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novelinks Transparent 4" x 6" Photo Cases and Clear Craft Keeper with Handle - 16 Inner Cases Plastic Storage Container Box (Multi-colored)

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novelinks Transparent 4" x 6" Photo Cases and Clear Craft Keeper with Handle - 16 Inner Cases Plastic Storage Container Box (Multi-colored)

$ 25.99

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It is a perfect solution to organize and save photos, craft supplies, office supplies, and important documents. You can keep your house or office neat and tidy with the organizer.
It takes only a snap The compartments are secured by tight closures, so the pictures or cards inside are safe. A large amount of space can be occupied by extra depth.
It includes 16 4" x 6" photos cases, each holding 100 photos, holding up to 1600 4" x 6" photos. The cases are convenient to use and take with you.
The following dimensions apply to the packaging The following numbers add up to 14 x 0. Eight by five is eight by five. A measurement of 1 inch. A photo case may have the following dimensions It is 75 x 6 inches. One hundred seventy times one. I am 23 inches tall.
The load is not easily broken, and it is strong- The bearing of.

Questions & Answers

Is a deck of cards small enough to fit into a ?

There is enough space in the case to accommodate two decks

On what kind of photo cases do the labels stick?

The label is small and round. I appreciate your help.

Is it true that this exact same item is half the price at Walmart? Prime free shipping is no longer free, it is included in the price. ?

The very best raw materials are used for our boxes, and our boxes are of good A freight charge of $7 must also be paid to Amazon FBA. It is my hope that you will

What is the waterproof rating of the keeper?

So far, I have not had to test that. In addition to the cover snapping shut, the individual photo containers are also sealed inside the larger container. I am not sure if it is watertight, though. Four of them are in my possession and I

Selected User Reviews For novelinks Transparent 4" x 6" Photo Cases and Clear Craft Keeper with Handle - 16 Inner Cases Plastic Storage Container Box (Multi-colored)

Unpacked boxes are still missing

The box came in good condition, and the boxes were nice, although the exterior box felt a little cheaper and felt like it would break. A big problem with the set is that one box is missing from it, and the set.

Florence English
Florence English
| Jul 02, 2021
The back of the bottle easily cracks

You should not buy this if you do not have the time to return it several I was excited as soon as it arrived because I thought it would make a great photo holder. I had to fix it at the back because it was cracked pretty badly My first one was cracked in the same spot and I was sent another one a week later. There is no damage to the crack as opposed to the last one. The price is far too high for a cracked product or one that is prone to cracking in that spot, so I will keep the one I have but I really don't want to return it again and wait another week. Buying should be done with caution.

Lennox Stark
Lennox Stark
| Jan 01, 2021
Purchase it right away

While browsing for another product, I happened to run across this. I wasn't even looking for something like this. There were a lot of old photographs in a keepsake box and none of them were organized. Due to its portability, and to the fact that it comes in a variety of colors, this item appealed to me. In my order, I ordered the multi-pack A color version is a great way to make identification easier. As soon as I received the item, I wasn't sure I wanted it since it appeared really large, but I am glad I did since I was able to organize all my photos and use my label maker to create custom labels to fit There is a color-matching option for this item We have also provided coded labels for your use. My cases all close with ease, and I keep more than 100 in each one. Buying it is a great idea for a gift as well.

Zavier Cain
Zavier Cain
| Jan 18, 2021
This is a great product

There are so many things you can do with The more I get, the better! This is an awesome product! Initially, I had no idea what they would be like, and when I got them, I was amazed at their quality. My expectation was that they would be smaller. A PERFECT SIZE FOR ME! In addition to teaching kindergarten, I also teach special services to children with disabilities What we do & how we do it There are items in baggies and I have a box of toilet paper The shopping bag and the shopping shoes You can find your folders there. Bright colors and vibrant details make this picture stand out My favourite aspect of the carry case is that it is clear and sturdy You can see through to the other side. As you can see, I already have a lot of ideas on what to use them for and I'm considering ordering 2 more. The boxes are just for children & they can pick what they want There is no need to move around because everything is located

Since I did not give 5 stars due to the individual cases being a little difficult to unclasp, I give the product a 4-star rating The clasp (all plastic) may also break after some use, as the "hinges on the clasp appear to be breakable. I love it. I really like it. An excellent gift for any teacher.

Fernando Campbell
Fernando Campbell
| May 06, 2021
The idea is brilliant

The product is a great idea. It can be used for pictures or many other purposes. Because I don't take them out to look at them, I decided to get rid of all my heavy photo albums. To make sure I don't lose them, I scanned all of my photographs and put them into these plastic Having my pictures backed up in this way ensures that I do not lose any of them. This set of storage boxes is perfect for me, and it has a lot of interesting A handle is attached to the case so that it can be carried. Labels on the inside of each case indicated to me which pictures were inside. Since it doesn't take up much storage space, I will be able to use it for other things. I have filled it up already but I wouldn't have any problem using it for other things in the future. That they are available in different colors is wonderful. My recommendation is to get this product if you like well-made products.

Kenna Goldstein
Kenna Goldstein
| May 26, 2021
This is a great option for storing your brand of these containers has a different plastic than the previous one I purchased, and they are a different brand

These Novelinks containers are made of a harder plastic, and the latches on the inside of the photo cases do not close properly. Not enough care is taken to ensure that the plastic latches on a box do not break off, resulting in the container not snapping In order for the case to snap closed, you need to line it up carefully and not move the snap back and forth too much otherwise it will break. There is some nice design to these boxes, making it easy to store and sort your As a result of sorting out all our family photos, I am now using eight of these photo containers rather than the usual 12 boxes and bins. It looks like these are very durable and well made. i don't expect them to break (Originally, I thought I was reviewing the first brand of boxes I purchased. )

I'm not sure why it asks about warmness.

Jalen Valencia
Jalen Valencia
| Apr 03, 2021
This is an incredibly good value and an incredibly attractive way to organize

Because there were some reviews saying that buyers had received damaged products, I was hesitant to buy. It was very important for me to have something that would organize all of my photos, postcards, etc. , and make them safe and easy to transport in an It's amazing how many photos these organizers can hold! As the plastic is not and isn't the most durable, it's important to handle them carefully and not throw them around (especially when they are full of photos), however, they hold a fabulous amount of photos and make it easy to organize them. I will use my label maker to apply labels to the tops of the boxes so that I can see them more easily. The boxes come with stickers to label the fronts, but I'll also use them on the tops. As wary as I was of the price, I thought it was definitely worth the $25 considering how many pictures it contains!.

Valentina KNOWLES
Valentina KNOWLES
| Jun 27, 2021
Do not follow this recommendation

As soon as I saw it, I had to have it. It was so pretty and I wanted to store my cards and seeds in it. It was perfect, except the hinges immediately broke and it wasn't well made. Despite being made of hard brittle plastic, they broke the second time they were opened! The material was in poor condition though I was thinking about fixing it with duct tape, I honestly expect better for $25, so I returned it. Even though I'm getting one from a different manufacturer, it will still be a good one. It's annoying to have to go into stores to return items now that Amazon has made it mandatory to do so. Pandemics lead to the spread of diseases. You have a hard time doing that when you are a.

Luka Russo
Luka Russo
| Mar 04, 2021

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