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24" Compact Combo Washer Dryer White Winterize Quiet

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The following 4 wash cycles are available prewash + heavy, heavy, standard, quick 20, baby, delicate, wool, quiet
It is located on the knob marked WINTERIZE (for RV users). The cycle takes less than 2 minutes. Antifreeze should be poured into the Start by pressing the start button
As a result of the toggle switch you can change drying mode from Venting to Ventless or vice versa. Comparing ventless with vented, ventless machines are 30% faster at drying (the better air flow results in 30% faster drying time).
This is the only combo in the world that offers a choice between a Vented/Condensing dry option (made with hot air) as well as Ventless/Condensing dry (made with cold water) that can be changed according to the season. (Vent is 30% faster at drying since better airflow allows faster drying). This high spin speed of 1400 RPM extracts more water, which reduces the dry time, and there are choices of Sensor Dry, 60 minute Time Dry, or 12 minute Refresh Dry, which each have different levels of dryness.
It is possible to reduce noise by washing and drying clothing at low RPM with noise levels under 60 decibels. This is the perfect gift for a family on different shifts, babies, and elders

Questions & Answers

What's the best way to move the sink so that you can connect it to it?

With the availability of the Portability Kit, you are able to move your combo from one room to another with ease.

What does this combo offer compared to the equator? What is the process of drying with heat? In what ways does it gain and lose? Is it made in which country? Can you tell me if the drum is stainless steel?

Made by Equator Appliances, this washer dryer combo is made of stainless steel. Using heat is indeed the most effective way It's very energy efficient and has the advantage of being able to fit into small spaces, as well as having the washer and dryer on the same rig. Having said that, it may be more appropriate for smaller families who don't do a lot of laundry, but not for larger families. Designed in Houston, Texas, and fabricated in China, this combo receives a lot of attention. You are correct, this combo includes a stainless steel drum!

Is everything we will need to vent it outside for hot air drying included in the package?

There is one thing you will need aside from a standard 4 inch vent hose for this washer dryer combo.

What kind of power is it? Is it 110 volts or 240 volts?

110 volts are used in this washer/dryer combo.

Selected User Reviews For 24" Compact Combo Washer Dryer White Winterize Quiet

The washer and dryer are a great The install is simple and the operation is When it arrived in a place that would be hidden, it had some damage

I received a discount from the shipper as a result of using this product.

Isaac Cordova
Isaac Cordova
| Mar 08, 2021

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