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IRIS USA KP-XLPHO 4" x 6" Photo and Embellishment Craft Keeper, Clear-XL (2Pack), 2 Count


IRIS USA KP-XLPHO 4" x 6" Photo and Embellishment Craft Keeper, Clear-XL (2Pack), 2 Count

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A simple and inexpensive way to organize and protect small craft items and photos.
It takes only a snap Secure closures prevent contents from leaking out, and rounded corners prevent the inner contents from getting damaged.
In each outer case, 16 photo cases can be found. Each outer case features a molded handle for easy carrying.
This product is free from BPA, acid, PVC, lignin, and is recyclable
The outer case has the following dimensions The dimensions of this product are 8" by 14". It measures 98 inches wide by five inches high. The height of a 5"

Questions & Answers

wanted to confirm that there are TWO boxes with 16 small photo cases in each Are you sure that's right?

A case with sixteen inner storage boxes was delivered with my order of the "1 pack"

How big is this object?

Measuring 14 3/4 inches wide, 12 inches long, and 5 1/4 inches deep, I found 13 3/4 inches 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" and 1 1/4" deep are the sizes of the cases. The measurements I have taken are as follows. Here is what you need to know.

Do you think this camera comes with 6 5x7" photo storage, as well as a large box to store the pictures?

I know it comes with 6 5x7 photos and one large box too. You can also snap close the lid and the photo storage too. In them, I have organized all of my photos! It is wonderful to love

Selected User Reviews For IRIS USA KP-XLPHO 4" x 6" Photo and Embellishment Craft Keeper, Clear-XL (2Pack), 2 Count

We are committed to providing you with the best seed storage system

The algorithm used by Amazon's search is impressive. In my connection with the other reviewer of this photo storage product, I found out that they had instead used it I can tell you with certainty that any serious gardener would find this (or a similar product) to be the perfect seeds About 700 garden starts are raised by us every year, we keep a lot of seed and this product makes a big difference to us. I find this storage box to be so far beyond a shoe box that I won't even imagine going back to a shoe box. The superior organization of my seed bank allows me to reduce the amount of money spent on seeds each year, more easily determine what I want to grow again the next year and improve the varieties I Having these containers made planting pretty simple, you can just grab the things you need to plant, grab your containers, and they are all right in your bank. In a small, easy-to-store package, it is a complete and flexible genetic structure of both vegetables and flowers. The bag is large enough to fit both my largest and smallest seeds, my own collection of seeds, and there's still room to grow. In general, if you have a lot of small items with similar characteristics, this could be an appropriate storage solution. It comes to mind that embroidery, fly tying, arts and crafts, as well as various hardware are among the ideas. It provided a lot of sanity when faced with a nagging storage problem, so the twenty five dollars came in handy.

Drew Jarvis
Drew Jarvis
| Mar 09, 2021
This is the perfect seed storage solution! For seed storage, I am using this

Those 4 x 6 containers would be the perfect size for storing several seed packets at a time. My spring and summer containers are in one container There is one for the fall and another for the It's so nice to have all of my seeds in one place!.

| Jun 26, 2021
Having ordered two more sets, I was in love with them

It was the same price, but not the same quality! The following is a translation of this sentence In the past, I have ordered these and they are wonderful - I am a kindergarten teacher The center storage I needed was exactly what they were! Having decided to order two more sets, I placed an order for two more The quality of two of the four storage units I ordered for my second order was much lower than the other three! It does not appear that the individual containers snapped nearly as well, and they appear to be flimsy and likely to come undone when handled or dropped. Moreover, they do not stack on top of each other as my first set did. There is also a big blob of sixteen misshaped in the large container! My two separate orders, which I took pictures and a video of, can be compared. My first order containers have "090323" and "090313" on them, as well as the order numbers on each 4x6 box. Despite being made from high-quality materials, the two containers in my second order have "090323" written on the 4x6 cases, while the low-quality, misshapen set have "100515" and "100525" written on them. My disappointment is that I had expected I would receive the same exact product again and that better quality control would be applied. As I show in the video, I compare the high quality containers that I loved from IRIS (which already have items in them) with the low quality containers (which In this video, I demonstrate the difference between a closure and how they don't stack well.

Alina Stephens
Alina Stephens
| May 03, 2021
The perfect storage solution for your photos

The one I got from my daughter a few years ago was the one I chose when I decided to re-enroll A great way to organize a lot of photos that have fallen out of decrepit albums. I had to order As soon as I realized two books would not be sufficient, I looked at other options, and thankfully The two-pack is on its way to me It was cheaper to order one from the other source rather than the pack. It has taken me less than a year to complete a task I thought would take forever. The number of units filled so far is three Sticky notes have been added to photos and I've sorted them For each box, adhesive freezer labels will be used to identify the occasion or date. My original unit has been in use for a couple years now, so durability has been tested a few times. My old albums can be stored within the boxes, and they take up much less room than the crates I was using before. I would definitely order the product again, and I would recommend it to others.

Louis Hamilton
Louis Hamilton
| Jul 13, 2021
It is the ideal storage container for seeds! Despite this being a photo album, this is great for gardeners who have piles of seed packets they need to organize

It has just been purchased, so I am unable to comment on its durability As it is made of a rigid plastic, I think it should be good enough for what I intend to use it for. Fits Baker Creek and other similar sized tractors. See the Burpee seed packets for a comparison of the size of Johnny Seeds seed packets.

Lyra Palmer
Lyra Palmer
| May 13, 2021
Photos are not the only thing that are useful

My cords were tangled up in this box, so I used it to organize them. Each of these cords fits neatly into each little box, and if you've got a label maker, you can always find the cord you're looking for! A pile of cords used to sit in front of me There was a bunch of cords scattered about, but they were still a bunch. I saw someone mention this box on Pinterest and they were right. Even though I already have enough cords, I still wish I had more.

Mekhi Neal
Mekhi Neal
| Jun 15, 2021
Its versatility exceeds just pictures

I use it for many other purposes as well. As I research family history, I am collecting so many little things. This collection of books the full range of items, including funeral cards, newspaper clippings, and photos. of those little containers holds so much more than you ever could have imagined, all while posing no danger to your photos. In most branches of my family, I do not have more than one. The boxes may also be useful for organizing my jewelry supplies and miniature painting pieces, among other things. An important thing about this brand is that so many people in the genealogy industry highly recommend it. In our life, it is vital to make sure that our precious possessions are stored in an archival safe way. In addition to buying products from IRIS, I have bought other items from this company, which I am going to use for all of I plan to buy several more in the future.

Julissa Franco
Julissa Franco
| Mar 14, 2021
The best seed organizer I have seen

This is an idea I stole from someone's blog, and so far it has worked out organizer box will be able to hold a full series of seed packets, which I have arranged alphabetically using stick-on labels There are labels on everything. Keeping the seeds dry, I've placed small silica gel packets in each box, and I've also used the extra boxes for pens, labels, Organizers like these do cost a bit - have a look at the price list for more information I purchased a ton of seeds this year and this system will not only save me time and heartburn by making it easier to find each type of seed at planting time, it will also save me money by keeping the unused seeds clean, dry, and organized for I can take the entire organizer outside if I want or I can just stick one of the small internal boxes in my gardening bag if that is all I need. I'm very pleased with this.

Skyla Rose
Skyla Rose
| Apr 11, 2021

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