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Watercolor Pad – 9 Watercolor Pad – 9 Watercolor Pad – 9 Watercolor Pad – 9 Watercolor Pad – 9 Watercolor Pad – 9

Watercolor Pad – 9"x12" Premium Cold Pressed Acid Free Watercolor Paper (30 Sheets) – Perfect for Blending and Layering - for Professionals and Students – MozArt Supplies

Watercolor Pad – 9 Watercolor Pad – 9 Watercolor Pad – 9 Watercolor Pad – 9 Watercolor Pad – 9 Watercolor Pad – 9
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Every watercolor pad contains 30 sheets of cold pressed, smooth, textured, 300gsm paper, and eight sheets of archival watercolor paper.
Our high quality thick paper has a slightly rough texture making it perfect for watercolor painting Our paper also has a long lasting result that does not warp or clump even when wet Works well with watercolor paints, watercolor brushes, calligraphy ink and coloring pencils
Excellent blendability- Our watercolor pad has been well tried and tested by artists through sketching and layers of watercolor blending Our cold pressed watercolor paper is the top choice of watercolor artists who want to create wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry techniques.
OUR QUALITY GUARANTEED - MozArt Supplies takes several steps to ensure its customers are satisfied with its products customer satisfaction is very important to us, so we encourage our customers to contact us for any issues they encounter with our products, and we will guarantee a solution.

Questions & Answers

Would anyone be able to tell me how many percent cotton is in this paper?

No cotton is used in the manufacture of this paper. Wood pulp makes up 100% of the product.

The texture seems rough. Is it really so? Comparing it with Arches, how does it fare?

I wouldn't say it's really rough, but it's pretty textured. I would say it's Arches's poor stepbrother if I had to compare it to Arches. I find this paper to be an excellent paper to play with. It is a favorite of mine, and it is quite worth the price. If you make a mistake, you don't feel so bad throwing it away as you might with Every time I play around with this paper, I have a pack with me.

Do you know if this paper has a chance to be printed with Could you help me make wedding invitations in watercolor and boarder them with a ?

Despite its thickness, my printer cannot handle it, but it may work for another printer. The thicker paper setting on my printer even does not work with this thick paper, it either jams or does not feed. Though I have a printer, it was designed for business use and not for home use.

What are the results of using it with What happens to it when it gets Is it clean when it comes off?

Although I haven't used drawing gum, there's no reason why it would not work with the paper.

Selected User Reviews For Watercolor Pad – 9"x12" Premium Cold Pressed Acid Free Watercolor Paper (30 Sheets) – Perfect for Blending and Layering - for Professionals and Students – MozArt Supplies

Watercolor paper I liked a lot

My experience as a professional watercolor artist has taught me to use other kinds of paper almost exclusively. In any case, I chose Mozart paper as the paper I used when teaching a watercolor class. The rough side is on one side and the smooth side is on the other. Your customer is extremely pleased with your service.

Mary Moreno
Mary Moreno
| Jun 04, 2021
The markers should be OK This is a terrible canvas Getting one star for prompt delivery and another for being less expensive than other comparable items on Amazon earns this watercolour pad two stars

There is no reason for it to lose 3 stars, since the photo should be fairly self-contained This is self-explanatory. There is also a nice display of marker and pen In reality, cheaper reams of printer paper perform the same, so I don't think this is much of an improvement. Using this pad for watercolour is a bad idea Due to the absorbent nature of the paper, the edges will not stay If you paint over some already painted areas just once, you will see noticeable bunching of fibres, and if you paint over them a third time, you will see It is also true that calligraphy ink spreads. A water-soluble substance This involves making crafts from the earth.

Julie Glover
Julie Glover
| Sep 04, 2020
This is the best purchase I have made! Just two months ago, I tried the device, and now I'm on my second one

Almost any technique can be applied to it without a problem and it has exceeded all I use this paper daily for all of my practice exercises and have already sold a few pieces on it. It's great for all kinds of washing and has a great texture on one side as well as a smooth surface on the other. I would only use this product if I had a commissioned piece of artwork, rather than going back to the expensive 100% cotton brand. As for everything else, including hand-painted greeting cards and gifts, I will use this. It is highly recommended for anyone who loves to use watercolor or mixed media for their painting. I guarantee you'll never find a better piece of inexpensive paper! The package arrived before the expected date and was This is the best purchase I have made!.

Monroe Hickman
Monroe Hickman
| Feb 01, 2021
The item I purchased was damaged when it arrived

I had to return it. The product has since been repurchased, so I have been able to test it thoroughly. Cold press paper of good quality at a reasonable price. There is a slight difference in texture between this and other cold press pads that I have However, with the texture, the painting has a really polished look. wanted to mention that there is a slight "roughness" in the game, this may not be a good fit for those with sensory considerations. Drying time is short, so colors remain vibrant after laying down. Despite the glaze and lifting, it looked great. The bottom corners of the pad were damaged as a result. I would give it 5 stars if the cover was better than it is and the price was the same. It isn't the highest-quality paper out there, but it is extremely good for the price, especially if you intend to watercolor. It's definitely worth trying to see if it suits your own style and.

Raelyn Carlson
Raelyn Carlson
| Dec 05, 2020
Sheet paper made from Mozart's cold press- It has a thin paper cover and is made of high-quality paper

It has a thin paper cover, which I do not like. Mozart's hot press paper is made of linen and has a hard cover like the hot press paper Mozart makes, especially with its regular price being higher than the hot press sketchbook and having 30 pages compared to 50 pages in the hot press. The linen hardcover sketchbooks from Mozart are amazing for value, especially because of the cold press paper. It wasn't horrible for wet on wet painting, but did buckle within the first few washes. Despite being able to flatten out when dry, it didn't. The weight of the back cover can help straight out any warping on the pages, which is one of the reasons I prefer hardback covers. Despite the weight and texture of the paper, I liked its weight and feel. I used watercolor pencils for this project and they worked perfectly. In this example, the paint and brush pens glided freely on the paper. A nice spread of water can be seen. The gradient washes I got were quite nice considering how little effort it took. The colors always pop against a white background. I did not have any bleeding through to the reverse of the paper while using alcohol markers. There were no signs of piling up or degradation of the paper fibers as I applied several layers of watercolor paint. The paper was repeatedly washed and scrubbed with a bit of warping only following some moderate washing and scrubbing. It was a piece of cake for me to lift the When moderately heavy amounts of water were used on the paper, it performed extremely well- A brush pen with an oil-based base. It is a very impressive paper in total. With fewer pages than the hot press paper Mozart makes and a cover that was similar to what Mozart makes, the product would still be near perfect in all ways. There would definitely be more purchases if the cover was nicer. This is a very nice piece of Although I may buy more at the $16 price, I am not sure how much more I will buy. The current thin paper cover is priced at $99 with the current price point. Since there are a lot of options for cold press watercolor paper, I would most likely choose another option if this was being sold for the regular list price. At the sale price, the thin cover doesn't detract from the deal.

Edgar Marks
Edgar Marks
| Feb 09, 2021

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