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StandardGrip Adhesive Cutting Mat, 12 by 24-Inch, 2 Packs (4 Mats)

StandardGrip Adhesive Cutting Mat, 12 by 24-Inch, 2 Packs (4 Mats) StandardGrip Adhesive Cutting Mat, 12 by 24-Inch, 2 Packs (4 Mats)

StandardGrip Adhesive Cutting Mat, 12 by 24-Inch, 2 Packs (4 Mats)

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The Cricut Explore machine, Cricut Expression machine, and Cricut Expression 2 machine are all compatible with this cutter
There are two 12" x 24" adhesive cutting mats included in the two packs
get the best performance out of your mats, make sure you use the recommended materials Print stock, pattern paper, embossed card stock, iron-ons It comes in vinyl and on
If storing the mat, be sure a clear film cover is attached to shield the mat from dust and paper scraps
By using the scraper to get rid of any excess pieces, and the spatula to carefully remove the images that you cut

Questions & Answers

What about the Silhouette Cameo cutting machine? Will this mat work with that?

As far as my experience with this mat and my Silhouette Cameo is concerned, I have mixed results. This mat seems to be perfect for printing and cutting, but I had a cut file that went right to the edges of 12x12 paper and it did not cut correctly on this mat. In this case, the paper was cut 1/4 above the top edge. I won't end up using these mats for anything else than print and cut projects. They are cheaper than Silhouette mats.

When do you replace them or how many times is the clear cover replaced after each use (while there should be no residue left on the mat)?

There are two mats included in these packs. If I start using a new one, the date is written at the top of it in permanent marker. It took me about four months to wear out my last set This is the fifth month. The work I do ranges from 20 to 40 hours per week I order about 100 sheets of paper each week depending on my needs. Cardstock, paper, vinyl, and projector film sheets are the types of materials I use. To spin solid sheets, I use one side for printed cut outs and the other for cut outs of printed designs. They are really sturdy and I use them with my silhouette machine (so I get the most out of them). The mat gets sticky as it loses its stickiness, then I put it under water with a tiny bit of soap, use my hands to lightly scrub it clean, rinse and let it air The mats I bought are great! It has been about 2 and a half years since I started using circuit mats

Is there a way to get rid of the awful chemical smell? Somehow, either the plastic used in the mats or the adhesive used to affix them smell terrible. ?

While this question dates back to 2014, I still remember how you asked it. The Mat set I purchased arrived in brand new condition, in excellent condition. I don't like MAT's smell! No scent has ever sounded so strong when it comes to Mats! The GREEN one was too much for me after using it three times. As the temperature rises inside my laundry room, I attempt to air them out by hanging them all near an opened window. I am nauseated by the smell of CHEMICAL. It's too bad because I was looking forward to making cards for the New Year! It's not me, it's the mat. I haven't been able to use my machine until I get a new one.

Does this work with the large Cricut cake machine? I intend to use it to cut paper instead of fondant. ?

After some additional research, it appears you can use this machine for paper other than fondant, so long as it is for paper. Card stock is a better fit for this. If you plan to use light-weight paper, you should go for the light grip 12x12.

Selected User Reviews For StandardGrip Adhesive Cutting Mat, 12 by 24-Inch, 2 Packs (4 Mats)

I would like to see a better solution

Mats can only be purchased here, and they're by far the best in the industry. You won't find a better deal anywhere than on Amazon! This item can be found in most craft stores for around $13 Most won't allow you to use a coupon and most will charge you $15. However, what about the actual product? For your Cricut to work, you'll need to have this software. Cricut's Mat can be used with any of the other mats that you need to use. I can't think of anything particularly interesting about it. The mats that came with your Cricut are shown here. There is only one problem with them, and that is that they really don't last for a very long time before the sticky part fails. A fine paper dust tends to settle after handling paper products, which leave behind a residue after dealing. The glue will also get a little smeared each time you use the wedge to peel off your project. That will be a problem for you if you use a glitter sheet, if you have pets that shed, or if you have a messy It would be wise to save the plastic over the top that goes over the cover so that you can store them there. It's the only way I've been able to find on the internet to extend their life. I've read several "sticky recovery" methods online on how to extend their life. It's been a while since I tried It is said that certain cleaners can be used to clean them. That has not worked for me so far. I would not recommend that method unless you want to run the risk of having to replace the blade. Others have said they help renew the sticky effect with a tacky spray, but I would not advise that. So far, I have not found anything that fixes the worn-out pads other than you can tape the edges to keep them in place if you have a simple project. When you consider the price Amazon offers them at, it does not seem so bad, since you do get to use them for a few times before having to throw them out. In the past, I was getting pretty distressed when I paid nearly twice what I was used to paying. There needs to be a better way to renew these. While Provo Craft hasn't yet come up with one, it would be great if they did. There is no point in using that There's no doubt this is not a green choice.

My advice is to order two of these two packs, and keep one on hand for a rainy day. Cricult is a fun system, but it's an area where I'd prefer if they would invest more time in developing a better solution.

Marley Kerr
Marley Kerr
| Feb 02, 2021
This is what I bought thinking I could save a couple of dollars

Thinking I would be able to save a few dollars, I ordered these I am not so sure. We are not used to seeing the same flower pattern on these Cricut Mats because they are not original Cricut Mats. While others smelled strongly, my experience was not as bad. In fact, my experience was that they had almost It has a rather strong scent compared to the original Cricut Mats. The main problem with these stands out to me as the adhesive makes it hard to lift the paper off the mat without tearing it. I have had a few bad cuts because I couldn't do a clean job of removing them from the mats. Considering these issues, I'll go back to shopping at my local store or on the Cricut site. (UPDATE) I just purchased some more Cricut mats at Joannes and they looked just like the ones I just received, although some of them said appears that the ones I purchased here on Amazon were genuine Cricut mats, but the adhesive and design are different from what Cricut is currently providing. In any case, these are good mats at a good price.

Cedric Ayala
Cedric Ayala
| May 22, 2021
The sticky slick is too much! Crafting with vinyl and some paper is one of my favorite activities

preferred this brand because they were less expensive and shipped fast, but I will not be buying this brand Their sticky nature is out of control! They say these mats are sticky, but they don't seem to stick to me. Through my crafting years, I have purchased many supplies, but never have I been frustrated so badly! I have pictures from the time I tried to remove the vinyl, and there were either tears in the white backing or it was so hard to remove that the image that I cut would get so "curled" that the letters would pull away and be misshaped. It was easier to peel the paper off but again the edges were quite curled. I am trying to make these mats work, so I have put pieces of paper on different areas of the mat and so far it is working. This fix reduces the sticky properties of the product so that it can be removed without causing damage. (See image below For this fix. ) In addition, I found that when I loaded the image on my machine, the spacing was a little off, so I needed to keep my image lower on the page otherwise it would be In terms of price and shipping speed, I gave it two stars. There is a chance that if you have a cricket cutter that would not be an issue for you, but I have a different equipment and it does not work for me at all!.

Noelle Goodwin
Noelle Goodwin
| May 08, 2021
The only thing I don't like is the smell (lack of it), otherwise I really like it

This edit has been made It is so important to air out these before using that I had to come back and correct my misunderstanding. I had to let them air out well before I used them again because they smell awful (see original review). The smell even transferred to the paper I was cutting, so I had to let them air out well before using them A few days later I hung the mats from a skirt hanger (with clamps) and hung them near an open window to get rid of the smell. The ones in stores do not smell as bad, so I'm not sure if it is just Amazon's stock, but I think it is a concern. This is the original review They get a 5 out of 5 from me I would have given them a five-star rating if they did not smell that bad The cheaper the flea collar, the more insects they kill). As soon as they are opened, they smell terrible. If I open them again, I'll open them outside (on a nice day) and let the odor air out for a few hours so I don't suffer from a headache. *I use them with my Silhouette Cameo and it will be a while before I need to replace them, since they last so much longer than the other mats I have. The majority of my work is in print and publishing The mats can usually be cut to the same length, so I don't have to cut them down to match. (If you are using them to cut something without registration marks, you will probably have to cut them down. )I've been rotating many mats for some time now About six of the Silhouette mats have been replaced in favor of these two, and these have demonstrated a pretty definitive advantage over the Silhouette mats. When I need to cut something really lightweight (regular copy paper) I use the old Silhouette mats, but when I need to cut cardstock I use these.

Francisco Mason
Francisco Mason
| May 01, 2021

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