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Tripar 12" Modern Black Tripod Easel for Pictures, Artwork and Platters

Tripar 12 Tripar 12 Tripar 12 Tripar 12 Tripar 12
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DECORATIVELY DISPLAY ANYTHING - Our black metal stand is the perfect display for your books, plates, artwork, records, cookbooks, and
It's like being in a museum A high-quality, sturdy stand that's perfect for displaying plates, artwork, pictures, Ipads, cookbooks, records, and much more in style! The patented design will not slide, flip, or tip over so that almost anything you place in it will be securely held!
Simple and sturdy plate stands A 12-inch tall decorative plate stand for items 9 inches wide by 15 inches high. A sturdy record box that is strong and durable enough to hold plates, dishes, and records.
A PERFECT METAL PIECE - This metal piece is of very high quality and sturdy. Highest quality materials are used to create this product. It lasts a long time, is stable, and anti-aging
Your piece becomes a modern display by displaying it on the smooth metal stand, with its sleek and modern design. Hand crafted using a single wire, the easel has varying height and depth because one wire is welded together in one spot

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me how wide the lip is? Would you be able to let me display my wedding album on it which measures 12" in height, 12" in width, and about 2" in depth?

There are 7/8" of lip on the lip. From the inside of the lip to the rear support rod, it is 4 inches (though I thought it might be useful to know that).

In the event that it is used behind a heavy statute, how likely is it to tip? Would you like to offer any additional ?

For a heavy statue, it would be impossible to use it as a support.

Could the 15" diameter and 4" deep bowl fit in the cabinet? Is it okay if I say thanks?

The likelihood is probably low. There is a little less than 3 inches of depth in the holder. With a height of 5 inches, the bowl would be able to look straight up and down or fall straight forward depending on the bowl's curvature.

This piece is big enough to hold a 19-inch canvas! How about "5"?

The canvas should have a back if you intend to frame it. Otherwise, the 12" pole would dent the canvas itself when it pressed against the back of it.

Selected User Reviews For Tripar 12" Modern Black Tripod Easel for Pictures, Artwork and Platters

It was a great product, but it was packaged poorly

It's a great product, it's clever and it's durable. This product has the worst packaging of all time! After being completely wrapped in Saran wrap and sticky tape, it took 20 minutes for the wrapping materials to be removed, leaving residue of sticky tape on the stand and scratches on the surface where the blade ran across I cut myself and I have blood on me. It now needs to be cleaned, then spray painted. I wasted an hour of my life. The product I was planning to buy a bunch of more of is a good one, but I won't do that because of the problems I described. In the past, no one in management has ever detached these things from their wrappings. It was foolish of me to overlook that.

| May 22, 2021
A heavy 11 x 14 photo frame can be held upright with its sturdy design

It's finally here! Since most picture holders could not hold large framed pictures without collapsing, I have been buying and returning them for a month. I find these to be beautiful. They are relatively lightweight, but their fixed design is strong enough to hold a framed 11x14 portrait, and it allows you to see them correctly upright. I am amazed at how simple the design is but how well it works. As a result, the bottom edge of the cabinet is about 2" below the cabinet bottom. It would have been nice to have a 1" option, but overall I am so glad to have found picture stands that are inexpensive, yet incredibly functional and simply stunning!.

Esther Chen
Esther Chen
| Apr 19, 2021
The product is robust, but has a lightweight feel- A few screws were necessary, but that was about it

The clock on it is a Seiko and it looks lovely. Picture frames, painting, plates, clocks, etc. can all be used for this product.

Edwin Galvan
Edwin Galvan
| Oct 25, 2020
Design that is both durable and clean

It's nice to use easels such as these to display artwork at Their balance and solid construction is adequate to hold a framed painting or print that is at least 13" by 16". In addition to this, they have a sleek look that doesn't distract from the contents of the purse.

Dior Trujillo
Dior Trujillo
| Mar 25, 2021
I like it

The modern, clean look of this easel is perfect to display a 14" square framed Disney Cruise Line art. Most easels have "scrolled" legs, but I prefer this one because it has clean, modern lines. My kitchen counter is the perfect spot for this! My plans are to purchase more in the near future!.

Kyrie Decker
Kyrie Decker
| Dec 02, 2020
An ideal way to show off In order to hold my pottery, I needed a stand that was both substantial and didn't need to be too big

There is no doubt that these tripods are great. They are solid but lightweight enough so as not to.

Finnegan Reynolds
Finnegan Reynolds
| Dec 13, 2020
We are pleased with our purchase

It's been an amazing year. We have received a special gift from one of our clients. The easels are perfect for showcasing their sign that they created with great care. In addition to being heavy enough to prevent the sign from being knocked off the counter, they're also attractive.

| Dec 21, 2020
Worked like a charm

I'm able to display my piece so easily using this method. In addition to the size and color, this is a perfect product. It is a strong piece and I highly recommend it if you want to display bigger pieces.

Abraham McIntyre
Abraham McIntyre
| Apr 03, 2021

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