through it Verify the strength of the material. In front of my grandchildren's pictures and the three rings - which were not torn apart by their small hands - I laid it on the floor for them to see. contains a box that you can use to store small items related to the child that you have collected over time. There is a caveat, however. It is imperative that you order additional labeled page sleeves for this work. You won't need to pay more than what you would for sleeve sleeves for other scrapbook brands, and they will all be a uniform size. I don't know the dimensions, but you can get that information from the description on the amazon page.

Harris Ryan
Harris Ryan
| May 25, 2021
It is the best scrapbook I have ever seen

It is the best scrapbook I have ever seen. I have purchased at least twelve if not more, and I intend to order more. I saved everything I owned while growing up and am now 76 years old. After going through boxes of birthday cards, Mother's Day cards, letters from Christmas cards, birthday party invitations from the grandchildren, etc. , I organized them into scrapbooks for each child and then returned the books back to the child who is grateful to have these items back. After I created these scrapbooks, I used them to collect and place historic photos and newspaper articles gleaned from newspapers in an oral history project. Commencing with 1900, there are websites like Amazon. com, etc. Each set of years researched was made up of three duplicate scrapbooks. Right now, I have six of these scrapbooks that I use for my daughter's photos and other material from her three week European vacation in the You can turn it into a box by tying the top and putting it at the bottom. That is an excellent way for them to stack. These are excellent. I can't speak highly enough of them. I highly recommend it.

Simon Deleon
Simon Deleon
| Jul 24, 2020
Memory box pioneered by Bernice Parnell

The book and memory box were given to my daughter by me as a unique wedding gift. Despite its small size, it's well-crafted and deep enough to hide a lot of stuff. To decorate her book, I sent some of the pages which were accompanied by stickers to each of her bridal party members. As well as a party book, an instant camera and extra film, I included a "Kiss the Miss Goodbye" instant camera. Everything was to her liking and she only wishes that it had been at This would be a good purchase for me, and I may buy one for my own use.

Eve Rocha
Eve Rocha
| Feb 09, 2021
It is an ideal size for our little one's things

It was important for me to have something in which to put things for my baby girl. Sadly, we lost our daughter when I was induced at 20 weeks, but I wanted a place to keep things from the hospital, such as her little blanket, hat, and pictures. The size and durability of this box were excellent. It was easy for me to put her picture in the front, so she could see her picture, then I fitted all her things inside, and then there was a little tie at the top to keep I love how thick the binder is so I never have to worry about anything getting damaged and there is plenty of room for everything. I'm extremely happy with this purchase because I searched as much as possible to find the right.

Analia Lambert
Analia Lambert
| Aug 15, 2020
The price is excellent, and the design is Using a service would have cost money and time

My aunt researched and documented our family history solo, without relying on anyone else. Her book is so beautiful, and I am so pleased to have her hard work in such a My favorite part of the storage box is how sturdy it is. You could give this as a gift to someone special. Upon reading reviews I decided to order this binder, and I am pleased with the purchase.

Eric Singleton
Eric Singleton
| Jul 14, 2020
The quality is great! Your inclusion of pages is much appreciated

A very nice album was what I wanted for a scrapbook I was making as a gift for a friend. The pages do not get damaged as quickly as with traditional 3 ring binders when using D ring The file came with a lot of 12x12" pages in page protectors- that wasn't what I expected It was a plus for me! It was a very satisfactory item for me and for my friend. It's nice that you closed the presentation with a ribbon. I am planning to buy a couple more in white to put in their wedding memorabilia.

Saint McCullough
Saint McCullough
| Jun 21, 2021
I really like that album! According to the reviews, I was expecting this to be a good album

I wish the ribbon had been more of a satin feel for a more upscale appearance, but it looked scratchy and It's not the end of the world. In addition, I was unable to put two 4x6 pictures next to each other, they did not fit and some of the pictures stuck out. It is more of a scrapbook book than a photo album, I knew. My favorite part about the album was how it came enclosed like a I am happy with the end result and would buy another album in the future if necessary.

Celine Torres
Celine Torres
| Jul 13, 2020
It looks beautiful on the outside, but it's very cheap inside

Three ring binders were the perfect choice for me because I wanted to include a few other items in the box, and I wanted to have flexibility in the box. Even before loading the album, I thought it was much heavier than I expected. Albums should have a nice, high-quality exterior, and I liked the overall look and feel of this one. It's the page protectors that are causing the problem It is a very cheap product At the ring hold, I had three rips, and at the bottom, I had two rips. It worked in post binders, but it is too large for this album. At home, I had standard page protectors that I used in post binders. The Pioneer refills are so bad that I refuse to buy them, so I amn't sure how I'm going to add more pages to them. Although the exterior looks nice, there appear to be issues with this Pioneer product. I have encountered issues with two Pioneer products in the past.

Coraline Ali
Coraline Ali
| Jul 11, 2020

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