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Creative Options 5315 Thread Organizer

Creative Options 5315 Thread Organizer Creative Options 5315 Thread Organizer Creative Options 5315 Thread Organizer Creative Options 5315 Thread Organizer Creative Options 5315 Thread Organizer

Creative Options 5315 Thread Organizer

$ 15.05

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This product is ideal for storing spools (up to three by one The first half of the second The following is the size in inches) You will find floss here The bobbin system A few embellishments are included as well
Two hinged doors make it easy to access from either side, and 46 fixed compartments give you access to things Carrying handle so that it can be carried easily
The organizer measures 10 inches by 10 inches. Dimensions 25" long x 3" wide The dimensions are 25" wide by 14" high. It measures 125" in height
The design is clear This transparent material has a matte finish Molded plastic that is durable
Double-click the menu item A storage unit with two sides

Questions & Answers

I was wondering if I could use this to ?

The boxes have been in use since 1998 to store die cast cars for six of my grandchildren. It is true that a few didn't fit, however, they are very few in number. Thus far, the hinges seem to be holding up fine. My great grandkids are going to be joining my extended family with some of the newer cars and trucks, so I'm ordering more cases.

Do these incorporate a compartment to store the thread spool as well as its matching bobbin?

It cannot be used if it is 1400 yards. The Connecting Threads spools have the look and feel of A matching bobbin cannot be used at all. I've found that the long compartment found on both sides of the machine works well for storing In a clear plastic bookbinder spline that has been cut in half, I put the bobbins. I love it!

What is the longevity of fingernail polish if this is used for storage?

Approximately 3 1/4 inches long, 1 1/2 inches wide, and 1 1/2 inches deep are allotted to each slot. Consequently, yes, it can be used to store fingernail polish as long as the tip isn't too long and pointed.

What's wrong with me? I can't buy more than one item at a time! ?

I apologize for any inconvenience caused. Apparently, this is not the first time this has happened to you. This issue has been brought to the attention of Amazon multiple times but has yet to be You have a PayPal account, don't you? You can have me bill you directly through PayPal if you provide me with your email address. I appreciate you assisting me. The Odin Art and Collectibles store is owned by Brad.

Selected User Reviews For Creative Options 5315 Thread Organizer

This is an awesome car case

Another person's review led me to buy this item for a car case keeping Matchbox and Hot Wheels miniature I am incredibly happy I bought this because it's an extremely useful storage solution that is perfect for holding little cars. Additionally, I purchased an official Hot Wheels logo sticker for the front, which makes it appear like it was actually made with cars in mind. I think this box is a great way to organize my son's car collection, with two sides at the very least. If you are looking for a way to organize and transport items, this item is a must, not only for cars but other items too.

Gianni Lim
Gianni Lim
| Jul 06, 2021
Excellent product

I will purchase There's a total lie on the shipping page that says two days. As a whole, the product does everything I need it to do. In the near future, I plan to purchase As a nail polish collector, I have a lot of are suitable. It is not possible to apply finger paint, china glaze, Revlon or OPI. I hope this is helpful.

Stetson McClure
Stetson McClure
| Apr 17, 2021
Hotwheels cars are easily stored in this useful container! The reviews had indicated they used it for hot- air ballooning, so I bought it based on that

A storage solution for cars with wheels. A stack of a few cars would make it possible to fit 50 cars (you would have to stack a few). are large enough for the regular sized cars, and the extended compartments are large enough for oversized vehicles as well. Having my boys fill up these and carry them around is great fun for them. I like the look of the hard plastic latch and the fact that it seems sturdy enough to last. As of right now, this is the smallest of our collection, but if we get any more cars, we'll definitely buy another one!.

Mccoy Valdez
Mccoy Valdez
| Apr 25, 2021
It is up to me to decide what I DO NOT store in them! Therefore, I have my essential oil collection in three of these (0

5oz bottles), my fragrance oil concentrate collection (1oz bottles), my thread collection in 2 bottles, then my nail polish collection in 2 bottles. Even though they are usually ordered for thread and matchbox cars, I have found these to be extremely useful. Post some pics when I get back!.

Titan Hull
Titan Hull
| Apr 08, 2021
This is ideal for bobbins of embroidery floss

My purpose is to store embroidery floss in this. I found that all products made specifically for this purpose hold only about 50 or so bobbins, and that was just not enough for me (shut up, I'm not in trouble). I was nervous about buying it without seeing how it would work with my type of bobbin, so I took a leap of faith and ordered it without seeing what it looks like first. It Each compartment has enough space for them to stand up (so they can see the colour number) or 2 stacks to be put side by side as I am doing right now. Needles, scissors, and fabric markers are all easily accessible in the large compartment. You've got the entire other side to look forward to I might actually find it to be a little too big for my purposes, but it's not cumbersome and I know I'll find a way to fill it. A nice handle and a good construction make this a great tool.

Willa Baker
Willa Baker
| Jun 12, 2021
This is a great product for Matchbox/Hot Wheels

I like how my son has his cars nicely organized this time instead of piled in a box or can. This case is the best. At less than $10, it is worth the money. I looked at Walmart, Plano, and other places to find a case, even at Matel's, but this one is the best. This is what happened on June To follow up, please It has been almost a month since i purchased this and it is still the best car case i have used to protect Having just ordered 2 more cases for organizing, I am in love with the case. Some of the tabs may be flimsy, as some people have mentioned, but at this price point, nothing beyond that should be expected. I have no problems opening or closing the case. My 2-year-old can do it without any difficulty. This is one of his favorite things!.

Kamdyn Conrad
Kamdyn Conrad
| Apr 16, 2021
For embroidery floss, this is not the best material

The package says it's for thread, but its shape is far from ideal for bobbins filled with embroidery floss. Some people put bobbins in sideways so that the color is clearly visible, but I like them stacked sideways. The way they are arranged makes it easier to get them into and out of the house. There are too few compartments in this case to accommodate such a thing. In order to stand straight up, Bobbins must stand on a flat surface, which makes them prone to sliding, falling over, and pulling out their neighbors Although it's a tight fit, the bobbins extend a bit too high to close with ease and security, even when standing straight up. If it is closed with more care and attention than I would prefer, it can be done. This is similar to the case I had a few years ago, which I had designed for Matchbox cars but was also perfect for embroidery floss bobbins, so when I saw the new one in the store, I was Sadly, this cannot stand up to comparison.

Claire Rush
Claire Rush
| Mar 05, 2021
I use this method to organize die cast vehicles (and it's a lot cheaper)

You cannot have hot wheels, matchboxes and Disney Pixar sets without Disney Pixar! Toy vehicles that are very good at blending into our rugs and that hurt when stepped on by my son have become an ever more popular collection. I was trying to keep them off the floor, so I kept them off the After trying the hot wheels containers first, I found that they are expensive and hard to open for my toddler son even though they are aesthetically pleasing. Thus, he becomes frustrated and despondent, to the point of not picking My inspiration came from a Pinterest article that mentioned these thread organizers used for hot wheels, and I decided to give it a shot. As a result of reading the reviews, I decided to purchase two of the My order arrived even faster than expected and I was surprised to find that the outside shell of the case was thicker and more durable than I had expected. There is no cloudiness to the plastic, so you are able to clearly see what is inside. I figured because my son didn't start putting cars into the slot right away, as he did with the hot wheel case, it would be plain and simple, but it wasn't. Nevertheless, once I started putting some in, he got involved and we both put them in The fact that you could fold them flat in the slots so you could see what the cars looked like when they were closed was a nice touch. I was able to squeeze a few of his cars into the slot at an angle because his cars were a little long. Some of the cars were simply too long, so I saved them for the one slot on both sides that does not have a divider. In addition to the Disney Pixar Cars, we were able to fit them into the slots! A bit bigger compared to matchboxes or hotwheels, these cars run a little bit larger than the three-inch wheels. Vice 1 55 It's 64, I believe. )

I once demonstrated to my toddler son how to open and close this box, while making sure he always heard the latch "click" after he closed it or else the cars would tumble This organizer was easy for him to open and close. Now there are no frustrations! The fact that he could look at the box to see what he wanted before opening, and then pick up the exact car was appealing to him (and I liked the fact that he didn't need to take out the cars from the bin to find the car While I feel it makes it easier for me to carry the box around, my son thought it was too heavy after filling it with It is also nice that you can stack the boxes on top of one another to save space, or stand it on its side to exhibit both sides at the same time. The latch is not very secure, so I'm a little on the fence about how long it will last, but I'm rather pleased with the There is a lot less cost of this organizer than the car organizers from hot wheels, and the organizer can be seen We now come to the real test. After playing with the cars, I want to see if the cars will return to the container!.

Rayna Donovan
Rayna Donovan
| Jan 09, 2021

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