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Frigidaire Gallery 27 Frigidaire Gallery 27 Frigidaire Gallery 27 Frigidaire Gallery 27 Frigidaire Gallery 27 Frigidaire Gallery 27 Frigidaire Gallery 27

Frigidaire Gallery 27" Stainless Steel Double Electric Wall Oven

Frigidaire Gallery 27 Frigidaire Gallery 27 Frigidaire Gallery 27 Frigidaire Gallery 27 Frigidaire Gallery 27 Frigidaire Gallery 27 Frigidaire Gallery 27
$ 2,113.44

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8 Cu. ft. Per Oven
The Third Heating Element Is A Convection Fan
Temperature Probe that is Simple to Use
Cleaning Up After a Bake

Questions & Answers

What are the dimensions of the cutout?

It's a challenge to fit 25" x 49" on a 25" x 49" canvas. I started with a good heavy base and worked my way up to the top when framing my hole 25. This double oven is going to be one of your favorites.

Is there a separate timer for the upper and lower ovens?

There is a single timer that can be used for both upper and lower. You can't use the timer for both at the same time, so that's something to keep in mind.

Is it a smart oven, or is it a regular oven?

No, it does not have an internet connection.

Selected User Reviews For Frigidaire Gallery 27" Stainless Steel Double Electric Wall Oven

Ovens with two ovens are a double dose of misery! Gallery of Frigidaire Appliances I've had this oven for 8 months and it's been a nightmare

"Reviews" written three hours after delivery amuse me. The temperature in the oven would rise at first, then fall. The thermostat was quickly replaced by the Appliance Store where I bought it- They sent a highly qualified professional right away. Unfortunately, the oven has lost its ability to maintain a consistent temperature – it can be up to 50 degrees off. I'm learning how to compensate. When I went to use the lower oven for the third time, the left hinge failed, almost pulling my right shoulder out of its socket. It's a scary heavy door to open! br>The worst part is that we roast a lot, and the oven produces smoke from the area above the door/below the controls. You'll be washing the walls and windows a lot if you roast meats or fish. I have a draw fan above the oven, but it is unable to divert the air flow; it simply blows straight out. Unless you want to deal with a lot of smoke, you can't roast potatoes under a chicken and let them brown in the drippings. To keep the majority of the smoke down, fill the pan with a good 34 inch of water. I'm 75 years old and have been baking since I was 12 years old; my family has owned four houses. Kenmore, GE, Viking, and Thermador are just a few of the brands I've used. Nothing has let me down as much as this double oven, which I had hoped would be my last. I wish I hadn't gotten my hands on that double oven. Because I have a roast in the oven, the entire first floor of my house is filled with smoke as I type this!.

| Oct 03, 2021
Okay, but a little unexpected

The "Fit Promise" is promoted by Frigidaire. Because of its wiring configuration, this oven did not fit properly. I contacted them (not knowing what they would or could do; I was primarily interested in learning more) but received no response. However, the oven functions properly and appears to be in good condition; perhaps the most amazing flaw is that an oven with electronic controls does not include a timed cooking option in 2020. There is a timer on the oven, but it is only a timer. it beeps. It's up to you to remember to turn off your oven, change the temperature, and so on. I'm not sure why anyone would bother to make such a "brain" for an oven control. br>br>(edited) If you want to use the "Fit Promise" guarantee, it appears to be based on what the installer did to fix the fit problem (whatever it was). You'll need photos of the old oven while it was still in place, an empty alcove before the new oven is installed, and a photo of the newly installed oven. oven that has been installed You'll also need a receipt for whatever the installer did to solve the fitting problem, which was nothing in my case, so I don't get anything. I also forgot to photograph the old oven and the empty alcove, because, of course, I didn't.

Iyla Tran
Iyla Tran
| Jul 26, 2021
This is an oven that you should not purchase

We bought this lovely double wall oven a little more than a year ago. Both ovens broke down a few weeks before the warranty expired, and getting them fixed has been a nightmare. We've been without an oven for three months, and we've just finished our fourth service appointment with no results. It appears that there is a problem with the fan, which is a common problem with these ovens. This oven should not be purchased unless you have $2,500 to throw away.

Bryant Green
Bryant Green
| Jun 23, 2021
It's a very nice oven, and it's very simple to put together

Arrived on time, fit perfectly, wireing was simple, baked it in at 350 degrees as instructed, can't wait to cook in it, it is a very nice looking oven, so far i am very impressed with it, as it warmed up for the bake in the temperature gage shows you the temperature it is at up to the desired temp then a chime rang to let me know it was at cooking temperature in this case 350 degrees, i will give an update in a few weeks after I have.

| Feb 24, 2021

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