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SPT SD-9241W: Energy Star 18 SPT SD-9241W: Energy Star 18 SPT SD-9241W: Energy Star 18 SPT SD-9241W: Energy Star 18 SPT SD-9241W: Energy Star 18 SPT SD-9241W: Energy Star 18

SPT SD-9241W: Energy Star 18" Portable Dishwasher - White

SPT SD-9241W: Energy Star 18 SPT SD-9241W: Energy Star 18 SPT SD-9241W: Energy Star 18 SPT SD-9241W: Energy Star 18 SPT SD-9241W: Energy Star 18 SPT SD-9241W: Energy Star 18
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The machine has 6 wash modes auto, "all-in-1", heavy, normal, light, rinse and fast
A detergent dispenser and a rinse agent dispenser for automatic use
There are 8 place settings in a standard meal
An element that is hidden from view
A large pot or plate can be accommodated in the area above the basket thanks to the adjustable design

Questions & Answers

When it comes to running a normal cycle, how long does this dishwasher take?

I spent 1 hour 50 minutes on the phone. I find it to be long but it does a fantastic job cleaning.

Is it true that this device cannot dry Could you please confirm that?

After doing some serious thinking about it, I decided to go with Despite what you think, they do not completely dry out. It took me 30 to 45 minutes for my to cool down and dry after I had soaked it in hot water. I have had good results with that. I wish you the best of

The material is heavy when it is delivered. How does it fit inside a Doesn't it seem ridiculous that I am 54 and cannot lift anything heavy?

Weighing 121 lbs, this product has a diameter of 13.75 inches. This is rather heavy for a 3 pound bag. You asked a great question! Thanks!

While pictures show white product, the listing says it's stainless steel. Could you tell me if the product is stainless steel? Would you be able to help me find white (I need white)?

We are offering white as a color option. Our team will send an email to Amazon asking them to rectify the error.

Selected User Reviews For SPT SD-9241W: Energy Star 18" Portable Dishwasher - White

For those who come from a kitchen full of cramped spaces, this is a must have

Be the owner of a pre-war co-op There is a way cramped kitchen in this apartment. The unit I have is most likely the coal scoopers unit at one time. It looks terrific, fits everywhere, cleans thoroughly and is easy to operate. In addition to serving as a prep area, the top can also be used as a table. For it to look decent, I always put those plastic cutting mats on the top. Has a quiet operation. The unit comes with a metal tap adaptor on the side that locks into a plastic faucet adaptor on the unit out of the box. The hose is divided into two parts There are two pumps in the washer one to supply water and one to drain water. This is my first dishwasher, and I am cautious about using hot water. The instructions prescribe cold water, which I use as I lack experience and this is my first dishwasher. An hour and a half is enough time for the normal setting. For the speed setting, it requires an hour and 20 Water may have been heated, but I'm not sure. Whenever I use cold water from the tap, the speed setting, rinse aid and an all in one tablet, my results are usually good. am able to do most of my space and place efficiently. The dishwasher is hot at the end of the cycle most of the time. In the guide, it says you should crack the door after washing it for a few minutes to ensure a complete drying of your clothes. At the bottom of the washer, there is a heating element similar to one found in a dryer. Put your face by the door after you finish your load of laundry and you will get a good facial. If I am not mistaken, there is a rinse cycle, and my understanding is that it does not heat the water nor does it activate the drying mechanism. My usual load of dishes is usually combinations of loads of coffee maker components, goblets (mugs, glasses, and wine glasses), my kitchen pitcher, the Zero Water 23 cup dispenser, pots and pans, leftover plastics, Modell sports water bottles, and my go-to bowls. It yields a spotless and dry result to use plastic strainers dishes and flatware are also clean So far, there has been no melting. As frequently as I need to, I like to let the water bottles dry out on a rack because, as life is complex, we often have to deal with things related to life and who wants to wash a water bottle only to find that it harbors bacteria? Make sure you empty the outlet hoses after you are finished with them. It has been five months since I had to run a load of Finish machine cleaner once after a period of heavy use when the laundry unit started smelling funky. It worked like a charm, and my two emergency bottles are still at the ready. However, I am pretty sure that experiences may vary. It's important to me to keep everything sanitary. The preface to my book My budget faucet (I am looking at it right now and it costs less than thirty bucks, but it still looks good, but I feel it is a little rickety) and brass pipe I will knock on wood and pray for you. Do not overtighten your adaptor fittings, but don't be a rookie and overtighten them too much. I don't think it's necessary. This dishwasher is clearly a good choice.

Blair Benson
Blair Benson
| Aug 04, 2021
It's a 1 The manufacturer requires that the machine be sent back to the company in California for repair during the warranty period! It has been 2 weeks since we bought the dishwasher and from the very first time we used it, I thought it smelled like overheated plastic, while my husband said it smelled like burning rubber

After reading the warranty information, I was told to call an 800 number which leads me to contacting Upon explaining the situation and seeking a referral for a local service provider, I learned that since the warranty requires us to send the machine to the manufacturer in California for repair, I needed to crate it up and send it back. In response to my question about how a professional might be able to fix it, the warranty does not cover repairs by anyone other than a trained personnel. In addition, she mentioned that it sounded like our house wiring was overloaded and that we should have it checked. As far as I know, it plugs into the same outlet on which our previous dishwasher worked with no issue. It was absolutely amazing to me that I was instructed to have a major appliance crated and shipped to the manufacturer for repair when there are local service professionals who are authorized by all the other appliance manufacturers to handle repairs. At present, the appliance seems to be operating properly, but we do not know whether or not it will fail in the future. The best way to avoid this manufacturer is to avoid buying anything from them.

Beckham Perez
Beckham Perez
| Feb 19, 2021
Unit was defective when it was received The seller refused to accept the Since I thoroughly rinse my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, I didn't realize that the unit wasn't adequately washing the dishes until I missed spots on a few dishes and noticed that whatever gunk was on the dishes after they had been washed remained dirty after the The fact that I found out about it six weeks after I returned it is apparently In this manner, the unit was sold to me and the seller is not standing by its quality

In addition, there were other things wrong with it when it was received, which I was willing to overlook (now that I look back, I regret it) A broken power button has resulted in the unit always being Despite its poor steering, it emits a loud squeak when the wheels turn As well, when the unit is moved, it shifts (as though it's not securely assemble). Previously, I had ordered the same model for three. I have been teaching for five This unit replaced a previous one I had which worked well and did not have these problems. I'm sorry I bought this unit in the first place.

Aubriella Wallace
Aubriella Wallace
| Mar 24, 2021
Having a dishwasher in a small kitchen is like a dream come true

The dishwasher has been running since we got home We have spent less on groceries for years because our kitchen is small. In the end, we chose the portable SPT model due to the fact that it didn't have to be permanent, Although attaching it every time is a hassle, the time it saves by avoiding the need to hand wash dishes can't be compared. It is actually quite simple to attach the attachment to the faucet. The pipes are not leaking. Dishwashers clean very well but dry out quite quickly when there is standing water on top of dishes. I use the jet dry rinse aid to prevent this. I'm sure most dishwashers act the same way when there is standing water on the top of dishes. Considering the value, this is an easy sell. This is the right product for you if you dislike washing your own dishes. You won't spend more than 30 to 40 minutes washing dishes the old-fashioned way by standing in front of the sink.

Erik Kelley
Erik Kelley
| Feb 12, 2021
This is the most efficient way to do things

In the few months I have had it, I have been very satisfied with it. Although it is small, it can fit quite a bit if it is organized correctly. As a family of 6, I run the dishwasher at night, but I hand wash all my large bowls, pots, and pans. Someone in the Q&A mentioned that they do this too. I received an excellent suggestion from A to replace my spray hose for the washer with a 2nd faucet for the dishwasher so you can still use the sink while the washer is operating. After loading the dishwasher, starting it, and washing the rest of the dishes by hand since there is still water coming out of my main faucet, I load the dishwasher. I leave the washer open for a few minutes after the wash cycle is completed so that it can air dry The majority of my plates are dry, and I put those that need to be dried more in the The dishwasher in our last house was not working, even though we had had it for many years. Then I hit a delay in our renovation plans, so once we hit another one, I bit the bullet and purchased it. I had resisted buying one for months because we are doing renovations, but after doing dishes for two hours one night, I bit the bullet and bought one. That was the right decision for me!.

Zariyah Cooke
Zariyah Cooke
| Sep 04, 2020

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